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darktrooper5 03-20-2006 03:31 AM

Ultimate Dye Marker Differences Thread
I know that we have the charts, thats good and everything, but I thought a comprehensive thread on each of Dye's gun would be helpful.

I'm sure I've missed something, I'll continue to update this.


The DM4 was a "rebirth" of the original Matrix design. It was something new and fresh. It was sleeker, slimmer and looked sick. It was a bit heavy and a real gas hog. Back in 03/04, it was considered one of the top guns out there. The DM4 is actually still up there, competitive and sought after in used markets. Its been discontinued, so the only way one of these bad boys can be picked up is used/second hand.

The DM4 had various features that are still seen in todays newer models. I'll refer to this as the "Grandfather of all DYE matrixes". NOTE- I am not comparing any of this to the "DM3", discount this marker when reading.


* "Original"
* It is the longest DM, tallest
* Notice the sideways "M" milling
* Comes stock with Dye Sticky grips
* Stock Ultralite 14'
* Hyper 2 HPR
* Fuse Bolt(longest and least efficent)
* Membrane pads
* Basic Clamping feed
* On/Off for the marker(non asa)
* LBI and non LBI boards(depending on time of purchase; low batt indicator)
* The programming chips could be replaced
* The trigger could only be adjusted inside the frame
* Internal lpr system beneth the bolt
* LED indicator for settings
* Anti-chop eyes
* Ball detents

The DM4 was widely popular and still is today. Due to milling reasons, they could not take no-rise feeds, which lead to the already exsisting problem of a tall marker. The gun had no gauge for lpr adjustments and needed to be lubed often. The DM4's had a bit of a reputation for not being the most reliable markers, which was mainly due to the user. This marker was released in the color Olive drab, which became somewhat of a "hot color".


The DM5 was Dye's answer to the DM4. They had obviously read/heard some complaints that users had and fixed them. The DM5 and DM4 look very similar and for all intents and purposes, are the same marker. There are just little improvements here and there. When the DM5 came out, the DM4 was still fairly new. Does the DM5 warrant a pickup over the DM4? You be the judge.

Features: Note: These are only things that had changed over the DM4 design

* Shorter in height and length
* Different style of milling
* Partial external trigger adjustment
* DYE ASA was included
* New style roller trigger, was "smoother"
* Lower and different clamping feed
* The bolt was shorter and boasted more shots per tank
* Lighter(not drastic, matter of ounces)
* At the time, it was the "newest thing"
* Spring detents

The HYPER 2, Ultralite and Grips all stayed the same, along with the board. It still took the same board technology and membrane pads. The membrane pads wore out too quickly in most cases and became annoying for Dm owners, but Dye didn't fix the issue until later. Basically, the DM5 is the same gun as a DM4, but with a few goodies.


The DMC was a "limited edition" at first. And techincally, still is is. The name stands for Dye Matrix Composite. Peices of the Dm5 were replaced by a composite non metallic material, boasting a lighter marker. The gun also came with a newer twist grip feed. The gun had a "grip" area by the HPR and accents of color along the rear milling. When the gun first came out, it was expsensive and most didn't see the value in buying one over a new DM5.


* Composite Material within body
* Lighter than the DM5
* Different annodizing
* New clamping feed
* Originally "Limited Edition"


The Dm6 retained the classic DM4 style, but gained a new frame and electronics. The Dm6 is the smallest and lightest DM. Dye added their Ultralite frame to the mix and then were able to release it at a similar time for all other DM and PM's. Dye finally had done away with the membrane pads and installed buttons.


* Ultralite frame
* New style sticky grips
* Revamped board and electronics
* Buttons instead of membrane pads
* 100% external trigger adjustment
* Redesigned bolt, more efficent
* Hud LED on the frame
* On/off asa
* Self Cleaning eyes

Dye DM7

The Dm7 is Dye's latest and greatest marker. At first glance, the 6 and 7 look identical. The easiest way to tell them apart is the feedneck ring, the 7 uses a new lever system as opposed to the older knob. The 7's lpr is smaller and redisigned, the self cleaning eye system is also redone, as is the front on/off, which now has three o-rings instead of two.(WHY!!!) Its is important to note that the DM6 and DM7 use different eyes! The 6 and 7 are inherently, the same marker.


*Newer milling, the 6 is indeed shorter and lighter in tha back as opposed to the 6
*Redone LPR
*New self-cleaning eye system, once huge peice
*Old style DM eyes, similar to those found in the 4/5/C
*Redone front on/off
*Lever clamping feedneck

Proto Matrixes:

These guns are from Dye little sister company, Proto. Basically, they have Dye quality under a different name and lower prices. The Pm's usually are very basic and don't have much to them. They are quite customizeable and have become popular in used markets. They don't have interchangebale chips like DM's so a new board must be bought.

The PM5 came out at a similar time as the DM5. I see this as a "little brother" DM5, although its more like a DM4. They take DM4 triggers, DM grips and feeds. They use a special type of board that has non-removable chips. The PM5 has improved efficency over the DM4. The have non-clamping feeds and buttons instead of membranes. The PM5 also has a redisigned lpr that has been moved to the front of the marker, removing the internal gun on/off. Becasue the lpr has been moved, the PM5 is shorter than the DM4 and DM5.

* Repositioned LPR
* New board Stlye
* Proto one peice barrel
* Composite eye covers
* Rubber detents
* Internal trigger adjustment
* Plastic board buttons
* LED readout
* Proto Grips
* Fuse Bolt
* Non-clamping feed
* DYE Hyper2 Reg

The DM's and PM's operate in similar fashiones, they are after all, Matrixes. The PM5's production is being slowed down and prices plummeted due to the newer PM6.


The PM6 is the newest PM, it came out right after the Dye DM6. The PM6 boasted new milling,weight and style. The prefromance stayed the same, but the looks became more thrilling. The PM6 doesn't excatly have a ton of new things to be thrilled about, but Proto added some goodies.


* New milling
* Lighter than PM5 abnd shorter
* Proto two peice barrel
* Clamping feed
* Proto on/off
* "Sleeker Design"


The PM7 is yet another version of the ever popular Proto Matrix. Its smaller than 5 and 6, but maintain's most of the previous model's features.


* New milling, a shorter marker all around.
* No more compostie eye plates, all metal, individual
* New board thats slimmer and oddly enough reminds one of a Shocker main board
*DM6 style Feedneck

ALL of these guns are COCKER threaded and can take EITHER HP OR LP

Kowz_76 03-20-2006 08:01 AM

Awesome job darktrooper! Put in the PM5 and PM6 and you've got yourself a sticky.

EDIT: Here's a chart from a thread below. I thought I'd add it so that we only need one of them stickied.

pballmaniac5693 08-16-2006 12:37 PM

what about a dm3?

TiPpYsGaLoRe 08-16-2006 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by pballmaniac5693 (Post 3673143)
what about a dm3?

That qualifies as the LCD.

darktrooper5 08-17-2006 09:02 PM

Sorry, no earlier Matrixes. I write what I know, I'm not gonna bs about guns I've never dealt with. I also don't consider DM3's to be in the "Dye gun family" at this point. If the Dm4 is the grandfather, then I guess the DM3 is the wacky ancestor you tell everyone you are related to, or something like that.

I suggest reading through Speedy's FAQ, it discusses the earlier trixes.

TiPpYsGaLoRe 08-17-2006 09:19 PM

Also, the DM4/5/C/6 and Proto's were all the designs of Dye, while the Diablo/Gen-E/Dye LCD's were all basically designed by Airtech with little change until the DM4, which changed to bolt design almost entirely as opposed to the small bolt part changes among the older Trixes. The old style Matrices are really in their own league.

samurai2828 12-15-2006 08:04 AM

What about DM7?

EMPIR3balla4747 12-17-2006 02:07 PM

^^ya...don't revive dead threads^^
Anyways Samurai has a point, and what about the Minion? Might be time to update the charts. But its all your choice if u wanna remake it.

Kowz_76 12-18-2006 08:34 AM

The minion is pretty much just a specially milled PM6 with a couple little upgrades and a different barrel. The DM7 should and will be added as soon as someone feels like writing a little thingy about it. I just don't have the time to dedicate to pbr anymore.

darktrooper5 12-28-2006 05:15 PM

I'm the father of this child and its time I look after it.

Expect a PM7, PMR and DM7 section added to this, along with a blurb about the Minion.

darktrooper5 04-24-2007 08:13 PM

Updated to include the DM7 and PM7, if you want info on the PMR check out my other thread

Meeshka 05-19-2007 07:36 AM

Can't wait to see what you come with for the PMR :)

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