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Turambar 11-04-2004 04:27 PM

Well I noticed we were starting to get a little cluttered with stickies up there so I just made this.

Regarding 0utwar and similar:


Originally posted by Ebonclaw

ANY user that posts a link to, or similar site will incur IMMEDIATE action from moderator/admin staff of pbreview and it IS grounds for instant termination from PBreview. No excuses, no ifs or ands, and the only "buts" will be YOUR "BUTt" as is is kicked out the door back into the gutter from whence you came.

Any questions?

Good. Now shut up and have a nice day.

Regarding PBN spam:


Originally posted by Turambar
PBR people:

Whenever we get attacked with spam, do not reply to their posts. They are craving attention. If we don't give them the attention, they may go away earlier and stop trying to egg us on.

Thank you, have a nice day. :)

Regarding flaming people, telling them to die, kill/end themselves:


Originally posted by Jaster
"To ALL PBReview members:

Effective immediately, comments such as "Drink Bleach", "Die, just die", "End yourself", and the like, will no longer be acceptable here at PBReview.
The reason for this new change is simple. We've received many complaints from other members, parents, and company reps that find it completely disturbing that members here tell each other to harm themselves over questions/statements that are not agreed with. The Staff of PBR agrees that this behavior is demeaning to the members here, PBR as a whole, and the overall view of paintball players in general.
Violators of this new rule will receive ONE warning and one warning only. A second offense will result in immediate termination of your account and you will be permanently banned.

Any questions, feel free to PM any Mod or Super.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter."

Links to the previous other threads:

Turambar 11-10-2004 03:13 PM

So I got this idea from PBN as I was reading their stickies in Small Talk today.

Ebaums and the like(ex: albinoblacksheep, ytmnd, etc) - no longer allowed. Pictures and/or links. As they said, we all know about ebaums. If we want to see them, we'll do it ourselves. They WILL be closed.

Turambar 11-14-2004 03:41 PM

Free I-pod threads/free tv's/free video game systems/etc threads.

These threads are not allowed. Anyone posting them will be banned at our discretion.

Advertising other forums:

Against the rules. No threads on them. If you want people to know about the forum, put it in your sig.

Shadow221 05-05-2007 01:57 PM

In regards to Homework help: Asking for assistance is okay. Asking for someone to do your homework for you is not.

Okay - I'm working on my calculus homework and can't remember the general formula for derivatives of parametric vector functions. Can anyone help me out?

Not Okay -
f(x,y) = (X^2)(e^y) - X(Y^3)
x = cos(t)
y = sin(t)
solve for df/dt

I can't do it, solve it for me!!

Such specific help is not allowed.

This also applies to other subjects too, not just math. If you're doing a history report on, for instance, the ethical implications of Nuclear power, you can feel free to ask about Nuclear power and the events that happened, but don't ask for us to tell you how such events relate to ethics.

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