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LAMANTEthePBguy 01-28-2005 04:12 PM

Paintball Dictionary (Third Edition)
Here's the updated dictionary. If you see anything that is wrong, needs clarifying, or something that is missing, please post it. Remember, this dictionary has only gotten to where it is by contributions from the members. Please help out if you can.

Thanks goes to: Jordan (for making the original), Magnus (for making the second version), amzing spyderman, and all the members who have contributed to this dictionary. I do not wish to take any credit for the content since this has been written by the members of PBR

Second Edition


ABS- anti-bolt stick. A setting on some guns in which after 15 seconds of non-use it increases the dwell for the next shot fired. This helps prevent bolt-stick, but may result in higher velocity for the first shot.

ACE- Anti Chop Eyes- prevent chops.

Agitator (Hopper component)- A hopper which contains a small battery operated motor connected to paddles which act to move paintballs into the feeder of a paintgun. This gives the gun a constant supply of paintballs without requiring that the gun be rocked back and forth to force the ammunition to feed.

Airball-n. A type of game play where large inflatable bunkers are used.

Aluminum-n. A light elemental metal. Aluminum alloys are commonly used in the manufacture of paintball guns, accessories and tanks. Aluminum is notable for its relative lightness, and resistance to corrosion. It is a soft metal, and easy to shape. This means that aluminum parts are inexpensive but also susceptible to impact damage.

Anodization-v. A process for coating metals. The object to be coated is placed in a solution containing metallic salts and an electric current is passed through it.

Anodization-v. A process for coating/coloring metals. The object to be coated is placed in a solution containing metallic salts and an electric current is passed through it. Done strickly for aluminum products.

Anti-fog Spray-n. A spray designed for preventing the lenses of the paintball mask from fogging.

Anti-Siphon- a small curved build into some co2 tanks to prevent liquid co2 from entering the paintball gun.

ASA - Acronym for Air Source Adapter. The part of the gun where the tank screws into, to pressurize the marker.

Autococker – n. (paintgun) built by Worr game products, or WGP, closed-bolt semiautomatic operating paintgun. Has been around for a long, long time.

Auto-Trigger- A feature on some pump guns where the user can hold down the trigger while pumping the gun allowing multiple rounds to be fired in a short amount of time.

Ball Detent- A little round protrusion into the chamber that prevents double feeds. In blowbacks, this is usually a plastic nub...'Cockers have a ball bearing.

Barrel (Paintgun component)- The tube from which the paintball is discharged when the gun is fired. Paintball barrels are made from aluminum alloys, brass, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. The major characteristics of a barrel are its interior diameter, length, and effective length.

Barrel Condom (Safety equipment)-n. Evolved from the barrel plug, the barrel condom is a cloth or nylon sleeve that is placed on and around the tip of the barrel to prevent paintballs accidentally fired from the paintball gun from hitting anything. Two chords attached to this sleeve tie around the feed of the paintball gun, to prevent the sleeve itself from being fired off.

Barrel Plug (Safety equipment)-n. a plug made out of plastic or metal designed to fit into the front end of a paintball gun barrel. This prevents paintballs from being shot out of the gun when in use, however if multiple shots are fired, the barrel plug may be shot out.

Barrel, Ported (Paintgun component)- A ported barrel has holes (ports) drilled through its walls for part of its length. Porting serves to quiet the paintgun by venting gas to the sides of the barrel, reducing the explosiveness (and noisiness)of the exhaust from the muzzle. Porting also reduces the effective length of the barrel.

Barrel Tap- a way of eliminating an opposing player by tapping their bunker with their barrel.

Beavertail (paintgun component)- a piece of metal designed to encase the protruding bolt to keep it from striking the user when the bolt fires and retracts. Designed specifically for rear cocking paintball guns.

Bleed Valve (Propellant system component)- Allows the compressed gas in a paintgun and remote to be discharged before disconnecting the gun from it's propellant source.

Blind firing (slang.)- To blindly shoot over the tops or sides of a bunker. Commonly a mistake made by newer players.

Bolt (Paintgun component)- The bolt actually brings the propellant (gas) into contact with the paintball. In both closed and open bolt guns the bolt is brought to rest behind the paintball and gas flows through the bolt to push the ball through the barrel.

Bonus Balling- v. the act of shooting someone after they are already marked

Bore- The diameter of your barrel and the circumference of your paint

Bottle See Tank.

Bottom Line - (Paintgun component) An air fitting that moves the paintgun's gas input to the bottom of the grip frame.

Bounce- When a paintball hits, but does not break. Very painful.

Bounce- See ‘Trigger Bounce’

BPS -Balls per Second.

Break (slang)-v. The paintball splatters inside the barrel on it's way out due to friction, weakness of the ball, or outside weather conditions.

Break (slang)-n. The time period right after the whistle blows to start the game. The start.

Bunker -n. any object used as a barrier between paintball players to be used as cover or for a protected firing position.

Bunker (slang).v. To rush around the sides or over another players bunker and fire upon them at close range. See image 3.

Burst Disk (Safety device and propellant system component)-n. A part of the valve assembly at the top of a CO2 tank, the burst disk ruptures when the pressure inside the tank exceeds the containers pressure rating. The gas in the tank is then vented safely.
Buttplate- n. A piece(usually plastic) put on the end of a CO2 tank to make it into a stock for steadying your aim

Capture the Flag- Style of speedball where both teams try to obtain the opposing team's flag and return to their own base with it.

Carbon Dioxide (Propellant gas)- A colorless, odorless gas used as a propellant. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), occurs in nature as a gas. In paintball applications liquid CO2 is used to partially fill the player's tank. Some of the liquid boils off to become a gas and that gas is used to power the gun. Each shot fired removes some CO2 gas from the tank and that is replaced by gas from the liquid CO2 in the tank.
See also the CO2 Systems Info sheet.

Center Flag- style of speedball where both team's objective is to capture a flag hung in the center of the field, and to return with it to their base.

Chopping (slang)-v. Where the paintball doesn't feed fast enough down the feed and the bolt goes forward and slices the ball in half.

Chronograph (Field equipment)-n. This is a device that uses radar to measure the speed of a paintball as it is fired from the marker.

Closed Bolt- n. When the marker's trigger is in a neutral (not-pulled) position, the bolt is forward leaving the breech closed and sealed with a paintball already sitting in front of the bolt. When the trigger is pulled, air propels the paintball. Then a mechanism pulls the bolt rearward, allowing a new paintball to enter the breech, and the bolt returns forward pushing the paintball into the barrel to wait for the next trigger pull. (Examples are the WGP Autococker, and the PPS markers such as Typhoon/Hurricane, Stroker, and Blazer.)

CO2-n. See Carbon Dioxide.

Cock - v. To position the hammer or other component of the firing mechanism of the paintgun, to be fired.

Cradle (Paintgun Component)-n. an adjustable drop forward.

Cup Seal (Paintgun component)-n. This small part is used in blow-back semi's.

Dead Box-n. Term used for a specified location on a paintball field where eliminated players are supposed to go.

Dead Man's walk (DMW, slang)-v. a strategy when a player stands up and walks off the field as if they are hit, in hopes of gaining the element of surprise or a position of advantage on the opposition.

Debounce- n. Setting on electronic markers that reduce/eliminate bounce in the marker's electronics.

Dimple – n. An imperfection on a paintball
Dorito- n. Shape of a sup' air bunker that looks kind of like a 3D Dorito or if you're in to RPGs, a 4 sided dice

Drop Forward (Paintgun Component)- a device attached to the paintball gun that moves the tank further forward to create better balance and a smaller profile.

LAMANTEthePBguy 01-28-2005 04:34 PM

Elbow (Paintgun component.)- 1.An angled tube (usually plastic), one end of which is fastened to the gun's feed. The other end of the tube is pointed upwards and receives the hopper or agitator. Paintballs are fed from the hopper into the gun through the elbow. Elbows are usually classified based on their diameters (what size feed will the end of the elbow fit?).
2. Air fitting. An angled tube (usually metal) through which gas flows. They are typically used to force sharp changes in the direction of flow in places where a micro-line or steel braided hose would become pinched. Elbows are threaded so that they can be connected to other parts of the air system. Elbows are usually classified based on their diameters, angle (45 degree, 90 degree, etc.), and pressure rating.

Expansion Chamber (Paintgun/propellant system component)-n. An expansion chamber serves as a heat exchanger and conducts heat energy from the environment to the propellant system, expanding the gas or (in the case of CO2) converting liquid in the system to a gas. Expansion chambers are useful only in CO2 driven systems since CO2 is temperature sensitive where as HPA and Nitrogen are not.

Eye (Electronic component)-n. An eye is a sensor that is connected to the breech of the marker. The eye looks for a paintball in the breech. If it does not sense a paintball, it will not allow the marker to fire until it does. This virtually eliminates chopping. Eyes are only found on some electronic markers, not mechanical markers.

Fanning the Trigger (slang)v.- When a person uses their middle or index finger or both, held strait out to fire the trigger. The entire forearm moves back and fourth rather than just the trigger finger. This allows a person to fire faster because they use their shoulder and forearm muscles, rather than their finger muscles. This style of firing is looked down upon by most paintball players.

Feed (Paintgun component)- The tube through which paintballs are fed into the receiver of the paintgun. A gun may have a right-hand, left-hand, or vertical feed. Vertical feeds reduce the overall width of a gun and hopper by placing the hopper directly over the receiver. Right and left-hand feeds allow the shooter to sight over the top of the gun. A right-hand feed slopes down from the right side of the gun and positions the hopper to the right of the gun body. A left hand feed slopes down from the left side of the gun. See also power-feed.

Focker- n. A commonly used term given to markers that function like an Autococker but are not made by WGP thereby not being 'true' 'cocker.

FSDO - First Shot Drop Off. This happens when your marker has been sitting for a short time like 5 minutes. The first shot you take will have a low velocity. Different guns have different ways to fix this, so ask how to fix it in that guns forum.

Gack-(Slang) a mixture of paintball shell fragments and paint, occasionally found inside a poorly maintained marker after a long period of time.

Gas through Stock (Paintgun component)- A stock with integrated air fittings that allow propellant gas to run through the stock to the paintgun's gas input.

Guppies (slang)-n. Containers used to carry extra paintballs. See also pods.

Gogged (slang)-v. Paintball term for when someone is shot in the goggles or eliminated from a head shot.

Hammer (trigger component)-See Striker

Hard-line air fitting (propellant component)- A solid metal tube used to transport gas from point to point. Brass, copper, aluminum and steel are common materials in the manufacture of these hoses. Hard-line hoses are usually classified based on diameter and pressure rating.

Harness (Equipment)-n. Canvas material in the form of straps and cases usually in belt form. Used to carry pods or guppies for holding extra paintballs.

High Pressure Air (HPA) Propellant gas- Quite simply, this is compressed air, the same stuff we breathe. In paintball applications it is compressed to high pressures (1800, 3000, and 4500 psi are the standards), in tanks and the output pressure is limited by a regulator. HPA and Nitrogen may both be used in the same containers and so both terms are often used interchangeably when discussing high pressure systems.

Hopper (Paintgun component)- A plastic bottle which connects to the feeder of a paintgun (often via an elbow). Paintballs are placed into the bottle where they are fed via gravity through a hole in the bottom.
See also Agitator.

Hose- the tube (usually made of steel or plastic) that runs air from any one part of the paintball gun to another.

Hot (slang)- Term used for guns that are firing above field FPS (Feet per second) regulations. ex. "Firing hot"

HPA - See High Pressure Air

Hybrid electro – n. Markers which are partially operated by electronics (IE Solenoids) such as E-bladed autocockers, E-spyders, and black draguns.

Hyperball - adj. Style of speedball where bunkers are made out of large industrial pipes that are stacked either vertically or horizontally as bunkers.

Impeller- n. Component used in electronic hoppers used to push balls into hopper feed neck to decrease the chances of chopping at a high BPS.

IVG- n. the part that adjusts velocity on an Autococker.



lenses (Mask component)-n. a piece of transparent plastic used for protecting the eyes.

Lit up (slang)- Term used for overshooting, or being shot up excessively.
LPR – n. Low Pressure Regulator. A regulator commonly used in higher end markers which regulates the PSI going to the pneumatics.

Loader - See Guppy or pods. Also refers to hoppers

Mag – n. Automag, built by Airgun Designs, or AGD, blow-forward semiautomatic paintgun. Has been around for a long, long time

Marker (slang)-n. accepted paintball terminology to replace or be used in place of the word "gun".

Mask (equipment)-n. The absolutely most important piece of paintball equipment. Usually made out of plastic, rubber or foam, with the lenses made out of plastic. Factory capable of withstanding hits of objects at 300+ fps (feet per second) but not advised to be hit by anything over that.

Max (slang)- Getting maximum points in a game by getting the first flag pull of the game, eliminating all opposing players, not losing any of yours, and/or getting the flag hung.

Micro-line (Propellant component)- Flexible, small diameter, plastic hose. More easily cut and shaped than steel-braid hose.

Milling -A modification where parts of the marker's body has been cut out/off to make the marker lighter and more attractive.

Mugging (UK Term, slang)-v. See bunkering

Muzzle Break - See Barrel, ported


N2 -n. See Nitrogen

Newbie (slang) -n. derogatory term used for new or inexperienced players.

Nipple Cover - n. Used to cover and protect the fill nipple on a HPA tank.

Nitrogen (Propellant gas)- Elemental Nitrogen in the form N2. A colorless, odorless gas used as a propellant. In paintball applications it is compressed to high pressures (1800, 3000, and 4500 psi are the standards), in tanks and the output pressure is limited by a regulator. Nitrogen and HPA may both be used in the same containers and so both terms are often used interchangeably when discussing high pressure systems.

LAMANTEthePBguy 01-28-2005 04:48 PM

Open Bolt - When the marker's trigger is in a neutral (not-pulled) position; the bolt is pulled back leaving the breech open to allow paintballs to feed. When the trigger is pulled, the bolt moves forward, pushes the paintball into the barrel, and the bolt seals off the barrel. Then air propels the paintball. The bolt then returns to the open position. (Most markers use an open bolt configuration.)

O-ring (Paintgun/propellant system component)- Circular rings of rubber or plastic used to make airtight seals between parts (bolt and receiver for instance), and air fitting joints.

Out -adj. Term for eliminated person or persons in a paintball game. Players who are "out" may no longer shoot and must proceed to the dead box and wait for the game to finish.

Outlaw ball - term used for a style of play by people who paintball in the woods or on property near their homes that may not belong to them. Often times associated with woodsball, but can be a type of speedball as well depending on the type of field that is used.

Overshooting slang- term used when a player shoots excessively at a player to eliminate them, usually more than three shots.

Paintball - A spherical gelatin capsule containing water soluble paint. Paintballs are approximately .68 inches in diameter although there is some slight variation (on the order of thousandths of an inch) between manufacturers and brands.

Paint Check - Term when a player wants an opposing player to be examined by the ref to see if he has been successfully tagged or eliminated.

Paintgun (equipment)- A pneumatic device for firing a paintball.

Pods (equipment) - Large round tubes used to hold extra paintballs. Normally held on a harness.
Posting - Leaning out of a bunker and waiting for an opponent to pop out.

Porting - Tiny holes made in a barrel,

Power-Feed (Paintgun component)- A feed with part of the outer wall of the tube cut away to allow gas to vent during firing. The idea is to lower the back pressure from firing which would normally disturb the flow of balls into the breech.

PSI - Unit of measure. Pounds per Square Inch. This is a measurement of pressure and is defined as the force in pounds exerted by the substance under pressure against a surface with an area of one square inch.

Pump Guns - Classification of paintball gun where an entire action of moving the bolt back, having a paintball drop into the breach, and bringing the bolt forward must manually be completed before firing.

Push slang - An aggressive advance.

Quick Disconnect (Propellant system component)- An air fitting comprised of two pieces that fit together. Its purpose is to allow the player to separate the paintgun from a remote propellant source. The quick disconnect is often used in conjunction with some form of bleed valve.

QEV - n. An acronym for Quick Exhaust Valve. Originally intended for use on autocockers, this is now also an upgrade for the popular Ion that allows gas to escape at the point of the fitting instead of back through the solenoid, thereby improving cycle times, trapping dirt and grease that may get into the solenoid, and improving efficiency. May or may not require body modification.

Ram - n. A piston used in recocking a marker. Spyders use blowback to recock; higher end markers use some air to operate the ram and recock themselves

Ramping – v. Where the person pulls the trigger a certain amount of times and the gun adds shots. For example, say the gun is set to ramp 50% at 12 bps, when you walk 12 bps with your fingers (no added help from the gun) the gun will add 6 extra bps, so you will be shooting 18 bps instead of 12.

Recball - n. Short for recreational paintball. A term used for any style of paintball that is not specified a tournament or tournament level. Non competitive.

Receiver (Paintgun component)- The portion of the gun in which flow of gas is controlled, also referred to as the body of the gun. The receiver houses the valve(s) and bolt. The barrel, trigger mechanism, air input, and grip frame are attached to the receiver.
Ref -(slang for referee) person who obviously supervises a game to make it fair, basically refs it.

Regulator (Paintgun/propellant system component)- A mechanical device for controlling the pressure of gas in a closed system. Regulators accept gas at a given input pressure and through an arrangement of piston(s) and springs maintains a lower output pressure. A regulator cannot have an output pressure higher than the input pressure. Some regulators are adjustable and others have fixed output pressures.

Remote (Paintgun/propellant system component)- A long hose which allows the player to separate the propellant tank from the paintgun so that it can be carried elsewhere on the player's person. Typically a long braided steel or coiled hose is used to connect the gun to a tank carried on the player's back in a harness.

ROF - rate of fire

Rupture Disk - See Burst Disk

LAMANTEthePBguy 01-28-2005 04:49 PM

Safety (Paintgun component)- A switch or lever which prevents the trigger from engaging the firing mechanism.

Scenario Game - Paintball game based upon a back story. Points are often awarded for not only flag capture, but also for eliminations. Certain players are typically worth more points when eliminated. Some games include treasure that can be both accumulated and stolen by the other team. Some games include free lance players who do not work for either team. Games are typically non-stop and last for 6 to 24 hours straight. Participants are re-inserted after elimination based upon set times, set numbers, or officers.

Sear (Paintgun component)- Piece of metal located near the bolt, that catches and holds the bolt in the back/firing position. Upon pulling of the trigger, the sear is lowered and the bolt moves forward, and then returns back into its former locked position.

Semi-automatic - A class of paintgun. Members of this gun class fire one paintball for each intentional pull of the trigger.

Shoot down - When your gun isn’t getting enough pressure fast enough. Each successive shot goes slower and slower. usually caused by an air system that won't flow fast enough.

Short stroking - When the bolt does not return fully rearward and a paintball only partially enters the breech before the bolt moves forward again. This results in the paintball being pinched and breaking in the breech. This most typically occurs in closed bolt markers when the trigger is not pulled completely. This can also occur in a marker when there is insufficient air pressure to fully move the bolt back to an open position (such as air pressure drop resulting from rapid fire or an almost empty air tank).

Sight (Paintgun component)- anything on a paintball gun that enhances/assists aiming.

Skyball –n. A large tournament held in Toronto in the Skydome usually around mid April

Snap Shooting - Term for when a player pops out of a bunker, quickly fires a few rounds, and returns to behind the safety of the bunker.

solenoid - Component that makes electronic markers capable of high BPS.

Speedball - Essentially a game played on a smaller field with a shorter time limit than a woodsball game. A speedball game may last 10-15 minutes verses the 30-45 minutes for a woodsball game. Variants include capture the flag (CTF), center flag (CF), and total elimination. A speedball field is normally symmetrical, with level topography for fairness.

Spotter slang.- a paintball player who's role is to act as the eyes and ears for other paintball players.

Spray and Pray - (slang.) a term used for players, normally newer paintballers, who shoot blindly over the tops or sides of their bunkers. Derived from the randomness and futility of their efforts, since most of them barely ever eliminate an opponent through this method.

Squeegee - A device used to clean out paint residue and/or splatter from the inside of the barrel.

Steel-braided air fitting - Composite hose made of fine steel wire braided around a plastic hose. Its flexibility makes it less susceptible to impact and puncture damage than hard-lines. It is heavy and bulky relative to other options. Steel-braid hose is usually classified based on its diameter and pressure rating.

Striker (Paintgun component)-

Stock - 1. (Paintgun component) a shoulder brace attached to the gun allowing better accuracy and stability for the shooter 2. Paintgun referred to as in factory configuration. 3. A class of pump paintguns using 12 gram co2 cartridges and ten round tubes. See also Gas-thru Stock.

Sup'air - Games played using inflatable bunkers. Most Sup Air fields are symmetrical so that neither team has an advantage. The inflatable bunkers are also easy to move around for different configurations between game days. Since tournament rules now require symmetrical fields and that the field configuration be different than normal to prevent a local team advantage, Sup Air fields are now the number one choice for tournaments.

Taco - n. Shape of a Sup' air Bunker that looks like a taco, which would be of a half circle

Tank (Propellant system component)- The tank (or bottle) holds the propellant used to fire the paintball from the marker. Tanks may hold Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, or HPA. All tanks have maximum pressure ratings, typically measured in PSI. Tanks come in a variety of sizes. CO2 tanks are sized based on the maximum volume of liquid CO2 they are intended to carry. HPA tanks are sized by the total volume of the tank. CO2 tanks vary in size from 12 gram powerlets up to 40oz "bombs". HPA tanks are available in 53ci, 68ci, and 114ci sizes.
All tanks require periodic hydro testing.

Tape - (slang) the sidelines of the paintball field running perpendicular to the starting points of both teams. The walls/boundaries. A term used in relation to the extreme right or extreme left of the field. i.e." take the tape" Players can more easily defend themselves from a position against the tape because they have only three out of four sides to defend themselves against since no one can pass behind them behind the tape; two out of four sides to defend if they have good teammates.

Thread Saver - placed on the tip of a Co2 tank to prevent damage to the copper threads, which are essential to holding the tank in place.

Titanium Elemental metal- Titanium alloys are used in the manufacture of some paintball accessories like bolts, valves, regulators. Titanium is notable for its strength, relative lightness, and resistance to corrosion. It is denser (heavier) than aluminum, but much much stronger. Because Titanium is such a hard metal it is quite difficult to work with and components made with this metal and its alloys can be quite expensive.

Trigger -Mechanism used for firing the paintball gun.

Trigger bounce
--Mechanical-The recoil from a marker can be enough, when held right, is enough to move the trigger and trip the micro-switch.
--Electronic-A markers board is overly sensitive or and counts things as more than one pull, resulting in more shots per one pull.

Trigger Frame (trigger component)-The frame of the trigger that contains the trigger and all adjacent parts.

Tourney/Tourny - (slang) slang for tournament style of paintball.

Tournament - Style of paintball involving competitive teams at a sponsored, or official paintball event.


Underarmor - Brand of clothing with thermal moisture control properties made for playing all kinds of sports in intense heat and/or cold.


VA - n. vertical adaptor

Valve (Paintgun component)- Valves control the flow of fluids and gasses and appear in several places in a paintgun system. Inside the gun valves control the flow of gas to the bolt. Pin valve. On/Off valve.

Velocity - Speed and direction. Regulation field velocity is usually set between 280-300 fps (feet per second).

Velocity Spike - A sudden, often inexplicable increase in the muzzle velocity of a paintball gun.

Vertical Adaptor - n. Used to screw your tank into your marker vertically. Located in front of the trigger frame, however a fore grip is usually placed there instead.

Walking the Trigger - Shooting using two fingers in a "walking" motion on a double trigger, using a left right left right alternating motion between the two fingers.

Walk On - a player at a field without a reservation.

Warp feed (Paintgun Component)- A feed system which forces paintballs through a tube allowing for faster rates of fire for longer periods of time. They also off a lower profile as they move the hopper and the warp feed to the side of the marker rather than on top. See image 2.

Welt - painful bruise attributed to being hit by a paintball.

Wiper (slang)- negative paintball term used for someone who wipes paint off their clothes in order to remain in the game; a cheater.

Woodsball - A paintball game played in a large wooded area. Games typically last 30-45 minutes. Variants include capture the flag (CTF), center flag (CF), and total elimination. A woodsball field does not have to be fair to both teams so it does not have to be symmetrical.

X-Chamber- see Expansion Chamber



clown_13_2001 01-29-2005 10:03 AM

Good job, glad you took the time to do it. :tup:

wordf0o 02-01-2005 01:34 PM

This is awesome Lamante. You're the man.:D

LAMANTEthePBguy 02-01-2005 02:16 PM


Originally posted by wordf0o
This is awesome Lamante. You're the man.:D
Like I said, I just added all the new stuff to it. So quit talking and start posting up new terms for me to add :D

MA_paintballer 02-03-2005 05:15 PM

feckin schweet.

clown_13_2001 02-03-2005 06:04 PM

You forgot agg. :P

LAMANTEthePBguy 02-04-2005 01:54 PM


Originally posted by clown_13_2001
You forgot agg. :P
Can you give an unbiased unopinionated definition of agg in two sentances?

Mr Murderdoll89 02-06-2005 05:14 PM

add this Crack Pipe- A laydown bunker attatched to a medium stand up which looks like a crackpipe.

That is what it is called at my field(s)

born2shoot 02-19-2005 09:43 AM

Slam fill? I heard this term the other day, I was wondering what it meant.

dm4monkey 03-07-2005 02:25 PM


Originally posted by LAMANTEthePBguy
Can you give an unbiased unopinionated definition of agg in two sentances?
agg- a paintball style popularized by the HK army and often practiced amongst speedballers which includes but is not limited to the way clothing, markers, and miscellaneous equipment look and performs.

thats about as unbiased as i can get:|

Loser2049 03-13-2005 02:44 PM

What is an "x-chamber"

wordf0o 03-13-2005 08:38 PM

You can add dwell.

LAMANTEthePBguy 03-14-2005 02:14 PM


Originally posted by Loser2049
What is an "x-chamber"
It's there now :)

Word, write me up a definition.

Eladamri 03-15-2005 03:07 PM

Here are a few for consideration.

1. Clamshell
2. Egg
3. Macroline
4. Vert-feed
5. CPS
6. sweet spotting - (This was posted by Toothpastedog over in the Impulse forum)-Sweet Spotting the trigger: finding a position on the trigger pull where the gun fire full auto.
- Sweet Spotting the Gun/Reg(s): finding the optimum spring combo/weight and pressure to get your gun to function at its peak of performance.
- Sweet Spotting the Field: finding/getting to the best bunker you could possibly be in to rule the field.

IrIs81391 03-19-2005 04:08 PM

You forgot inline, as in inline reg

buzzboy 03-20-2005 04:32 AM

What about eggy and revy. When I first got into the sport I had no clue that an eggy an an eVolution are the same thing.

MisterSplatter 03-24-2005 09:36 AM

What's "QEV"? I'm told that it's "an incredibly useful upgrade," but that's all I know.:D

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