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equipmentcounts 05-11-2006 03:58 PM

*Nerve FAQ*
Nerve FAQ

Which is better shocker or nerve?

They are both very good guns. Overview is Out of box nerve performance> out of box shocker. Upgraded shocker performance> Upgraded nerve (yes there are some upgrades for the nerve). The generic answer is to simply go out and shoot both markers and see for your self.

Are Nerves going to be discontinued?

Yes, well at least according to many people who came back from PSP chicago.

Why get a Nerve?

They are fully upgraded and do not need upgrades but still do have upgrades. They shoot 25+ bps. And are relatively light at 2.125 pounds. Also they cost under 500 dollars.

Are Nerves just upgraded impulses?

Well, in a way yes, but not exactly. Nerve and impulse use similar operation methods. However Nerve is lighter, integrated bolt pin, new frame, integrated LPR, and new electronics. (You could think of the nerve as a shocker and impulse hybrid)
Calling a nerve an impulse is like calling an ion a shocker or a BK0 a Timmy.

Nerve uses a similar way of cycling, but the nerve is very different.
(I am not going into much detail on this because this controversial subject, people have their own opinions, and I feel the way I have stated this is not or less controversial)

Are stock electronics tournament legal?

Yes, ( However Uziel Gal got a faulty board )

Nerve board how does it work?

Nerve board includes 2 shooting modes, dwell adjustment and recharge rate adjustment.
The two shooting modes are semi-automatic and rebound. Rebound is ramping. Rebound works like this you pull X amount than your gun jumps to a speed of Y bps as long as you maintain trigger pulling speed. (X= the required amount of pulls need to activate ramping; Y= the number of balls a second you have set it on usually 15 bps)
Recharge rate is how long it takes for your gun to be ready to cycle again. ( use that link to adjust your recharge rate to whatever speed you desire) Dwell is how long your bolt stays forward. Increase in dwell is in a fraction of a millisecond on the nerve board. Increase in dwell= increase FPS.
***Note +04 Shockers use the same EXACT board as the Nerve****

Nerve has eyes?

They have reflective eyes. People usually say they suck and etc. They get the job done. And when are you going to shoot Black paint? With stock electronics they might not see some darker paints. However with upgrade it will see darker paint (i.e. Purple, crimson and etc). With my personal experience my predator board sees dark purple, but will not see a black Allen wrench. Tadao eye logic is supposed to be very good too.

Reflective eyes aren’t good enough for me I want break beam, can I get break beam eyes?

Yes you can have break beam eyes. You must have a predator board first.
This will cost a good amount of cash.
1) predator board $140
2) Drill for eyes professionally $ 50
3) eyes $ 35
4) install eyes professionally $40
So as you see it is going to cost you a good amount of money
You could install them yourself, saying you have good experience with a drill press.
However I do not recommend you do the process yourself.
It is possible to use other electronics ( IE Timmy) for break beam eyes, however this is just as expensive and complicated if not more.

What should I do for my air system?

Well first off nerve will work on both C02 and Compressed air. The C02 MUST BE ANTI SIPHON. C02 can be damaging, so it is recommended to use compressed air.

What pressure compressed air tank can I use?

High and low pressure will both work. High pressure is universal and can be used on ALL guns. Low pressure can only be used on low pressure guns (i.e. nerve, shocker, matrix, ant etc.) It is recommend to use high pressure if you want to use the tank with a high pressure gun ( i.e. spyder, tippman and etc. ). If you do not want drop with low pressure tank, purchase a tank from one of the following brands, crossfire, Macedev, center flag or smart parts. Why low pressure? It will be more consistent in higher rates of fire.
Adjustable tank will be the best performance wise, but is usually a pound more than preset tanks.

What loader should I get?

Force-feed is recommended the following are the top three Empire B, Halo B, or a Vlocity.
Agitated or semi force-feed will work, but will be less consistent in shooting ropes.
(I.e. with a agitated loader, you will not be able to shoot over about 13 bps at most, or 8 bps consistently with a semi force feed you will shoot 15 bps but it will be like this
15 bps for the first half second than drop down to 13 bps than go back up to 15 bps on and on).

Which Aftermarket Board should I get?

IMO predator is 1st than Tadoa is 2nd than Virtue is 3rd.
Why predator? Break beam eyes and most firing rates. Tadao includes many firing modes just not as many and does not include break-beam eye compatibility .

How do I increase velocity /FPS?

A). Turning the dwell up
B) Increase input pressure in the regulator: to do this you must turn the brass adjustment cap in (I think counter-clockwise)
C) Turning/Tightening the LPR in ( clockwise)
***NOTE turning the input pressure too high may break your solenoid***

What is the air efficiency of a Nerve?

It is usually about 1200-1300 shots off a 68 chi/ 4.5k Ci tank. It varies according to setup( dwell, LPR setting and etc.).

What are the Specs on a nerve?
9 in (w/o barrel) x 6.5 in, 2.125 lbs
200-280 psi operation pressure
Uses impulse barrel threads
Powered by common 9 volt battery

Are there any Private Label Nerves
Yes, the only current private label nerve is the Nasty Nerve.

What upgrades can I get?


New Designz Nerve "Equalizer" Pro Delrin Bolt - 32.99

Feednecks:( Note Shocker/impulse/ ion/ nerve feedneck threads are all the same)

New Designz Clamping Feedneck - 29.99
Shocktech Clamping Feedneck - 38.99
Check-it sure fit low rise feedneck - 29.99
Extreme Rage Clamping Feedneck - 19.75
Chipley Custom Machines Clamping feedneck( hi/lo rise) 35.00


New Designz Detent - 13.99
New Designz Detent pair - 24.95
Kila 2 Magnetic Detent - 24.95
Kila 2 Magnetic Detent pair – 45


Dynasty Trigger - 27.99
Nasty-X Blade Trigger - 29.99
New Designz RIP Trigger - 32.95
New Designz Wave Trigger - 32.95
New Designz Roller Trigger - 35.95
CP Bearing Trigger -34.99

Back Plates:

New Designz Flame vented backplate - 27.95
New Designz Skill vented backplate - 27.95

Hammer Shaft:

New Designz Slik Shot Hammer Shaft - 27.95


New Designz LPR tester - 25.95
New Designz SS Ported Manifold - 32.95
New Designz Talon Grip -24.95


2 liter -90.00
Evolve PI- 60.00
CP -60.00
etc etc the list goes on and go


Dynasty board – 140.00
Blackheart Board – 99.95
Virtue Speedy 2- 299.00
Virtue Board- 159.99
Predator Board- 140.00
***Speedy Board is Tournament illegal, IT IS A CHEATER BOARD***

***NOTE Frames might not fit perfectly due to talon grip, they are designed for shockers, but will fit Nerves ***

CCM – 139.99
Warped Sportz-125.00
TonTon -120.00
Logic – 125.00

More information

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leed 05-11-2006 07:22 PM

Just to add on:

What is the difference between an Impulse and a Nerve?

Since you didn't touch up much on it, I will pick up on it.

Firing Mechanism
Both the Nerve and Impulse work on the same mechanism, the Hammer/Ram/Bolt Pin, Double Tube system. It still has the same old mechanical valve which is opened the same way it used to, the hammer hits a valve pin, and air flows. The main change to this system is size, everything has been reduced and slimmed as much as possible to maintain low pressure operation as well as reduced weight and size in general. The second change is the "quick strip" design. With a simple turn of the top tube's knob, the whole system will slide out as opposed to the old style Impulse screws.

Solenoid/Board Setup
Now, the old Impulse used to use a Solenoid tray since it's solenoid was so large as well as the board. Now the Solenoid is a bit smaller, the same as the 03 - Current Shocker Solenoid. With that, it uses the same board as the Shocker. A much much smaller one, which fits inside the frame between the grips, just like the Shocker. The new Frame, the same as the Shocker frame, is designed so that the top part of it fits around the new Solenoid, so this also eliminates the need for a solenoid tray.

Aside from pure facial changes, we have a few other changes that eliminate unecessary upgrades.
-The trigger/frame is already magnetic on the return by two opposing magnets pushing against each other.
-The Nerve comes stock with the Smart Parts Vision System (Reflective Eye).
-The new LPR design is integrated completely, with one of the best and most efficient LPR's around, the Smart Parts Max-Flo LPR is basically built into the nerve's body.
-The Nerve comes stock with a Stainless Steel Freak! ZOMG! Save money here, just need a kit for it.
-The old Inline Maxflo, that GIGANTIC Inline Regulator, has been re-designed and replaced with the new Nerve Max-Flo regulator, the same as the Shocker Max-Flo with different milling.

With all of this, you get a lighter, sleeker, shorter, thinner Impulse, AKA the Nerve.

Good sticky!

Uziel Gal 05-12-2006 02:31 PM

The Nerve's firing mechanism isn't entirely the same as that of the Impulse. Similar certainly, but in that case, you could compare it to the Angel or Bushmaster or any other ram operated open bolt electro-pneumatic marker.

For one thing, the Impulse valve is opened by being hit by a hammer on the front end of a ram. In the case of the Nerve, it is actually the tip of the ram that hits the valve to open it. There is a "hammer", but it is mounted on the back of the ram to give it more weight, and also gives the bolt somewhere to latch on to.

Another difference is that the Nerve does not have a separate ram and valve in the way that the Impulse does. Instead, it has a combined sleeve and valve assembly in which the ram shaft runs (although the valve can be unscrewed from the ram sleeve, this is to facilitate stripping the marker).

When you consider the "rammer" style valve activation, and the combined ram sleeve and valve assembly, the Nerve's firing mechanism actually has as much, if not more, in common with the Intimidator than it does with the Impulse.

Add to that the fact that, other than the barrel and feed neck threads, there are hardly any parts compatible between the Impulse and Nerve (there are more Shocker compatible parts), and they really have very little in common.

VeXga 05-13-2006 01:05 PM

I completely agree with you uziel, It is tireing when people say the the nerve is only a redesigned impulse. Although there are some similarities they have a few huge differences that certainly set them apart.

paintballer667 05-14-2006 09:24 AM

Finally, a nerve FAQ. Thanks for writing this equipmentcounts.

equipmentcounts 07-21-2006 12:34 PM

Pictures of Shocker vs Nerve!
(*Note* Both Markers do have upgrade parts)

rougen 11-08-2006 12:05 PM

Will the nerve be able to shoot fast without turning on the ramping modes? or is turning those on nesesary?

equipmentcounts 11-08-2006 12:35 PM

It will shoot as fast as your fingers can pull on Semi-auto.
However ramping allows speeds up to I think around 21 bps with stock electronics and up to 30 bps with upgraded electronics.

Uziel Gal 11-08-2006 01:55 PM

rougen - please do not post the same question in more than one location. It just wastes people's time if they are answering a question that has already been answered by someone else in a different thread.

rougen 11-08-2006 02:21 PM

k, sorry my bad, i just got this account today

What would be a good trigger upgrade? i like the inverted ones, but i dont kno if they make invert triggers for the Nerve......

Uziel Gal 11-08-2006 02:52 PM

Another thing to avoid - try not to maker multiple posts one after another. If you think of something you want to add, and no-one has responded since your last post, use the edit button on your last post, and add to it.

When you say inverted triggers, do you mean the 'S' or Wave style triggers?

If so, have a look at the New Designz Slik trigger and the Critical Impact trigger.

rougen 11-10-2006 09:21 AM

Wut would u guys recomend as the first upgrade i get for my gun? trigger? board?

sorry, i kno this is making multiple posts, but i just relized this looking at some other stuff about the nerve, will most of shocker parts work on the nErve? and where can u buy a ton ton frame? i've been looking for a long time and cant seem to find ANY

Uziel Gal 11-10-2006 11:24 AM

Depends what you need from the marker. If you want modes other than semi and ramping, and more parameters to adjust other than rate of fire and dwell, then I would go with the board first. For the maximum adjustability and the highest number of modes, I would suggest the Predator board or the Nox Unleashed Naughty Dogs board.

If you are happy with semi and ramping for the time being, then I would go with a roller bearing trigger to get the best from the stock board. I personally like the Wave style triggers, and would recommend either of the triggers that I mentioned above, Critical or New Designz. The New Designz is a nicer shape I feel, but it takes a little more room in the trigger guard (not an issue if you are thinking of going for the Ton Ton frame - the space in the trigger guard is more generous). The Critical trigger can be set closer to the back of the frame, and so takes less space. It has a smoother bearing, and also comes with a new screw fit trigger pivot to replace the stock pin.

Ton Ton frames are sold by Punishers Paintball in the US. You can also try using to find other stockists.

The Nerve shares frames, triggers, boards, solenoids, eye harnesses, solenoid harnesses and feed necks with the SFT Shocker. No doubt they also share some screws and o-rings.

rougen 11-14-2006 08:42 AM

If my gun is shooting hot, its says to adjust the reg? or the lpr? can u tell me how to do that?

Uziel Gal 11-14-2006 01:08 PM

In both cases, reducing the pressure from the reg will reduce the velocity (if you have the HP regulators pressure set too high, it can actually lead to a drop in velocity, but within normal parameters, increasing the pressure increases the velocity).

Looking at the bottom of the HP reg, there is a brass disk with a hexagonal hole for an allen key. Turn the disk clockwise to increase pressure, anti-clockwise to reduce pressure.

For the LPR, you need to turn the knob under the barrel. Unlock the two small grub screws before you try and turn the knob. Again, turn the knob clockwise to increase pressure, and anti-clockwise to reduce pressure.

Just as a point of reference, you actually have a third method of adjusting velocity - increasing the dwell value will increase velocity (up to a point) and reducing dwell can decrease velocity.

rougen 11-15-2006 11:39 AM

Can I put any shocker trigger on my Nerve, or does it have to be a trigger for the Nerve?

equipmentcounts 11-15-2006 11:57 AM

03 shocker triggers work on nerves

Uziel Gal 11-15-2006 01:30 PM

As was stated in post #13.....

rougen 12-03-2006 04:31 PM

Alright Uziel, I got 2 questions for ya. I just bought a 45/45 HPA/Comp-Air tank and im wondering what I should do so I can get the most shots of of my tank? Should I adjust the screw at the bottom of the reg? adjust the dwell? of something about the LPR? (I don't know what that is). And I was wondering is the New Designs bolt that increased your velocity so you can decrease your pressure or dwell is really worth the money?
Thanks bro!

Uziel Gal 12-03-2006 11:11 PM

You do know that you can post questions in the main forum as well as in the FAQ?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and simple answer as to the most efficient settings, as every marker is a little different. You need to find the correct balance between operating pressure, LPR pressure and dwell that provides the best efficiency from your own particular marker. All three things you mention will have an effect. The only way to find the very best settings for a particular marker is spend some time experimenting.

If you want to try some settings that have worked for other people, have a look at the PBNation Nerve forum, where you can find an efficiency thread amongst the stuck threads.

The New Designz bolt has better air flow, so does help to improve efficiency, but this is not the only source of it's increased velocity figures. The bolt is actually heavier as well, which has the effect of opening the valve further and longer, and so more air is released which provides the higher velocities. So, some of the additional velocity is actually achieved by using more air! Once you lower the dwell (or LPR, or operating pressure) to compensate for the heavier bolt, the efficiency returns won't be as big as you may have expected. There are efficiency gains to be had from the bolts improved air flow, but they aren't as high as the increase in velocity may suggest.

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