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Magnus55 12-27-2001 08:03 PM

Woodlands/outlawball strategies and tactics
Just post your tactics for outlawball and woodlands games.

optimusprime888 12-28-2001 06:45 PM

Basically, I like to know my territory better than my opponents, and use stealth and guile at all times.

Magnus55 12-29-2001 01:29 AM

When playing outlawball with your friends or even better yet strangers, never pass up an offer to ref. It's a golden oppertunity to watch people play paintball close up and inside the game, without actually having the stresses of being in the game. You can pick up little things from watching first hand how other people play paintball. You can see what stratagies and what styles work, and where as what other methods don't. It makes it easier to map out a strategy for when it's your turn to play. Also, if you're the competitive type, it allowes you to sum up the other guys playing and to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Magnus55 12-29-2001 08:32 PM

Ok second tip:

Take advantage of the topography of the land. If theres a ditch, hide in it. If theres a hill then by all means climb on top of it. Don't climb trees though, thats kind of dangerous and it's really easy to shoot someone climbing, or in a tree. Use nature and your environment around you to an advantage. I'm not saying to get all Rambo-crazy by chopping down trees and making spike pits and crazy stuff like that, just use the environment to your advantage. If you're playing in the woods use the trees and shadows to hide in. Trees make natural alleys and path ways that people are forced to walk between, providing oppertunity for an ambush. The narrowing of two sides of a valley creates a natural barricade and point of ambush where people have to cross between. If the ground is uneven then use the fact that your opponents will not be able to move very fast and ambush them. High ground is better than low ground because have a better and farther field of vision. You can duck and hide in tall grass. Hanging tree branches often times splatter paintballs before they can reach their destination. Use bodies of water as natural barriers. Most paintballers are unwilling to ford a river just to win a game, so use that to your advantage. You can easily make a fair seeming woodlands game turn into a one sided paintball slaughter if you just use the advantages nature provides.

And no, Magnus55 is not a hippie. :P

carrim 01-03-2002 11:26 AM

This is just something I do at our local rec-ball field. Down the left flank there is a bit of a ravine with a creek going through it. No one uses it because they would be in the water and no one can see in it cause it's a ravine. Well, I decided one day that a little water would be OK, so now I always just plunge into that knee deep freezing creek and am able to get right behind the enemy base and cause some havoc. The overall idea here is that the most un-comfortable route is never guarded.

Micewheelz72 01-07-2002 07:07 AM

My strategy is when the opurtunity arrives, Rambo the crap out of everything. This past saturday, we played the 3 best guys from our team against the 4 worst. I was on the best side, of course :D. Anyway, we ramboed the entire time and won. it is sweet.

Paint Bulley 01-07-2002 06:30 PM

take chances, have fun.

yesturday we had a game and our entire team decide to take minimal cover and just to mainly advance, we didnt loose a single person .

PMI_Guy 01-13-2002 01:22 PM

crawl away and make them waste lots of paint thinking your still there, then when reloading/out lit them uP!

NOTE: The person you do this to generally gets really ticked and trys to shoot you in the staging area, which, BTW, IS NOT SAFE!! :pissed:

RecklessFable 01-14-2002 08:16 PM

Crossing a ravine/creek
In the woods, bring a buddy. Woods ball has a lot more spotting involved.

If you play where a creek or ravine is almost too far for you to jump, hand your marker to your buddy. Have him cover you. Then take a running leap. Have him throw you both markers and cover him wile he leaps over.

Crime Dog 01-15-2002 03:53 AM couldn't have said it any better. The key in Woods games is the use of the terrian and vegetation. And the second most important is what Reckless said...bring a buddy. Even you "sniper" types. Spotters are great. You can put your buddy in a more exposed position, to capture the attention of your opponents. While they're busy with him, you can get yourself into a position to fire from a concealed position, and pick them off one by one.

Run the rope. On my field, the one boundary is alongside a dirt road. There's a large line of brush about 5 feet into the field...and grass in between the two. For some reason, very few opponents guard that flank. I've snuck up that boundary several times, and come in behind the opposition to take them out.

(Of course, one time, two of my team members didn't know I was doing that, and they came in behind ME, and shot me in the back of my head. Dummies didn't check my armband first before they shot. Trigger happy "Shoot first, ask questions later" types. Bah.)

Anyway, make use of thorn bushes too. Just be sure to wear thick clothing if you don't want to get scratched up! Someone said it, but take the most uncomfortable's less likely to be guarded, and you can attack from an unexpected direction, quickly giving you the element of surprise.

carrim 01-16-2002 12:18 PM

I said that.

Anyway, here is more of what I tend to do. When the game starts I either want to get behind the enemy or defend against them. I already said how I get behind them but now I'll cover defending. My field has one flank that is a bit higher and looks over the field, though it is still covered and very bushy. I usualy go about a 3rd up this flank, find a nice bush patch and just sit in it looking over everything. Eventualy enemies will come up my flank and they, so far, have never really been able to see exactly where I was in the bushes. All they knew was that fire was coming from "over there". If their group is large enough they just rush me though, but O well. Also, I can easily lay fire down-field on any enemies advancing.

Sandman220 01-20-2002 05:34 PM

yesterday i was playin some woodball with my buds and it was a two on two. My other teamate and i knew the other team was gonna attack us so i told my teamate to get in like this trench that we play in and just play defence and sorta get their attention so i can sneak up behind them. So at the beginning of the game i start going around where i thought the other team was. I cross the ditch and start moving towards them from behind. My team mate was out so it was 2 on 1 and so im walking along the woods and i see them moving down the long ditch, one looking back and the other looking forrwards. SO i get about 15 yards maybe 25 and i aim at the point man and nail um in his arm. i shot at the other guy and hit um in the butt. It was great, i totally flanked them and my other freeind did and awsome job of getting there attention and makin them come to him.

Sandman220 01-20-2002 05:37 PM

oh yea............ the moral of that is if your playin like 3 on 3 or whatever you can make a distraction with the 2 other players and the other player can coem from behind and flank them .

j7million 01-21-2002 05:35 PM

I love woods ball, I can't help it if it's war like it's a BLAST! I like the stealthy style, get behind then and lit'em up. It's so much more fun and uses a lot less paint!

I played a weekend or so ago, for the first time in a while, and I was the first person out. . . The game lasted for 45 minutes! Needless to say I played speedball for the rest of the day. My tip is to MOVE, if you just grab the first bunker you see and sit hoping the other guys will come to you are kidding yourself they are thinking the same thing, so use that to your advantage, somehow. 01-22-2002 03:21 PM

just let your team cover u and distract everybody by running like the ****ens through the middle screaming bloody murder the jump under a log... heheheheheheh then the nearest enemy comes up and lights u up like a xmas tree... hehehe

PartsMart 01-22-2002 04:17 PM

There are three important things in the woods that I like using to my advantage. First off normally the woods are somewhat shaded and dark, making it hard to pick out people who wear dark camo. You normally can see someone, at the farthest, 150 yards away, and thats if they are walking not trying to stay hidden. If you hide in a thicket or some close together trees, most people will not spot you if you stay still until they are about 30-50yds away, and at that point you've already got a great shot on them. The second aspect is the noise. The ground is normally littered with leaves and twigs, and they make it very hard for a person to be quiet while trying to sneak to their position. These all add up to the last tip, suprise is the key. Because of all the underbrush and twigs and tree limbs, it is normally pretty tough to pop someone from far away. So you gotta stay patient and let them come to you, then pull that trigger like no other, and move. My friend and I were playing a game called "Bin Ladin" where 2 people have 5 minutes to go into the woods and hide while 10 people come hunt them. We decided to stick together and we hid in a brush pile. Sure enough because of the lighting we were not seen until 3 people were 10 ft from us and were shot before they could turn around. Wait for your attacker and wait for a clear shot

jaredu 01-27-2002 04:51 PM

Stealth, IMO is the key in woodball/outlawball....Don't run through the woods, instead just walk very slowly and be careful not to step on many leaves or sticks...Keep low and try to blend in with your surroundings...When you're "hidden", don't patient....they SHOULD come.

the other one 02-04-2002 03:45 PM

hey partsmart, 30-50 yards is not a great shot. that's 90-150 feet! and if someone who hasen't played before tried to make that shot, they'd miss. just something i wanted to say. anyway, back to the subject, take to the sides. that way you only have to look for people in one direction, and keep unnececary movements to a minimum. movement attracts the eye.

TrIppIn 02-06-2002 01:53 PM

I find that there are a couple key things that you need to do in woods ball. The first is have patience. Go up as far as you feel you can and still be undetected, find a nice spot, and wait for a couple minutes. I'm not talking setting up barricades and waiting out the entire game, just a nice spot to get your bearings for a second and see where the opponents are going. You don't always have to shoot them either. Too many times I've seen teammates run off after passing opponents, because they either think theyve been seen or theyre just too eager to attack. I admit that agressiveness is sometimes the way to go, and lying in wait may seem cowardly, but seriously, wait until they see you, believe me, you'll know when they do. If you start moving before you have a clear shot theyll usually see you anyway. You want them as close as possible before shooting (unless of course your shot is completely clear). With the people I play with, its usually accompanied by a loud "$#@*"!! At that point let loose some shots and start moving. try flanking him or just generally getting closer. If youre lucky they wont see you until you have a clear shot, at which point, you should take it. Patience in just the right amounts is a great assett. Another key aspect is coordination. Try and let your team know where youre going beforehand. Joint attacks, surprise attacks, and ambushes all work excellently when planned according to the terrain. Taking the silent approach and just running off as soon as the whistle blows can lead to confusion and oftentimes friendly fire. After contact, have teammates lay down cover fire while you move up. Usually, as soon as players hear that "tap tap" sound of a marker firing, they get behind cover. Move fast, move short, and always keep something in between you and him. NEVER, NEVER run across open terrain with an opponent able to shoot at you. It's a good way to get shot. This, of course, needs to be taken only on occasions when its a loooong run between cover with nothing in between. If you have to give them an opportunity to shoot at you, make it as short and hard to take as possible. Paintballs travel fast, but they do take miniscule amount of time to actually get there. Short distances makes sure that the opponent doesnt have time to start leading (unless of course he's experienced and starts leading right away). I guess that covers a few things that I like to do when playing woods ball, and dependent on your style, you may or may not want to use my advice. All i can say it, hey, it works for me.

Furious pb 02-10-2002 02:57 PM

Here's my 2 cents,

1. Don't spread your forces too wide. I'm not saying not to spread out, but stay in groups. Remember, you can't flank with one man.

2. Use larger groups, most people use the 2 man system, but try using 3 man groups. you may not be able to engage as many enemy groups, but how useful is their 3rd group if they aren't engaging you.

3. here's a common ambush formation that I like
O-your team

== ==


== ==

Your frontman gets their attention while backmen stay hidden,
Frontman falls back
Enemies pursue frontman
Backmen waste the enemies

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