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Bowser45 03-31-2006 01:10 PM

Shocker Board Comparison Thread
Predator Board

This is our replacement for the stock Shocker/Nerve board. It directly interfaces with the current Vision anti-chop system plus offers the connections in the event you would like to install a break beam system (extra milling required*). Our Predator SFT board features all of our advanced firing modes and allows easy trigger programmability that has made our products famous.
Some board designers will try to make you believe that their reflective eye logic is as good as a break beam system. This is simply untrue and only another way they try to fool you into purchasing an inferior product. Even though our eye logic can see any shell paint, and is far superior to the "hype guys" product, a reflective eye system will never be as soon as true break beam eyes. This is why we have included the ability to add a break beam eye system on every shocker board. This is always a great upgrade for those looking for the best performance out of their shocker.
Our SFT allows the end user to not only select the rate of fire that must be reached before the ramping starts but also gives the user the ability to select the type of ramping or no ramping at all. True Semi, Auto Response and Full auto are our main firing modes. In the semi mode you have the option to set the type of Advanced Firing Algorythm that suites your style of play or the requirements of the league.
THe AFA codes include NXL, Smooth Ramping, Hard Ramping, CFOA, PSP and 2 types of breakout modes. Our CFOA and PSP code allows you to fire the first 3 shots in true semi then on the 4th shot our famous hard ramping starts until your set rate of fire is reached. You control the rate of fire cap and you determine what rate of fire you have to keep so the ramping continues.

• You can design your own ramping
• Thousands of firing modes
• Eye off and eye on max rate of fire
• Eye on/off can be controlled by the trigger
• 14 stock firing modes
• Free software upgrades
• Lifetime warranty
• Maximum rate of fire limit in all modes
• Instant on
• PSP, CFOA, Millennium and NPPL legal modes
• Mechanical debounce
• Electronic debounce
• Adjustable min. rof to start ramping
• Adjustable min. trigger pulls to start ramping
• Adjustable eye sensitivity
• Tournament lock
• Anti bolt stick
• Highly advanced eye algorythms
• Highly advanced trigger monitoring algorythms
• Power saving features
• Modified breakout modes

Four Sons Doublecross Board

All programming grip on capable
*True Drop in and play
*Flipped 25-gram ultra light trigger switch
*6 Colored LED array
*Instant on into Vision mode
*15 minute idle time Auto power off
*LED battery strength meter on start up
*Uses Factory Vision eyes
*Fully upgradeable
*Non-Vision mode
-ABS Dwell
-ABS Time
-Mechanical Bounce
-Loader Delay
*6 Firing modes
-Unlimited ROF semi-auto
-Capped ROF semi-auto (adjustable)
-Adjustable Ramping ( Set ROF for ramp start and max ROF in ramping)
-NXL without FA (full auto)
-NXL with FA ( 15 bps )
-Sim Mode w/ ROF indicator

Bowser45 03-31-2006 01:15 PM

Dynasty Tadao Board
  • Drop in board, uses the stock upper board, connections and eye (no need for drilling)
  • Inverted micro switch for a smoother pull
  • Scans the trigger over 100,000 times per second
  • Includes 3 fire modes: uncapped semi-auto, capped semi-auto, and modified NXL/PSP
  • Unlimited rate of fire while the eyes are enabled
  • ABS (anti bolt stick) programing prevents first shot drop off
  • AMB (anti mechanical bounce) algorithms help eliminate mechanical bounce
  • Power efficient software lengthens battery life
  • Programming mode allows changes to debounce, dwell, and loader delay
  • All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so they are not lost when power is disconnected
  • One touch startup makes the marker ready to fire instantly, with the eyes on
  • Automatic 10 minute power down prevents accidental wasted batteries
  • Force shot function allows the marker to be fired when the eyes are enabled but no object in the breach is present
AdvantagePB Virtue Board

Simple trigger programming
7 fully adjustable base modes, w/ thousands of ramp modes
Fully adjustable, unlimited, Max Rate of Fire
15 BPS Ready
100% tournament legal (NPPL, PSP, NXL, CFOA, Millennium)
Advanced Virtue Eye & Trigger Logic
Adjustable debounce & mechanical bounce (AMB)
Adjustable dwell, eye sensitivity, anti-bolt stick & more
Adjustable Ramp Activation Speed and Ramp Percentage
Low battery indicator and power efficient software
Forced shot
Brighter multicolor LED
Instant on with power saving 10 minute idle auto shutoff
Lifetime warranty & lifetime software upgrades

AdvantagePB Speedy 2 BoardFeaturing Parabolic Ramping, AdvantagePB Eye and trigger Logic, and two quick ways to shut ramping off, the Speedy 2 Ramper is a must have for any player looking to get that extra edge.

To enable ramping, simply enter your Unique Activation Code into the membrane pads. To disable ramping at any time, just tap either membrane button or hold the trigger for 2 seconds. Its that simple!

Which is the best?
When it comes to boards like this, you get alot of different options, mainly firing modes. Most will cost around the same price, and give you the same performance. Its fair to say you can pick any of these and be happy with it.

Is the Speedy2 worth the extra $$?
In my opinion, not at all. Unless you plan on trying to cheat and not getting noticed. Go with there cheaper version, Virtue.

Can I buy these boards refurbished?
As of what I know now, you can buy only the Predator SFT board for $120 at

How do I install the board?
Most of the boards listed (if not all) are easy drop in boards. You simply take out your old board, disconnect the wires, and drop in your new board, and simply reconnect the wires. Most of the time the board should come with a manual, or the website will supply one.

Thanks To PaintballRemix on Paintball Forum.

speedy2k4 03-31-2006 05:50 PM

good info. ive used predator, virtue and tadao. all are great.

stick it :tup:

Bowser45 03-31-2006 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by speedy2k4
good info. ive used predator, virtue and tadao. all are great.

stick it :tup:

Thanks. Can someone sticky this info?

choopboy11 11-23-2006 06:10 PM

thanks for information
hey im just glad someone finally made this thread i couldnt decide what board i wanted and this helped me alot

Uziel Gal 11-23-2006 11:13 PM

Another option to look at is the Nox Unleashed Naughty Dog Shocker board, which is both SFT and NXT compatible: -

>Super FAST eye logic (you will never miss a shot!)

>Four eye modes for delayed shot, dropped shot with clearing shot, eye check bypass for full speed dry-fire testing, disabled for markers without eyes or damaged eyes

>Extensive set of tournament and recreational firing modes with configurable mode modifiers for custom tournament and breakout modes. 13 MODES!!!

>Support for both Reflective and Break Beam Eyes (Only Shocker model)

>Seven LED color palettes to choose from

>Advanced power saving logic dims indicator and eye LEDs to dramatically reduce power draw during idle periods

>Full adjustability of dwell, trigger debounce, paint delay, mechanical debounce, first shot drop-off, ROF, ROF fine adjust, bypass ROF, ramp start point, ramp level, burst count, shot modifiers, auto shutdown timer, and seven color palettes

>On demand battery level indicator and automatic low level indication

>On demand selection of bypass and disabled eye modes

>Automatic bad membrane pad detection (DM versions only)

>Full LED status indication of breech, pad and trigger inputs

>Automatic blocked eye detection with configurable ROF reduction and recovery

>ROF indicator

The Predator board will not support the use of NXT eye until the v10.0 firmware is released. New Tadao and Virtue boards support the NXT eyes - older boards can be flashed with updated firmware to make them compatible.

theMANIAC! 12-03-2006 03:27 PM

hey what is the shocker nerve board?

Uziel Gal 12-03-2006 10:32 PM

When the Shocker and Nerve markers were first introduced, the Shocker had a semi only board, and the Nerve had a board with semi and "rebound" (ramping) modes, with four levels of ramp activation. So, when people talk about the Nerve board, they are referring to the stock board from a Nerve.

After a while, Smart Parts stopped supplying the Shocker with the semi only board, and sent it out with the Nerve board installed instead, so for a long time now, the Nerve board has been the stock board of both the Nerve and the Shocker.

theMANIAC! 12-06-2006 05:56 PM

ooo ok thanks, does the 05 shocker sft come standard with the nerve board? and what board do you recommend most to upgrade to?

Uziel Gal 12-06-2006 10:42 PM

Yes, an '05 SFT should have the Nerve board as standard.

If you are only interested in tournament style modes, then the Tadao M6 Dynasty board would be a good choice, as would the Predator board and the Nox Unleashed Naughty Dog board.

If you want all the modes, recreational as well as tournament, stick with the Predator board and Nox board, as the M6 firmware of the Dynasty board doesn't cater as much for recreational use.

theMANIAC! 12-08-2006 11:18 AM

ooo thanks, but where can i find these boards?

Uziel Gal 12-08-2006 11:59 AM

The Nox board is available from, while the Predator boards are sold by, though you can also get them from -

If you wait a while, TAG are bringing out a new version of the Predator board with v10.0 firmware, but it has been delayed for a while. This will be compatible with NXT break beam eyes (not relevant to yourself, unless you want to get your SFT modified to use break beam eyes), and (perhaps more useful to yourself) is also intended to have user allocated memory slots, that will allow you to save a number of your favourite settings to the board. This will allow you to change modes without having to fully program the board each time. You can change mode, rate of fire, ramp activation rate etc. just by selecting the memory slot you want, rather than having to change each setting each time.

TAG do have a few refurbished boards available at the moment, at a reduced price, that have the v10.0 firmware installed.

theMANIAC! 12-19-2006 04:34 PM

hey, i just got my shocker yesterday, and i pushed the on/off button and the LED blinks rapidly. Just by hearing the noice im pretty sure its semi, so i press it again and it blinks in pulsating 2 bursts and i pull the trigger, and it sounds like ramping but also, reading the manual, it says its on non-vision now? is it ramping, not, non-vision, or what?

Uziel Gal 12-19-2006 04:54 PM

Pressing the power button should only turn the marker on, and when on, switch the eye system on and off. Pressing and holding the button for a while then turns the marker off. It shouldn't be possible to change the mode through the power button on the Nerve board.

theMANIAC! 12-20-2006 07:52 AM

then how do i set it on ramping? because when i have eyes off it sounds really fast, i might by pulling that fast but i doubt it.

Uziel Gal 12-20-2006 09:02 AM

It is common for these boards to be set to ramp mode out of the box (assuming you bought the marker new? Otherwise it will be set to whatever the previous owner left it), but the board obviously could not fire fast with the eyes on and no paint feeding, so you couldn't tell it was in ramping mode until you turned off the eyes.

Changing the value of settings on the board is achieved by pressing small grey buttons mounted on the side of of the board, under the left hand side of the grip, with the upper and lower button being used to increase and decrease the value of the setting respectively. Rate of fire, mode and dwell can be adjusted.

Dwell is adjusted by simply pressing the buttons on the board.
Rate of fire adjustment (In fact, the adjustment changes the time the marker waits between shots) is achieved by holding down the trigger while pressing the buttons.
Mode adjustment is achieved by pressing the buttons while holding in the power button. Make sure that you make your adjustment quickly, as if you hold in the power button and don't make your adjustment quickly enough, the marker will turn off.

Might I suggest that if you have any more questions, you ask them in the main forum area, as they do not constitute a comparison of different boards, as this thread is intended for.

RevengeGoose 12-30-2006 09:40 AM

Which of these boards are NXT compatible?

Uziel Gal 12-30-2006 10:49 AM

The Tadao M6.1 board is compatible, earlier versions are not, but the boards can be flashed to the 6.1 firmware. The forthcoming M7 board will be NXT compatible.

The Predator v5.0 board is break beam compatible, but not with the NXT eye harness - you would need to switch to a different type of eye. The forthcoming v10.0 firmware will be compatible with both these eyes, and the NXT eye harness. TAG have already completed the v10.0 firmware for the Shocker, they just don't have the new boards in yet, so an older v5.0 board could be flashed with the new v10.0 firmware.

The Nox board is relatively new, and was NXT compatible from the word go.

New Virtue boards are NXT compatible out of the box, older ones aren't, but Virtue can update older boards for free.

Nxt Boy 01-07-2007 08:46 PM

So how is The black Heart board If its not so great what would be a great simple to use simple to put in and cheap board for a Nxt:)

Uziel Gal 01-08-2007 11:07 AM

Of the boards that are currently available, the Nox Unleashed board probably gives you the most for your money. Many more modes and features than the Blackheart board. The website is, but the site is being updated at the moment, so I shan't link you - no point right now.

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