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f2f4 08-21-2005 02:42 PM

URGENT NOTICE to all those with fiber HPA tanks! (safety risk, read NOW)

In a DOT advisory published HERE on August 12th, 2005, certain cylinders for use with high pressure air have been de-certified for use.

The tanks, which were manufactured by Global Composites International (GCI), located in Ontario, California. The tanks were found to have an insufficient number of carbon fiber wrappings on them, and evidence cited in the report also suggests that the tanks didn’t undergo the required number of tests mandated by DOT-E 12695.

The report states in part:

DOT recommends that any person possessing a cylinder manufactured by Global Composites International, Inc. (GCI) and marked with exemption number DOT-E 12695 take the cylinder to a qualified refilling station and have the pressure relieved from the cylinder. The cylinder is no longer authorized for use.

Refilling stations and cylinder requalification facilities are advised that DOT-E 12695 has been suspended and these cylinders may not be refilled or requalified for service.

This safety advisory covers all high-pressure DOT exemption
cylinders manufactured by Global Composites International, Inc. and
marked with DOT exemption number DOT-E 12695.

Update: See below, this has been expanded to ALL GCI tanks manufactured in 2004 or later. It seems that DOT-E numbers OTHER then 12695 are affected.

An email from a visitor to (site censored) stated that this situation prevented several tanks from being used at a tournament in Northern California this weekend.

IF you haven't checked your tank, do it NOW. Some people have already reported tank failures.
Your best bet is to call Crossfire, and demand a refund. Or at least a tank replacement.

Even if you do NOT own a Crossfire or MacDev or Ignition tank, check the thing anyway! Sometimes, other companies will use other tanks... and it's better to take 5 seconds of your time, then wind up without an arm.

Originally posted by niteHawk
Just to be clear, since there seems to be a lot of confusion in this thread.

1 - It doesn't matter what reg is on it (Crossfire, MacDev, PE, Whatever). Any/all of them could have the problem bottle.

2 - Having a High Pressure or Low Presure or adjustable reg does NOT matter.

3 - The bottle needs to be made by GCI - it will say GCI on the bottle itself. Note that "Crossfire", "MacDev", "PMS", "NitroDuck", etc are NOT bottle manufactures, they made the reg, so look harder for GCI, SCI, or Carleton. If it says GCI, you have a problem bottle.

This recall has now been expanded to ALL bottles made by GCI on ALL tank systems, 2k4 and later.

See here for details:

Such tanks are NOT safe for filling! DON'T RISK YOUR LIFE JUST FOR A COUPLE GAMES!


***UPDATE*** 8/28/05

Ripped from

GCI closes down business; releases information on tanks they feel are safe

This letter is to update all current and past paintball customers of GCI, Inc. The U.S.
Department of Transportation has begun an investigation into select paintball pressure vessels
manufactured by GCI. One of the allegations is that certain cylinders did not go through proper
hydro testing procedures. As a part of the investigation, DOT has suspended GCI’s
manufacturing exemptions. Many of the concerns raised by the DOT are inaccurate, and our
lawyers are working with DOT to clear up may of the issues. Nevertheless, GCI has decided not
to fight the suspension. Effective August 1, 2005, GCI has permanently closed its business.
The DOT recently published a broad public safety advisory in the federal DOT registrar intended
to protect the public from possible danger. The press release had to be broad because the DOT
has not yet completed its investigation and does not yet have copies of all of the testing data from
GCI’s independent testing agency. In reality, it is only select tanks that need to be recalled, and
our lawyers are presenting the proof that most tanks shipped to our paintball customers were
indeed flawless in terms of manufacturing quality and hydro testing certifications.

Please update all of your customers to whom you have resold any GCI paintball tank. At least
until the DOT amends the safety advisory, all use of GCI tanks must cease immediately. Please
provide us with the names and addresses of all customers to whom you resold GCI tanks. Please
also provide us with a copy of the invoices for each sale and any other documentation you have
identifying the serial numbers on the tanks you have sold. If you are contacted by any of your
customers, please ask them to send you the paintball tank serial number from both the label on
the tank and the neck of the bottle (if visible). Finally, please provide us with the serial numbers
(from both the label and the neck of the tank) for all GCI tanks you still have in your possession.
Please fax us copies at (866) 217-9177 of these records at your earliest convenience. This will
assist GCI in tracking down and retrieving every suspect paintball tank. We have attached a list
of tanks that do NOT need to be recalled for your reference, but please retain the information
requested above regardless if a customer calls you questioning their tank.

Once we have provided the DOT with all of the relevant documentation, we hope to have the
DOT reissue an update to the press release stating that only the suspect tanks need to be recalled.
The above requested information will greatly assist us in resolving this issue immediately.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you and your customers. We
appreciate your past patronage and hope the best in your business ventures in the future.

Global Composites International


DEM 101
A0401 – A0590
A0201 – A0375

DEM 102
A0489 – A598
A0201 – A0372
A0401 – A0488

DEM 112
A0226 – A0308
A0606 – A0715
A0716 – A0757
A0758 – A0969
A1002 – A1145

DEM 151
B10333 – B10391
A0002 – A0071
A0078 – A0188
A0201 – A0400
B10449 – B10559
B10720 – B10769
B10790 – B10845
B10849 – B10909

DEM 154
B10001 – B10191; B10201 – B10347, B10401 – B10574
A00001 – A00200; A00201 – A00397; A00401 – B00583
A00601 – A00800; A00801 – A01000; A01001 – B01183
A01201 – A01400; A01401 – A01600; A01601 – B01800
A01801 – A01977; A02001 – A02053; A02055 – B02195
A02201 – A02348; A02401 – 02440 B10577 – B11164

DEM 157
A0001 – A0196
B10001 – B10124
B10202 – B10241
B10402 – B10413


B10560 – 10571 12
B10574 – 10589 16
B10774 – 10789 16
B10590 – 10653 64
B10654 – 10717 64

B10125 – B10127, B10129, B10131 – B10134
B10137 – B10140, B10143 – B10147, B10149, B10151,
B10153 – B10155, B10160
B10162, B10163, B10166, B10168, B10169
B10172, B10173, B10175 – B10179
B10182 – B10185, B10187, B10191
B10193 – B10197, B10242, B10244
B10247 – B10249, B10252 – B10256, B10258
B10260 – B10264, B10267, B10268
B10270 – B10273, B10275 – B10308
Some more info, as of 10/17/2005, courtesy of PBN:


Originally Posted by Tonto
I was just called by my inside source at aci (maker of my tank). The dot-e has sued GCI while we have all been wondering what we are going to do about out bad tanks. There is a press release (supposably) in pb2x on page 15 but i dont have that magaize. Anyways if you have a bad tank you are suppose to fax your information to the fax below. They are requried to replace the tank but i dont know if they will charge anything (better not). if anyone has any different information please post but i thought i would get the fax number out for anyone who cares.


866-217-9177 fax number
Name, address, and phone number
Serial number on tank
Serial number on neck of bottle (if there is one)
any other information on tank.

Ice Marine 08-23-2005 02:30 PM

Re: URGENT NOTICE to all those with fiber HPA tanks! (safety risk, read NOW)

Originally posted by James@MacDev

GCI bottles have been used for a lot of different brand air systems including MacDev systems in the period between August 2004 and March 2005. The DOT exemption on those bottles has now been revoked - this means that they cannot be used. The company GCI are now responsible for causing big problems for all customers with their bottles. Here is what MacDev are doing about the problem:

I will be here to answer any questions posted in this thread.

In case you own a MacDev tank, click the link above to answer questions about what to do.

f2f4 08-24-2005 11:23 AM

Thank you for your help, Ice. :)

Sadly, it now appears to include ALL GCI tanks made in 2004 or later in the recall, up to present day. :(

BigTarget04 08-24-2005 11:32 AM

My crossfire says structural compostie industries as the manufacturer, and the DOT exemption thing is not there. I guess I am safe, for now :dodgy:

Ice Marine 08-24-2005 11:36 AM


Originally posted by iheartu
If I have a GCI tank but not the # do I still have to send it in?

Originally posted by kai83
I believe they will change it anyway, who would trust ANY bottle from a company with that kind of rep and practice

Seem likes MacDev is really taking care of their customers. And if I were you, and you have a GCI tank, I'd get rid of it ASAP. There's a waiting list because of the carbon fiber shortage, so the ealier you're on the list, the faster you get a new tank.

Edit: I have a question. Would it also be wise to sticky this thread in the Trading Forums: Air Systems section? Because some people may not come to this forum and puchase / fill a faulty tank.

Uziel Gal 08-24-2005 03:45 PM


Originally posted by Ice Marine

Edit: I have a question. Would it also be wise to sticky this thread in the Trading Forums: Air Systems section? Because some people may not come to this forum and puchase / fill a faulty tank.

I have been thinking the same thing. There's no Moderator on the trading forums, but I'll see if I can arrange something with Andrew or one of the Supers.

bondr0072 08-26-2005 02:28 PM

ok i just went to fill my tank today 8-25, and they refused to fill it because it is the one with a DOT # 12695, so they said contact crossfire..and i did and crossfire said there was no problem with the I do want a new tank, and i like the crossfire, but I want to know if anyone has beengiven a new tank, cuz im not gonna pay another 200 bucks for their mistake. please help me out if anyone knows how to get a new tank!!!!

Ice Marine 08-26-2005 04:08 PM

IGNITION Air Systems - Product Recall Notice August 25, 2005

In 2004 and 2005, IGNITION Air Systems, distributed by ARCHON Paintball Inc., were assembled using GCI (Global Composites International) carbon fiber bottles. These bottles were manufactured in the USA by GCI and supplied to ARCHON with correct DOT specification and certification. However, it has just been determined by the US DOT (Department of Transportation) that these bottles are unsafe and could cause serious injury or death. Do not use under any circumstances.

ARCHON Paintball Inc. is therefore issuing an immediate product recall of all IGNITION Air Systems with DOT- E 12695 certification.

The Department of Transportation recommends that anyone possessing one of these cylinders take it to a qualified refilling station to have the pressure relieved. These cylinders should NOT be refilled and will NOT be re-qualified for service. You can view this Safety Advisory Notice on the DOT website at:

Product Return Procedure

1. Call ARCHON Paintball Inc. at 1-864-675-0228 to register for product return / replacement authorization.

2. Have a qualified refilling station relieve the pressure from the tank.

3. Return the complete IGNITION Air System to ARCHON using the prepaid UPS ticket provided to you by ARCHON.

4. Enclose a check for $40.00 USD payable to ARCHON Paintball Inc. to have the tank replaced and the complete air system returned to you.

This product recall notice pertains to IGNITION Air Systems only. For all other air systems using GCI manufactured tanks, please contact the manufacturer. Thank you for your assistance. We look forward to providing you with high quality products and exceptional service.


Doug Brown
Vice President
ARCHON Paintball Inc.

Ice Marine 08-26-2005 04:12 PM

bondr0072: You are going to have to wait until Crossfire releases an official statement saying what they're going to do. Most likely, you'll send in the tank + a tad cash and they'll send you either A) new tank or B) tank w/ new bottle.

And seriously, don't blame companies like MacDev or Crossfire for this misfortune. It was GCI, and GCI alone, who is the root of the problem. Everyone else, just like you, are victims. And if Crossfire says send in $40 along w/ your tank, please don't complain. Crossfire's going to lose a lot more money than you are.

f2f4 08-26-2005 05:31 PM

Thanks for contributing, Ice. :)

Uziel - In the meantime, would you like me to post this in the trading/air forums?
Just give me the word.

Uziel Gal 08-27-2005 09:57 AM

Post away, and if it gets bumped once in a while, I'm not arguing.

Edit - The thread has now been stickied.

John Sullivan 08-27-2005 10:20 AM

So you have to pay to get your tank replaced? For something that's not your fault on top of that. Shouldn't they be doning this for free?

Uziel Gal 08-27-2005 11:17 AM

In a perfect world yes, but neither is this the fault of the companies that assemble the air systems. By offering you a cheap replacement bottle, they are likely to end up out of pocket themselves. They have already paid GCI for the bottles that they bought in good faith and are now willing to sell you a better bottle at a fraction of it's over the counter price. OK, the cost of the GCI bottles that have already been sold to customers is covered, but any air systems that have yet to be sold, and now of course can't be, translates directly to lost revenue for the air system company.

The blame for this lies entirely with the bottle manufacturer, not with the air system companies, but where the air system companies have responded to the issue, and are trying to make things as good as they can, there does not appear to have been any immediate response from GCI.

It isn't the best possible situation, but you have to realise that the air system manufacturers are as much a victim of this as their customers are.

John Sullivan 08-27-2005 11:57 AM

So will gci be covering the costs for this mex up or what. You'd think there would be a law suit going on somewhere. If I was mac dev or crossfire I would be pissed.:mad:

autocockerJJ192 08-27-2005 12:07 PM

aight so when crossfire puts out a statement, where could we find it? (or maybe someone could just post it here.) also i see a little box in the lower left of all the #'s and stuff on the tank, and it says GCI and M5439 under it, so I have a bad tank for sure?

f2f4 08-27-2005 05:57 PM


Originally posted by Uziel Gal
Post away, and if it gets bumped once in a while, I'm not arguing.
Roger that. Just posted it. :)

Here's the link, for your reference:

Ice Marine 08-28-2005 08:22 PM


Originally posted by f2f4
Thanks for contributing, Ice. :)

No Problem. I help where I can.

.:{}:. 08-29-2005 05:16 PM

Is Carbon Fiber recyclable?

Ice Marine 08-31-2005 10:28 AM


Originally posted by DarthAlan
IMPORTANT Update from Mac Dev's US Distributor

GCI has just recently had its lawyer contact Mac Dev in regards to the situation. GCI believes that only tanks made in May and June of 2005 were not tested and are possibly dangerous. The tanks in May and June number 258 tanks, all of which were shipped from GCI to Crossfire.

GCI is presenting this new material to the DOT in hopes of DOT changing its ruling to and narrowing it to just these aforementioned tanks. If that occurs, all of Mac Dev's GCI tanks (created in August- Dec of 2004 and Jan-Feb 2005) will be legal to fill and to use.

The Mac Dev US distributor ran out of tanks this Saturday, and will not get anymore tanks in until late September or early October. Until that time, THERE IS NO RUNNING WATING LIST, and they are not taking tanks. It is suggested that all affected customers call back towards the end of September.

So, those who have not sent their tanks in should degass the tank and wait until further notice. Do not send in your tank. It may be very soon that you can use the tank again. Or, it could be a long time becasue DOT is a governmental agency that gets paid no matter how effeciently it works.

This information was obtained by calling Gramps today at 4:05 pm.

Uziel Gal 09-04-2005 07:38 AM

Crossfire have finally responded to this problem (in a limited fashion): -


"CrossFire Paintball, Inc. is looking into the D.O.T.'s notification regarding G.C.I. (Global Composites) and will respond soon. We would appreciate if you would send us your name, address, telephone number, what product you purchased, serial number (ex: DEM 154 - A0817) and where it was purchased (ex: store name, city and state).
In the subject line of your e-mail state; "Regarding GCI Bottles", so it is easier for us to follow and notify you with our response."

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