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wolfhawk46 03-15-2006 09:46 AM

PM6 blue/black fade NIB!!!! Proto matrix 6 F/S/T!!!!
Hey all, I just got a new PM6 which, because I'm a whore, I have to trade it before I even get the chance to play with it, it's been opened but never seen the field, only had about 100 reballs shot through it inside my apartment. Let's see some offers!

Pm6(sweet gun, lighter than dm6 w/ UL frame, and same internals)
Proto 2 piece barrel
Blank warranty card
Rebuild kit
Barrel condom
Hex wrench set

Price:725 obo

Trades: anything + cash or straight up in my favor. I can add for nice guns.

I also have a reloader b-100 obo
I also have a NEW dye stubby 70/4500 tank, AWESOME!!! -200 seperate, no recharge issues that most dye tanks have.

I also have an xbox 360 premium w/ 6 games, includes oblivion, PD0, THPS: AM, the Outfit, kameo, GR:AW, 2 faceplates, 4 controllers, etc. -1100 obo seperate
I also have a ps2 w/ tons of games, including, Mercenaries, GT4, katamari 2 -pm me a price if you want it or more info
I also have a psp with lots of games including GTA vice city-pm me a price if you want it or more info
I also have tons of new and old video games, if you want it, I prolly have it.
I also have lots of movies and tv series's, if you want it i prolly have it.

So basically, lemme know what you want for your gun and I'll see what I can do.

Rulez: (modified from Le0pard)

* Post pictures of your gun and what you're willing to add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Please post here first!!!!
* By Posting in my thread you will ship first, or person with the the highest feedback will. We can always negotiate just take that to mind.
* Do not spam or clutter my thread, free ups are appreciated
* If we work out a deal, payment is expected within 1 day. If you want to sleep on it, that's fine. I will simply sell it to someone else.
* If you back out of a deal, I will leave bad feedback, so don't!.
* I will not reserve anything for any reason.
* I Accept Paypal(3% fees aplicable)
* I Ship USPS, and UPS or fedex in special cases, Outside US, add for shipping.
* I will only ship after payment
* I answer questions completely and quickly. While others may leave you hanging when you ask something, overlook thread replies, or even forget to answer your inquiries, that won't happen with me.

gdog5 03-15-2006 12:42 PM

i can add as much as needed, just tell me how much

wolfhawk46 03-15-2006 01:09 PM

hey gdog5, I really hate angels...I'd have to ask you to add like...500...but get back to me and let's negotiate aight? thanks

wolfhawk46 03-16-2006 08:13 AM


Abz 03-16-2006 08:31 AM

trade for a silver 2k4 angel ill add 200 email me at if interested

wolfhawk46 03-16-2006 08:47 AM

not interested...only angel I'd want is a g7...and I don't really want one of those...

wolfhawk46 03-16-2006 12:54 PM

I gues no one really wants a new pm6 huh...well it's only up for sale until the end of this week then I'm getting a UL frame, redz kit, orange bolt and hybrid end cap for you don't have much tome to get this...offer up!

wolfhawk46 03-17-2006 08:39 AM

up...I adjusted teh trigger and cleaned and relubed everything, this gun's hot!

wolfhawk46 03-18-2006 09:10 AM


wolfhawk46 03-19-2006 09:14 AM


jayw347 03-19-2006 01:16 PM

would u consider a cocker with upgrades

wolfhawk46 03-19-2006 02:46 PM

not unless it's amazing, like a dc2, or you're adding lots of cash

jayw347 03-19-2006 02:59 PM

2003 autococker w/E2 44 mag ram, slik edge 3 bolt and delrin pull pin, ccm delrin back block, palmer rock w/ dye knob, palmer stabalizer, samurai trigger, aka ram rod, mq valved, j and j barreland alot of stock parts what thread does that marker have?

shocker693 03-19-2006 03:34 PM

05 defiant 2
91/4500 dye throtle tank w/ dye rhino cover
i can add

catch me on aim:sk8terfreak314 (for pics,and an ideal of wat it is)

trixkid1617 03-19-2006 07:04 PM

dark timmy with ramper and barrel kit ....tryin go talk to you on aim

wolfhawk46 03-19-2006 09:23 PM

jayw347-no thanks...not worth anywhere near the pm6, not worth it to me...sorry, I don't want a stock bodied cocker, but props for having the mq valve! and good luck selling
shocker693-lemme know how much you'd add and I don't need the tank
trixkid1617-sorry I missed your aim I was at dinner with friends, I need pics and specs, and I have a fully upped dark timmy offer + $175...turned it down...not a big timmy dark timmy chopped no matter what was done to it, lemme know!

Superman09 03-20-2006 07:45 AM

free up for a mad gat

spiondr15 03-20-2006 08:03 AM

up for an amazing gun :-p

wolfhawk46 03-20-2006 08:05 AM

wow...thanks guys...never had two free ups in a row before

Superman09 03-20-2006 08:11 AM act like your proto isnt bad***

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