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AutoMag-Master 12-13-2003 04:48 AM

Any Va People??
Any virginia beach or any 1 close to me??? just wondering

mlongoria18 12-16-2003 07:02 PM

i'm up in newport news

CnCmaster4life 12-23-2003 09:12 PM

I'm up in the leeseburg area. so if you play at pev's or hogback u might have seen me with my brightly colored tippman(its yelow and green ;) )

6mindgamez9 01-05-2004 08:42 AM

yo tippman guy, aim me, mindgamezk69k

impyshmimpy 01-11-2004 01:57 PM

chesapeake, yes-yes

0__TwItCh__0 01-20-2004 03:48 PM

Newport News

to mongloria18 -- where at?? I'm in hidenwood.

mlongoria18 01-20-2004 06:55 PM

I'm up over in kiln creek in the small houses near walmart.

Enjoipaintball0 01-23-2004 03:25 PM

I am in MD, but I always play in northern VA.

AF Elite10 01-23-2004 04:43 PM

Hey, I'm in Hampton (Langley).

=VA=Meltdown 01-23-2004 06:35 PM

im RIchmond VA HOOAH!

Lopez17 01-25-2004 07:18 AM

Fairfax, VA here...but nowhere near Hampton or VA Beach.

RainTreeBoy 01-25-2004 11:15 AM

Up hear in Annandale (Fairfax). Play mostly at pevs. But i want to try out VAG. Anyone here have any experience with it?

Lopez17 01-27-2004 01:04 PM

I've played there. I think you'll be highly disappointed. They're lucky to get like 10-20 bodies out there at any point. The fields are mediocre...reffing is so so. Price is just about what Pevs is. Hence...I play at Pevs.

Empyreal Rogue 02-02-2004 03:13 PM

I live out in Natural Bridge (Lexington). I play at Skyline occasionally. I've been to a field in Richmond and I've always wanted to go to Pev. :\

Lopez17 02-02-2004 04:14 PM

Skyline and Pevs are both great fields. If you like Skyline I think you'll probably like Pevs too. PM me if you ever decide to come to NoVA here and play.

p8ntba11dude89 02-11-2004 07:12 PM

im in centreville. I havent been to pevs yet, just hogback. if anyone wants to aim me, im movinkid (dont ask)

Lopez17 02-13-2004 10:41 AM

What's this nonsense?! :eyes: You've only played hogback and not Pevs? :idea: You need to come out and play the real deal field in NoVA! :wave: :agree:

p8ntba11dude89 02-13-2004 11:41 AM

hahaha, ya, i really need to go there. but i want to go to the "panzers in the snow" game at hogback.

Lopez17 02-14-2004 05:18 PM

Actually, I was just at Pevs today...wait until the ice melts...every field and the all the trails had 1 inch thick ice COVERING them. Made for a really lousy day.

p8ntba11dude89 02-14-2004 07:38 PM

that sucks...

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