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DagNasty 01-03-2005 04:18 PM

OMG.... I WAS SCAMMED.. WTH do I do?
If you plan on buying a marker online, from someone who is not a retailer then what could/should you do to avoid a bad experience?

First things first, find out everything you can about the seller. Ask for the person's name, address, phone number (both cell phone and landline if possible), email, Instant Messenger names, feedback and then search all the sites for information contrary to what you've been told. Search here, pbnation,, google, ebay, even paypal has user "ratings". Save all this information, you might need it all together down the road. If the person sends you a picture of what you should be getting, SAVE the smail and/or picture. This will be helpful against the old bait and switch scam

Second, it is customary for the buyer to pay first and the seller to ship after. If the person is really jumpy about selling and says he'll send you the marker then you pay.. it could be a stolen marker and he/she just wants to get rid of it. If it smells fishy, it probably is. If at all possible, pay with paypal because you have a good chance of getting some or all of your money back if it is a scam. If you are going to do moneyorder then for the love of God, use a third party service and pay for it. Would you rather be out 30 bucks and have what you paid for... or be out the $700 you sent for that timmy that never showed up?

Some reliable third party trading services:
Big Daddy's Paintball (Rome and Dalton, GA), 706-279-1731 Dalton, 706-235-1413 Rome,
Palmers Pursuit Shop

If you buy something from someone overseas, you are greatly increasing the risk that your money goes bye bye without any chance of seeing it again.

If the person is under the age of 18, get mom and dad's permission. If something goes really wrong, parents can (most of the time) be much more reasonable then the kid who is a gun whore.

Shipping: Make sure you get a tracking number as soon as humanly possible. Time is your friend, and the more you waste waiting for a tracking number, the longer it make take to resolve any issues. ALSO - Pay for insurance. Period. A few extra bucks can save you from expensive repairs from a mishap during delivery. Ask the person to send it delivery confirmation, if they are sketchy about it.. it may mean they aren't likely on sending you anything.

Lastly, save records of IM conversations. Save emails, save everything. There's a reason for documenting everything, it may save your rear and get you your money back should something go sour.

DagNasty 01-03-2005 04:37 PM

Are you selling your marker? No need for it? Getting out of the sport?

So you're selling your marker. You want a car. You have bills. It happens. We all leave the sport. We all come back to it. (most of us at least) :D

Since you are the seller, all you gotta do is advertise and wait for offers right?

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Do the community a favor though, and list your marker/items/tanks whatever honestly and state the condition and your terms up front. Be open to splitting a third party service and if not, make it known. Just because you think your marker is in tip top shape doesn't mean everyone out there will agree with you.

Beware of someone telling you that they will write you a $2000 check for your $500 marker and someone (either an individual or delivery service)will come pick it up along with the rest of the money from their check. This is a known scam and you'll end up liable for the full amount of that check, plus you have no marker anymore.

Send pictures of your marker and gear.. photoshop your name or username on it so there is no denying it is your marker. If you don't know how, ask.. if you have a question or are unsure about something.. ask.

If you are under 18, there's a chance your parents paid for your marker.. check with them to make sure they're cool with you pawning your gun for cash.

DagNasty 01-03-2005 04:55 PM

I'm trading my brass eagle for a ripper timmy (no offense B.E. people, this is just a little humor).. What should I do and how can I be sure this is a safe trade?

Straight up trades are usually the ones where most people end up unhappy or there is some kind of complaint. You got a marker.. used it a bit.. looking for something new and *bam*.. it catches your eye. Well taking a few steps before you send out your marker can save a lotta hassle.

feedback is great.. it lets you know someone is legit and has done right to many people before you. But usernames can get hijaked.. people's disposition changes.. etc...etc... Use a third party service. Split the costs or pay for them yourself. Remember, the $30 you think you are saving might cost you hundreds in future repairs and possibly time away from the field.

Read the first post in this thread about buying a marker from a private person. THEY ALL APPLY to this as well Get pictures, lots of pictures and save them along with your conversation logs. Someone shows you a picture of a dynasty shocker and you get a shoebox instead.. you won't be too happy. But at least you'll have some proof that the person scammed you. And you can never have enough evidence if something bad happens.

When you get someone's information, check it online. Check their phone number.. if it is a cell phone, it could be a shady as they can be cancelled easily, get a landline number. A home number. A work number. Some record.

look it up here

do a reverse lookup on the persons number, see if the address they gave you is legit or matches the number/information they gave you. can help with this. Call them before you send your marker, see who answers. If the address doesnt match the information you just looked up, it could be they're having it sent to some abandoned address or vacant residence so that it is less traceable. SEARCH.. ask questions, if in doubt.. post here and ask someone. If it sounds too good to be true.. guess what?

when sending your marker, send it insured and insist the other person does so as well. Send it delivery confirmation, you'll have some recourse with the delivery agency if you are scammed. Did I mention save all your records? I did? Good.. remember, more information is better.

DagNasty 01-03-2005 05:16 PM

dude.. i tried my best but I still got scammed.. what now?????

Well, so long as there are people with no integrity and little self respect, people will be stealing. So it's time for you to get moving. Once you are sure you have been scammed, time is very valuable now. You've already lost money/gear and you gotta make the phone calls and pass the information on to anyone who will help you.

Make sure that the person has in fact scammed you. Maybe they had an emergency and had to take a day off or two. Yes, it sucks not getting what you were expecting, but it's better to be cool about it and be sure that there is a problem. The person should keep you in the know, but things happen.

Gather every last bit of information about the deal that you have kept (if you don't have much, be prepared to suffer a loss). Review it all, make sure you know all the details. Give an honest estimate to value of your gear BOTH NEW AND AS-TRADED CONDITION. Don't lie. The detectives will be asking for this information.

Call the local police department in your town, in the town of the person you sent your gear to, and file a report with the delivery agency. Get your detective's name, badge number if applicable, phone number, email, and A COPY OF ANY POLICE REPORT #'s. Different local departments will handle things differently, but if you can give them names, contact numbers, and report numbers from the other agency.. it might speed the process up.

Be prepared to fax copies of your kept information to anyone who asks for it. Kinko's.. 7-11.. WaWa.. most convenient stores have fax machines you can use for a nominal amount.

Call your detective regularly, update him/her and give them any additional information they ask for. Listen and follow their advice.

Post here and other forums. Let everyone know what happened, give some details.. screen name, messenger names, real name, address. If someone else has had a problem but was too bummed to say anything.. their bad experience may help your case out and they will feel better about making it known. Also, chances are.. the people who visit these forums may know the person in questions, see your marker at a field, or be able to provide you with information about the area (city/town/state) and local shops you can call to report your marker stolen.

SeARCH, SEARCH, SEARCH.. get any and all information about the person. Maybe their parents own a small local company.. call it and let them know what's going on. Google the person, maybe they are on a team and you can get a team mates email and contact them.

Thanks to railz for posting this, but here are some web sites that will help your cause if you've been scammed. If you are sure of being scammed, contact all of them.. more help is always better

1) Seller's local police department which you can find seller's city/town here:

2) The FBI Internet Fraud Unit:

3) Clearing house that works with various authorities who track scams:

4) The FTC internet fraud unit:$.s..._ORG_CODE=PU01

5) USPS Mail Fraud:

DarkeWolf 01-04-2005 10:31 AM

awesome thread! Hope that a LOT of peeps read this, and learn from it :)

personally tho, I would try to persuade against trades of markers or equipment unless it is done in person.

DagNasty 01-04-2005 10:50 AM

thanks man! I agree.. trading via the boards is shady at best. But people are gonna do it anyhow :D

DarkeWolf 01-04-2005 11:33 AM

you're most definitely welcome. Its good to see people trying to watch out for each other, and informing/advising them, Keep it up!

aye, that they will, but hopefully they will read this first, before they do ;)

DagNasty 01-04-2005 04:36 PM

Thank you whoever stickied this. It will be maintained and updated as new methods for solving problems arise :D

poweraider 01-11-2005 04:36 PM

Be a bunch of babies like us Cry & Whine and act your shoe size (or less) swear or take a stand

thats what you do

dont be dumb, don't get banned, you'll end up like us.....

DagNasty 01-11-2005 07:14 PM

thanks poweraider.

It is truly a shame that your site has such little attendance and you have to come to a legitimate site with dedicated members to advertise the worthless (yes, I checked it out) dribble at that site.

My hampster provides more entertainment then your site.

hybrid-sniper 01-12-2005 07:11 AM

Third party trading through Moderators is also an option, i know some mods on pbn do it, but im not sure about here.
Maybe if you sweet talk a mod and send them some cookies they'd be willing to see you get all that you pay for.

pmipaintball 02-01-2005 02:11 PM

[that is a good thread thanx for the info dude:D

Murderdoll92 02-08-2005 07:03 PM


Originally posted by DagNasty
thanks poweraider.

It is truly a shame that your site has such little attendance and you have to come to a legitimate site with dedicated members to advertise the worthless (yes, I checked it out) dribble at that site.

My hampster provides more entertainment then your site.

I wish I had a hamster. Oh, and great advice. I've been scamed before for an Alien Revolation paintball gun that wasnt even released yet, then I came here to check out reviews on this gun and found out that they stole their so called, "item description" directly out of one of the reviews, but it was only for 90 bucks, so I didnt do anything about it. Anyway thanks again for the awesome tips. \M/ (>.<) \M/:pissed: :D

vanhellsing101 03-30-2005 08:53 PM

this thread save my butt

DagNasty 03-31-2005 05:32 AM


Originally posted by vanhellsing101
this thread save my butt
Share your story with us!! Always good for the rest of us to get new info on scammers/bad traders

bomberpilot07 05-09-2005 07:15 PM

someone i know just recently got scammed and needed help so i sent him here. thanks for making the post:)

davecrack 05-24-2005 05:04 PM

so youve been scammed on ebay or on a website?
Well, concidering i run a website here are a few tips for you to get your money back and screw the mofo that screwed you.

First of all make sure you attempt to contact the seller by phone and ask for your money back...

Desperate measures cause for desperate action.

1. Make sure you pay via paypal / credit card transaction ONLY not from your bank account...otherwise this may not work..
Realize that paypal is great for buyers and sucks for sellers... if someone doesnt send you your marker, place a dispute with paypal and they will hold all his money ( even money that other customers sent him), if that doesnt work... call your credit card directly and dispute the transaction... they will put the money back in your account and "charge back" paypal, they will not like that and will charge back the seller and it will really hurts the seller, because he will be charged a lot of extra fees and may loose his merchant/ paypal account.

2. pay directly through your credit card not a check card if the seller has a terminal.

call your credit card company and dispute the transaction, just be honest and they will refun your money within 12 hours, then they will take the money from the seller and charge him chargeback fees tipically $35 .. he may also loose his merchant account and will never be a ble to accept credit cards...

wulf1010 06-10-2005 02:18 PM

Being and absolute gun whore and tinker freak. I use the boards as trading posts alot.

Worst thing a buyer can do is impulse buy. PLEASE, PLEASE, take the time to research your seller and the marker they are selling. the "too good to be true" line isnt always true, but most of the time it is.

Another thing sellers can do to help out buyers is have CURRANT picutures of their markers. I know most people do, but there have been a few times where ive gotten stuff and it hasnt matched the pictures ive recieved. All these times ended happily all the way around (a tribute to the fact that MOST people arent realy trying to rip you off).

Also as a buyer you need to research the particutlar gun your getting as best you can. Find out its history from the person your getting it from. Previous owners, serial, etc. if its been traded on the boards a few times, its pretty easy to find sombody else whos owned it.

Contact the people in the sellers feedback thread. Ask them thier impression of the seller, not all feedback is totaly honest neh?

thats about it. Again ive been at gun swaping online for better part of 3 years now, and ive only gotten ripped once.

32degreesuser 07-08-2005 04:11 AM

i was at a walk on sunday 1 day and this guy walk with my gun ao i take my freinds gun and light him up i got my gun back and he got banned from the feild for ever hahaha

DiabloPaint3 07-13-2005 10:21 AM

If you are looking to buy a paintball gun then some good sites are or
I usually just go to local stores that way you are guaranteed the right gun and parts!

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