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sferencz 12-26-2001 06:56 PM

Speedball/Team Stategies: Push, Formations, Etc
OK after reading tons of newbie idiot tricks like "the dead mans walk" i have decided its only fair to try and start a thread that actually has some helpful information directed towards teams who play speedball in the most part. DO NOT POST "SNIPER" tactics and crap like that.

sferencz 12-26-2001 07:27 PM


Front Player - Some one who, at the beggininning, runs forward more so that the back or middle(optional) players. He is the one who makes the flag grabs for the most part and gains angles on the oposing players. Front players require speed and FAST snapshooting.

Back Player - some one who, at the begginning, stays back and fires MUCHO paint. Back Players lay down some sweet spots to intercept front players at the begginning, and pretty much fire at any heads that pop out from behind a bunker. Back players are not always slow, but do not require speed other than on their fingers. Back players MUST know where all oposing players are, usually by coordinates. Back players YELL the coordinates to the front players and allow them to pick them off.

Tape - Side of field, used by front players to run along to make bunkering moves, travel to other bunkers, etc.

Coordinates - Coordinates are very commonly used by WINNING teams. They allow all players on the team to know where opposing players are. Lets say you are on a standard Sup'Air field that is 80 feet wide, by 150 feet long. You would use the shorter ammount of feet as the letters, and the longer as #s. You make it into a grid, the field is seen as squares. If a player is 50 feet forward, and 20 feet to the right, and the field is broken up into 10x10 foot squares, the player is at B5. B = 2 squares to the right, and 5 = 5 squares back.

Formations - There are tons of formations, making "code names" for them isnt uncommon. You dont want to yell out "alex move to front left, chris move back right, i will play back left" instead you will want to yell something like "Alex, Chris, Formation A" because the formation from an airial view looks like an A, or V, wither one is fine. Formations allow your team to know what atteck to go for. It helps to have formations so that your team acts as one, instead of 3 guys playing 3 different games. A simple formation could just be...having the back man pop up and shoot at the back man, and one of your fronts snapshooting at the oposing front player and the other front man(yours) moves forward one, gaining an angle, and taking out the oposing player your front man shot at.

Push - A push is a formation, that is executed in order to gain ground or, hopefully, to gain the 1st flag grab. Pushes may often come by the elimination of one of your own men, in order to gain the flag grab. This may be executed by the back man standing up and SPRAYING some paint at 1 or 2 of the players, them ducking and your front men standing up and snap shooting the other front men, then them ducking and 1 or 2 of the front men lunging for the flag while the back man lays cover, one player may be taken out, but you may get the flag aswell. note: that isnt the best push ever, just a simple example.

SweetSpotting - SweetSpotting normally occurs at the VERY beginning of the game. I as a back player raise my gun and just spray a line of paint in between 2 bunkers, in hope that a player will try and cross it. Its not just a dumb guess on which bunker will be ran to, it is usually out of common sense. By doing this, a player will be quickly executed and you will gain the advantage of numbers.

Snapshooting - Snapshooting is simple where your behind a bunker, and you pop out and take a quick shot or 2. A good player can pop out fron top, left, or right, and hit a target that is atleast 25 feet away without to much trouble. It takes alot of practice and will make you sore, though it is the most useful paintball skill ever. If you've got a guy whos waiting for you to pop out over the top, and he is going to gog you, you had better be able to snap left and take him out, or your goign to lose.

Bunker - Everyone knows this, you run forward and shoot the guy behind the bunker who is unknowing of your plan. Its not always that simple though, as i will explain in one of the later posts.

These are a few simple terms you should know. If you want to add some to this just post them up. Got some good tactics? Post em!

sferencz 12-26-2001 07:36 PM

OK i am just going to write up a simple bunkering tactic right now because i have already typed a bunch today.

The Simple Bunkering - Its two on one. Your team has 2, other has 1. You cant seem to snapshoot the guy because he is either quick, or has burried himself behind that bunker. Your most simple and effective plan? Bunker him! So simple you give a sign to your other man to lay down some paint, you can either give a hand motion (i use the "2 finger bicycle" gesture and point) or give him the code to lay down some heavy paint. He pops up and lays down the paint on the bunker while you take to the tape and move forward to your opponent. Your opponent hears tons of paint all over his bunker and doesnt move an inch, and ir he does he either gets gogged, or doesnt have time to react to your comming along side of his bunker and shooting him in either the mask, gun, or pods(these are hardest and will always break the ball, i play as a good sportsmand and dont light up a guy to hurt him, if you do your an ***hole and your hurting the game of paintball)

Note: there doesnt have to be only 2 on 1, but its easier to explain, if there is more you must make sure your covered from fire, sometimes the 2 opposing players are parallel from eachother and you can get them both, if your lucky, if you get shot you cover man should be moving and take him out while he is devoted to shooting you.

sferencz 12-26-2001 07:42 PM

Might aswell post this, its easy enough.

Anti Bunker/Reverse Bunker - OK your low on paint and dont want to get bunkered when you run out. Its either 1 on 1, or 1 on 2(they have 2) but they are both in a line, so they have one direction of fire. You hear alot of paint coming on your bunker and you know whats coming next, a guy ready to tag you from 2 feet away. you cant snapshoot him because your having paint laid down all around you. What do you do? back up anywhere from 5-10 feet away from the bunker. The Bunkerer will shoot right behind the empty bunker, and see no one is there, but not before you gog him or just flat out shoo thim 3 times hoping a ball will break. This will even the score up to 1 on 1, and you'll still be in the game. And ontop of that, the guy laying down the paint will now be very low on paint and you will have an opportunity to eliminate him.

Letchworth40 12-27-2001 07:27 AM

newbie idiot tricks?? ive seen it done by mainly "Crazy Pro" players.

sferencz 12-27-2001 10:38 AM

Well i am not going to start a huge arguement, but from what i have seen only newbie rec players pull this stunt. After all, "Crazy Pro" players are still pro, and dont play rec ball to much. And on a good team every man knows where the opposing player is, and you will know if someone is shot, they should be covered at all times, if their hopper is sticking out 2 inches its going to be hit, you know if someone is out or not normally.
AND my biggest point is that it is cheating. I dont care if people say its a strategy or tactic, its not, its flat out cheating. Lets say someone is actually out, you see them walking with their gun above their head, or pointed down. Being a good sportsman, or someone who wants to make a good name for paintball and further the sport in a positive way, you dont shoot someone like that. Now if you take advantage of some one who is trying to help the sport grow and make a positive outlook for those who dont play, well your a not so good person and your hurting the sport.

VeNoM 12-27-2001 11:48 AM

i think this is great, and i know what he meant by his statement about most tactics commonly found. i am really glad that some gave good info on how to REALLY play paintball like the game that it is. it has my vote to get stickied, and a nice job sferencz :)

Magnus55 12-27-2001 08:08 PM

You make some good points, Sferencz. This thread is now sticky. But you should know, that putting spaces between your letters to spell out cuss words or doing anything else to get around the swear filter is against PBreview rules.

I also made a woodlands and outlaw ball thread for people who want to post strategies such as the dead mans walk and other things not found in Speedball.

Shifty Capone 02-06-2002 02:29 PM

Front Push/Rush

Switch mid-players to front or back, as long as you have at least 2 backplayers. Get the back to lay as much paint as possible on the bunkers they think the oppenent is, then just sprint and bunker every guy u see tucked behind thier bunker

obviously the slowest guy on the team shouldnt play front, it jus doesnt make sense. First see how he plays, if likes to lay paint put him in the back were its the smartest for him

KallenP 02-13-2002 10:16 PM

Good points
1. Know where everyone is going

2. Get pumped up before game make sure your ready(saftys off barrel plugs out and it does happen!)

3. Make your shots count, no just spraying because you think or shooting at players you know you probably cant hit. (ie far away players.) Beware overshooting it just wastes paint.

4. Beware of what is sticking out, tuck in, practice pulling pods out with no elbows sticking out.

5. Learn to snapshoot it is very important.

6. Learn to fire weak hand accuratly you wont have as good of rate of fire.

7. Learn to work the tape and all positions dont do just one.

8. Walk the field and check it out before you play run it over with people you play with.

9. Really Big Learn to Communicate EFFECTIVlY!

10. Above all be safe because it is the cool thing to do

11. Help out new players it makes you feel like your King and it helps them out along the way.

12. Angel off your bunker when looking for a shot

13. When looking out of your bunker keep you gun on the opposite shoulder than the one that is leaning out. This reduces gun visability and lets you find your target. Once you find your target just simply switch the gun out to your right staying as close the the bunker as possible with as little showing as possible and take good shots.

14. Work your bunker don't just fire out one side

15. Promote the sport, dont throw your gun, throw a fit, or be full of yourself. There is always someone better.(like me he he he kidding)

16. Have fun talk to people dont be afraid make friends.

17. Dont be afraid move up be aggressive you will have more fun that way.

18. It seems newby but if you can do all this you can come play on my team anytime.

blinkpk11 03-17-2002 04:34 PM

Back player advice:

first thing, if u can, off the start shoot a full hopper into the sweetspots and try and keep there back players pinned so your front players can get postion. after like 30 seconds, communicate and figure out who is shooting where and which front player needs your help the most. coordinate all moves with the front player nearest you, ie he needs to know where everyone is and he shouldnt move unless you are covering his arse. if the other teams front players appear to be eliminated, check with your team to make sure and then organize a move onto their mid/back players.

as to communication, scope out the field before hand and give each bunker a code name based on how it looks. for example, where i play thee is a bunker that looks like one of those 3d doritos, and everyone at the field knows that when i say "left dorito is hot," that there is someone pinning me from the dorito-shaped bunker on the left.

paintball-scott 03-31-2002 01:03 PM

i thank you all for the good info

was playing today with some good players that are ****s

we had all the nebbies pluse me and my friend and the other team had all upgraded guns compares to are syders to there
mags and cockers pluse experaced guys

well to the piont
i relly dident care because i gust one of thouse player gust wonting to play. every game we would lose with the same people in. we are all having a good time but then the other team has to start saying that we suck and that made the game of paintballing not the same because all the newbies all wert having fun because of theres hot headed @@@@ head guys saying that they sucked and talking **** making there small ego fell biger even though its not for what they where doing

all i got to say is when its a rec game make it fare and try to have fun even if you are loseing(only incerage people dont bring them down)

paly with good sportsmenship and to me if your like that you your slef well get better each game(if your having fun you well get better)

if i ever started an team i would have people that gust wonted to play for the fun and not the win

amz370 04-29-2002 09:46 PM

how to play the snake
well, if u don't have a back player that can remember where u r, ur screwed, leave the snake for the other team, hope they slip up. plan to get the snake before the game, tell every (one back players (like me)) if some one from the other team is about to go up to the sanke, take him down, unload, keep that guy back. have a code word for the guy in the sanke that a guy is coming, he is a threat, then say where he is. he must be taken out if u have 2 or more back players, keep a guy watching the snake, make shure u have a shooting lane in the visinity of the snake if u get into the snake, make shure u listen to every one ur team and there's. Why? u r in a sense the tourney version of a listening post being that the snake is usually up front. to play the snake u must be aware of where the other players are, and where the shooting lanes are...u must walk the field before u play. ur job in the snake is to take out the back men, not the front men no one in between, tell ur players to keep every one down till u can take shots on the back players, then if ur team is organized enough, another front man will shoot at him from another angle. efectivly pinning him down, this is a key moment for bunkering don't give it up.. not the guy in the snake though, he's gotta stay
the one exception to the no front player rules...take out the guy that is in ur line of sit...he's behind his bunker but u can still hit him, should be an easy shot just make shure u ahve a lil cover
i sugest haveing a hand sign;l. like raise a fist if ur about to pop up, do it quickly...that or yell out a code blue dog or some wierd thing like that
once ur team has taken out all the fronts...u can be a lil more relaxed....but watch those back players....they want u dead just as much as u want to tek them down
if ur ina flag game...the snake shouldn't be the person with the much of a risk of loosing the flag isf something goes wrong

Gekiganger273 05-10-2002 07:55 PM

yeah i jez have one thing to say.
Work the bunker completely...this may sound stupid to experienced players but 2 intermediate and new players (i dont use newbie cuz it seems deragatory) seem to jez peek out their right side cuz their trigger hand is on that side. Always find several ways to snap out of ur bunker. That way the other side wont know where ur gonna come out next (and at sum point u wont know either...hehe). ur pods BIG TIME. At some point ur gonna make that rookie mistake of keeping ur body in but ur pods outside.
i dont think this is very helpful for advanced players, but it would help the more newish ppl.

amz370 05-23-2002 09:44 PM

well after my recent tourny i have some more experienced knowlege...and some more stuff to add
if ur out in the open...ur shooting no matter every angle every place a ball could come at you,
when u get into your bunker bring ur gun down so the hopper is under ur mask...other wise sooner or later...ur gelt hopper shot
no matter what...if u have to caugh...u have an eyelid twitch...tell your team...especially if ur gonna move, reload, or clean up a break
make hsure u know where ur shooting at...make shure that ther is a person in the bunker ur shooting at.
when u walk the feild...asign each bunker an individual name...u should beable to visualize which bunker people are talking about so u can just pop out take 5 shots and get back in
off the break...if ur sprintng take a few shots on ur way not saying take time to saying just shoot
if u can overhere the other team...and u know their info is wrong bout something...tell ur team to wathc for people coming out of a bunker to take try and hit an unmaned bunker
off the break...u should have one front man going to atleast the 40
first pull doesn;t happen as quick as some people think it does...always have one back man watching the flag...make shure that they got a beed on it, so if he sees something move...doesn't matter if it's a ball, he shoots at it...well not really but u get the point
for mid players...u should hit ur bunker, then start firing down each side of the 50.
tape runers watch ur angles, make shure u can see the flag, if it's on teh side of one bunker have a tap runner use a shooting lane right next 2 it, that way if he sees some one, the back and him both have an angel on the flag
well that's it for today

O BTW, Newbie is demeaning...muppet is the proper term...and u know it gek

TheZephyr 06-21-2002 07:49 PM

Can someone give me some info on "keying"?

Gekiganger273 06-22-2002 01:10 PM


Originally posted by amz370

O BTW, Newbie is demeaning...muppet is the proper term...and u know it gek

yeah i neva said newbie, and u know how i feel bout ppl sayin newbie. Also im the 1 that told u bout muppet caning.
lol i used newish, not quite new, but not quite experienced. U know, sumwhere in the middle.

also what u mean by keying? i tink you mean keyboarding.... (i might be wrong) that is when you double tap an electro trigger, kind of like fanning a mechanical trigger, but keyboarding is not looked down upon.

TheZephyr 06-22-2002 02:59 PM

That may be it, thought it might be a move on a speedball field though.

bsucaptainbilly 06-22-2002 03:39 PM


Communication is one of the most important things in a paintball game

the first thing to do is to stay close enough to at least one other person to see and hear eisily.

then there is code words. If you play in an adventure game with field as big as 3 miles it might be smart to have some. but other then that confusing code words are just that - confusing.

back players as previously stated should know where every one on the field is. But alot of back players actually loose the game for the hole team because of lack of communication. if some one is running at a team mates bunker try to shoot him of course but don't just do that a simple "Joe, guy comming at you on your left!" will do just fine.
Name the bunkers.

not dumb names like sally, ****, and jane. but people come from different backgrounds verticle can bunkers are called beer cans, pop cans, and a lot of stuff. be sure the whole team knows what all the bunkers are called.

repitition is good to. keep an accurate "kill count" the back players should be responsible for repeting this about every 30 seconds.

get a response.


Untill they say something back

Other wise it is in one ear out the other.

amz370 06-22-2002 04:02 PM

very good point
and kying is the same as finding like a shooting lane i think

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