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Killer Kat 04-12-2001 09:56 AM

Conn, Maine, Mass, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, & Vermont Sites
Here 's the deal, If you have played in the State(s) listed above and would like to share some information about the field or facility you played at please do so. Copy and paste* just the blue print of the form below, and fill in the blanks that are applicable. Only use this if YOU YOURSELF! have been there and played. Let's not have any second hand information in here.
*(if ya need to, see note at bottom on how to copy & paste)*

Business Name:


Telephone Number:


Registration Fee:

Rental Equiptment Fee:

Fill Stations:

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:

Styles of Play Available:


Copy & paste info: To copy someone elses typed information, place the cursor on the begining part of the text and click the left mouse button, and hold and drag to cover all the text you want copied. Once you've highlighted all the area you want copied, lift your figer off the left mouse button and click the right button. This will pop up a small window which will ask you what ya want to do. Select copy.

Go to the thread you want to place this copy in and click on post reply. Fill in the Subject line with the name of the State/Field or Site you're reviewing. Tab down to the message box. The right mouse button depressed in the message area will again display the pop up window, where you will select paste. The copied print will now be displayed in the message area. Move the cursor to each line click on it, and tell us what you know!

Magadeth 08-28-2001 04:23 PM

Massachusetts Fields
This is for the Field report project outlined in Killer Kats 'A call for help' Thread. His idea is to get reviews of all the different fields from people who played there.

Business Name: UMass paintball club

Location: Ahmerst
Telephone Number:


Registration Fee: 5 dollar field fee if you purchase paint from us
10 dollars if you BYOP

Rental Equiptment Fee:rental packages 30 dollars (all day air,gear,500rounds)

Fill Stations:co2 fills 2 bucks any sized tank including 68oz
HPA limited to 3000, 1 buck per 1000psi

Fields Paint Available/Fee:paint (was Diablo last time I was there)
65 per case
35 per half case
20 per 500 bag

Styles of Play Available:Speedball and woods.

Comments/Conculsions:A good place to go if you want some stiff competition. When I was up there pretty much all the players were very skilled and used nice, high end markers.

Safety rules were strictly enforced, and all guns had to be checked at the chrony.

The speedball field was fun, with plywood bunkers and large plastic drums to use for cover. Quick intense games are the norm.

The woods part of it, was the only drawback. The field is quite narrow, making it very hard to get around the other team. Also a stream runs through the woods area meaning that if you are playing hard, you'll get your feet wet. I still had a great time playing woods there.

Maybe dan can fill in the blanks on the contact info. I just have some email addys and am not sure it would be good to post them.

Veep 09-04-2001 12:45 PM

Adventure Sports of Maine
Business Name: Adventure Sports of Maine

Location: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Number: 1-888-297-2367


Registration Fee: $5 pp

Rental Equiptment Fee: $15/day for a pkg.

Fill Stations: CO2 & HPA

Fields Paint Available/Fee: .04/ball ($80/case)

Styles of Play Available: Speedball

Comments/Conclusions: Nice grass-covered Hyperball court. Pro-shop, too. Bob runs a good show.

Veep 09-04-2001 01:02 PM

Crossfire Paintball Adventures
Business Name: Crossfire Paintball Adventures

Location: Mexico, Maine

Number: 1-207-364-3036


Registration Fee: $8

Rental Equiptment Fee: $8

Fill Stations: CO2

Fields Paint Available/Fee: $65 - $70/case

Styles of Play Available: Speedball & Rec.Ball (woods)

Comments/Conclusions: Craig is pretty creative here. An interesting speedball court (grass with different kinds of bunkers), a pneumatically-operated target range, and a couple of large rec.ball areas ... woods and tall grass, high tower, "APC" vehicle and more.

unknown 09-06-2001 02:25 PM

Business Name: Global Park Paintball

Location: Abbington
Telephone Number: ?


Registration Fee: 15 dollars or FREE when you buy field paint - field paint is RPS Advtange.

Rental Equiptment Fee:rental packages 10 dollars, all day c02, tipp-mann prolite, mask, hopper, pack.

Fill Stations:all c02 and n2 fills. not sure on price.

Fields Paint Available/Fee:paint (was Diablo last time I was there)
85 / case
45 / half case
30/ 500
10/ 100

Styles of Play Available:Speedball and small woods

Comments/Conculsions:Great Place. Lots of Good Speedball.. barrels, skyball, sup air..

Safety rules were strictly enforced, and all guns had to be checked at the chrony.

Veep 09-13-2001 09:12 AM

Firestorm Paintball
Business Name: Firestorm Paintball

Location: Limington, Maine

Number: 1-866-315-7044


Registration Fee: $14 pp

Rental Equiptment Fee: $13/day for a pkg.

Fill Stations: CO2 & HPA

Field Paint Available/Fee: $85/case

Styles of Play Available: Rec.ball and Speedball

Comments/Conclusions: A former boys' summer camp in tall pines on a hill, Firestorm uses the old cabins as bunkers and forts. Pretty cool! A new speedball court has just been built, too.

big ugly spyder 09-22-2001 02:43 PM

Business Name: Hogans Alley Piantball LLC.

Location: 998 North Colony Road, Meriden and 445 State Street, North Haven Conn.

Telephone Number: Meriden203 238 2875, North Haven 203 288 2476


Registration Fee: $10

Rental Equiptment Fee: Tippmann $25, Impulse $35, rental includes mask, revolution hopper, co2 tank, and 200 rds.

Fill Stations: both CO2, $2 a fill and HPA, $1/kpsi

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: marbs/70, proball/70, teamcolors/60, competition/50, big ball/60, pmi/ premium/60.

Styles of Play Available: speedball, hyperball, spool, and woods all available, with many of each style fields.

Comments/Conculsions:great store great staff great prices, the best in ct in my opinion.

Magadeth 10-08-2001 09:34 AM

Agawam Paintball
1 Attachment(s)
Heres another field review for you all, Hope you enjoy it as much as I did checking it out. :D

Business Name:Agawam Paintball

Location:Route 159 369 Main St. Agawam, Ma 01008

Telephone Number: (413) 789-3306


Registration Fee:$20-byop, $10-purchase field paint

Rental Equiptment Fee:$15 rental (field paint only)

Fill Stations:7-9oz-$2.50, 12-16oz-$3.50 20oz-$4.50
Call for hpa prices

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:"We sell and use only quality paint and do not allow others to sell paint on our fields. Type of paint varies."
1 Case (2000 Paintballs)-$75.00
1/2 Case (1000 Paintballs)- $40.00
1/4 Case (500 Piantballs)- $25.00

Styles of Play Available:Speedball- A nice Speedball field that is quite large and made up mostly of barrels, very well arranged for good play.

Woods- A great woods field that is well manicured and has a nice mix of cover for all styles of woods players. there are bunkers mixed in with the natural cover and the field is large enough to be able to flank and manuver around the other team, but not so large as to slow the games down. This was my favorite field. (I'm a confirmed woods player though :) )

Storm the hill- This was an interesting field on wich teams take turns assaulting a large fortress at the top of a hll. The fortress has mutiple gun ports cut into it from wich the defending team can cover the entire field. The attackers have one large bunker in the middle and many smaller bunkers that they can move to to provide themselves with cover as they make thier assault. the fortress looks nearly impregnable, and for a while we all thought it was untill the fourth game when Mike, one of our resident "snipers" evened the odds with some amazing shooting through the gun ports of the fortress. Great job MIke!

Attack and defend. This is the newest field, and although it was a fun one, it still needs a little work. It consists of a "town" setup in a clearing that one team must defend. The defending team may not leave the "town" and the attacking team may attack from 3 sides of it. This field has a lot of potential, but needs to have some of the brush that surrounds the town cleared out a bit so that the defenders have more of a chance. It was still a blast to play on though and it was fun to watch from the out of bounds side as people made thier moves.

Comments/Conculsions: We all had a great time and played well into the night. I have to give special thanks to our Ref. Tony, and his Store Madmans Corner (413) 599-1448 who sponsored my teams play for the day. FYI if you live in the western mass area, give him a call before you buy any gear, he can probably get you a really good deal on any new equipment you desire.

Tony had just setup for night games and sponsored us all with free glowballs to try it out and see how it would work. After an intitially dissapointing experince with the not so glowing balls, it was figure out that they needed to be rechaged right before play. Thanks to a player that had a (Million candlepower?) car spotlight, the balls were charged up and put to good use.
All players were provided with glowsticks that were either yellow or orange, depending on what team you were on, and the refs and the sides of the field were marked with red glowsticks. Confusion reigned as glowing paint flew through the air and bobbing lights ducked for cover. Quite a fun time!

No matter what kind of play you prefer, this place has something for you. The four differnt fields allow for A nice mix of differing types of play that will definately keep thing from getting boring, and the refs where great at keeping the action rolling right along. Good sportmanship was the order of the day, and I did not see any player conflict at all.

So check It out!

BigVigalante 10-08-2001 11:53 AM

Location: Bourn. Along the Bourn Automile
Phone 508 759-5130

Website: Cape Cod Paintball

Feild Fee:
/w your own $20
w/o $50 including equipment, air, and paint
BYOP is allowed!

Rental: Paint, Air, Tippmann98, Barrel Codom, and hopper.

C02/N2: $10 all day air.

feilds: Speedball/Consept/Woods

Conclusion: Great Feild to play at if you like fast moving games. They recently got a super air ball feild. They also have 5 hyper ball feilds, 2 attack defend, and 3 wood feilds. They do a $3 luch special where you get 2 slices fo peperonie pizza and a coke. Staff is freindly. Only flaw is in the summer; they get alot of wasps. If you can ignor them it's the best. They are only in the staging area and when there are alot of them the time between games is reduced to 5 or 8 minutes which means more games. At the end of the day there is a recycle game. Overall i give it an 9 because it isn't a CS village.

TheSickness 10-17-2001 02:07 PM

Propect Paintball

Location: Prospect connecticut store is down the road a few miles

Price: $10 entrance fee for walk ons

Feilds: 4 woods feilds a unltimate air and speedball feild soon to come.

Fills: co2 and up to 4500 psi nitro

rentals: procarbine, tippmann 98's, and shadow semi's rental prices vary for each gun. $5 rental for a camo jumpsuit.

Paint:allstars, proball, marbs , pmi premium, and a bunch of others

website:prospect paintball

review: The feild is under new manegment. The @ new guys that bought it are doing an awsome job at setting up the feild. Nicest woods feilds in ct. We have 3 refs including me. we are active on the feild.

weetodd 12-20-2001 08:25 PM

Business Name: Birch Hill Paintball
Location: York, Maine
Telephone Number: (207) 363-6416
Registration Fee: $10-$15
Rental Equiptment Fee: I don't know
Fill Stations: Co2 and High pressure air
Fields Paint Available/ Fee: They mostly stock rps paint and have bad paintprises but paint bought other places is aloud
Styles of Play Available: They have a nasty castle field, an awesome 10 man hyperball fiield, a 10 man air ball field, a 3 manspools field, and a 7 man competion woods field
Comments/Conculsions: This place is the best field I've ever played at. The peole that work there are really cool and I ref there somtimes with my team it's a blasted

PetWoody 12-31-2001 07:19 AM

Business Name: Matts outback

Location: Coventry, CT

Telephone Number: n/a


Registration Fee: usually free, sometimes it will be 15

Rental Equiptment Fee: check site

Fill Stations: free nitro, co2 cost like $3

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: 50 rec, 60 blaze, and other

Styles of Play Available: sup air, tires, spools, woods

Comments/Conculsions: Its a great place, lost of good teams play there, and yet there are also alot of newbies that show up. The owner is really nice, easy to get along with. Free lunch there, and usually free entry. cant really say anything bad about it. its the best field ive been to in CT so far, and from what i hear, it is the best.

PetWoody 12-31-2001 07:25 AM

Business Name: Stingers indoor paintball

Location: Danielson, CT

Telephone Number: n/a


Registration Fee: something like 15-20

Rental Equiptment Fee: check website

Fill Stations: not sure, only played a tourney

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: exspensive prices on the paint

Styles of Play Available: all indoor, at the moment there are sup air, spools, and 2 others fields, check website for more info

Comments/Conculsions: it was a pretty nice field, the owner is a great guy. Only probs i had was the prices and the lighting in the fields. From what i understand there going to fix the lighting. one other minor thing was that the field was outside temp, so i really didnt get away from the coldness, but it did shelter us away from the wind and what not.

Sharc me up 02-13-2002 04:40 PM

Vermont Fields
Business Name: Vermont Indoor Paintball

Location: Williston, Vermont

Telephone Number: 872-7171


Registration Fee: $21

Rental Equiptment Fee: $0 (comes with registration)

Fill Stations: Just CO2 (free fills if you use it while playing)

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: $4 for 100, $35 for 1000 $75 for 2000

Styles of Play Available: Just indoor

Comments/Conculsions: Its fun! They leave the floor a mess so you can slide on it.

Sharc me up 03-06-2002 05:54 PM

Business Name: Hidden Sights Paintball

Location: Middlesex, Vermont

Telephone Number:


Registration Fee:

Rental Equiptment Fee:

Fill Stations:

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:

Styles of Play Available: Almost anything you can imagine

Comments/Conculsions: Looks cool and is cool.

snipinhick 04-24-2002 04:18 AM

Business Name: Adventure Games Paintball Park

Location: Wear NH

Telephone Number: (603) 529 3524


Registration Fee: 10 bucks (they have goober days, check the site, extreemly good prices for the field) on goober days, 5 bucks.

Rental Equiptment Fee: Semi-Auto Gun Rental which includes
Face Mask and One Free CO2 > $ 15.00 Other Rental Equipment Available
Camouflage Jump Suits > $ 5.00
Camouflage Shirts > $ 3.00
Neck Protectors > $ 3.00
Paintball Harness 2 Pouch > $ 3.00
Paintball Harness 3 Pouch > $ 4.00

check for goober day prices on the site (calender)

Fill Stations: Co2 HPA up to 300
CO2 Refills
1 to 12 oz > $ 3.00
13 to 20 oz > $ 6.00
21 to 31 oz > $ 9.00
32 to 40 oz > $ 12.00

High Pressure Fills up to 3000 > $ 6.00

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: FPO goober days is 20 bucks for a bag of 500, paint is always PMI premium (medium bore)

Styles of Play Available: Woods, castles Turny fields (wooded speedball) and a few open woods fields. They are reknown for having some of the best fields there, so take a look at the gallery on the site.


Very nice place to play, some of the refs are ****s, but the majority are experienced players offering advice. All Rules are STRICTLY INFORCED. don't be surprised to hear "barrel plugs in!!!" as soon as you walk into the staging area. THe owner is a not so nice lady if you do somthing wrong, but if you sweet talk her she is decent at best. They have a pro shop right at the field, with i believe 2 airsmiths working on the weekend. You will Need a waiver if your under 18... don't forget em'

T.J._6922 09-04-2002 12:18 PM

Business Name: Providence Indoor paintball

Location: Providence Rhode Island

Telephone Number:

Website: providence

Registration Fee:20 dollars with out paint

Rental Equiptment Fee:33 dollars(98c)

Fill Stations: nitro and co2

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:yes/70 a case

Styles of Play Available:speedball

Comments/Conculsions:very small, nice place to play good people work there. Friendly locals including myself

nutshot816 09-30-2002 09:31 PM

Business Name:Hogan's Alley Paintball

Location:998 North Colony rd, Meriden CT

Telephone Number:203-238-2875


Registration Fee: $15/own equipment FPO- $25/own equipment BYOP-
Rental Equiptment Fee:$25/ Rental package (TIppman 98c, JT mask, 2 100rd. tubes w/ belt, unlimited air, +field pass) $35 if you want an Impulse

Fill Stations: Nitro fills available ~$3 CO2 ~$4

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Not sure about actual prices, good selection OKAY prices

Styles of Play Available: 1 Sup Air, 1 Hyperball, 1 Spools, 1 Woodsball (all fields change layout about 1-2 times a month)

Comments/Conculsions: Nice, fair refs; great people; concept fields are the best I've every seen on a rec ball field; safety rules enforced; food available during the day ($1 for a hotdog w/ anything imaginable on it); the pro shop is staffed w/ knowledgeable ppl, just a little bit pricey though; i really can't say more about this field; easy to find and get to; ocassionally, pro-teams stop by for a day of play and give out free sh*t to us plebiens...

p.s. ive been looking for a field of this quality in the rochester NY area, plz post if you know of any...

LadderingABC_Yu 11-12-2002 11:55 AM

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LadderingABC_Yu 11-12-2002 11:56 AM

Re: lol ...

Originally posted by LadderingABC_Yu
dead post :P
arrrrrrrrrrrg *dead thread

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