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..!..('_')..!.. 05-31-2006 05:40 PM

Grande Grenade Thread
Ok. Im Getting sick of all the threads on "how do I make Paint Grenades" or "I got this super Idea on how to make some Paint Grenades" Well So Do I. So Here we go. Just Put some Different Ideas you got If I dont Put them.

@#%-A note, dont use explosives in your grenades. These are very dangerous and could hurt somebody. The loud noises would make it more likely of your nosy neighbor to call the fuzz Also, NEVER USE HOUSE OR SPRAY PAINT AS WEAPONS. These will stain and Ruin Equipment, and Kill the Environment.-%#@

-#1- My favorite, Get The kind of Ketchup/Mustard containers (refillable) that you see at picnics. You know. The kind that has the Thin nozzle and a screw cap. Get 2 parts water to 1 part Flour. Just the kind you bake with. Put into the Bottle and Mix. It should turn into a pasty mixture. If you want, ( and I know you do ;) ) Put some food coloring in it. The more you put in, the darker the color. Then get your water balloons. Put one over the nozzle and squeeze the bottle really hard, making sure that you dont squeeze the cap off. Put as much fill as you want, but the less you put in, the less likely it will break, but the more you put in, the more likely it will break, either on your target or in your pocket. I recommend storing these in a pod just like you would paintballs. Dont cram too much in there, as it might turn the pod into a paint cup. The only problem with these is that you cant make them a week before the big game because the flour will start to get moldy and the person who gets hit wont be too happy. These have a Decent amount of visibility, and for a different effect, just twist the balloon neck alot for the "paint" to rain down on your enemies. These have to be made right when you want to throw them, obviously. A pop bottle can be subsituted for the ketchup container, but the neck has a bigger diameter. These are good for larger water balloons, and when you need a larger amound of fill.

-#2- The old and stupid Idea of Putting about 20 paintballs in a balloon, and filling it up with water. Thats just dumb, because the paint wouldnt bust and would just be a waste of 20 paintballs. And a Balloon. And.... Water even. Even stepping on the paintballs and extracting the Fill would take 100's of balls. even then, there is no pressure to fill the balloon.

-#3- The Launcher. I know its controversial. But therse DO work. I have two. One is just the base Idea, and the other is My spawn of the idea. The Forums wont let me post these ideas In a Thread, or at least Im pretty sure. So PM me and Ill consider Giving you some good, safe instructions. And If you do decide to look up Ideas online, which you probably have/will, dont use the kind that use combustion aka. FIRE. These just melt the balls, and have no pressure with small objects.

-#4- The Mine. This Is from MrTedLugent, as I have no Idea on Paint Mines.

2" PVC coupling
2"->1/2" reducer
2 water balloons
1 rubber band
1 popsicle stick
some fishing line

Hokay. Now to assemble this beast.

1. Double up the water balloons. Do this by sticking a QTip into one of them and pushing it into the other. This is done for added durability and stream strength.
2. Jam the reducer into one end of the coupling
3. Fill the water balloons with paint (water to test it) and make sure its only in the inner balloon
4: Cram the filled balloon into the coupling. You may need to let some water/paint out.
5: Take the popsicle stick and break it in half, but make sure they are still connected
6: Clamp the neck of the balloon shut with the popsicle stick
7: Twist the neck about 5-8 times (more if you want more delay)
8: Tie a loop in the fishing line and slide it over one end of the popsicle stick
9: Loop the rubber band over the popsicle stick and line.

10: Now, tie the mine to something sturdy (use a stake or something) and tie the tripwire to something else
11: Wait for someone to get pwned.

The effective range of this mine is about 5 feet in one direction. The materials cost less than $5. If you are loading them with paint, make sure to do it OUTSIDE.

This mine works basically like an aerial shower grenade, but on the ground.

-#5- The UnderBarrel Launcher. I know, I know. You Seen em, you want em. These are very hard to make in My Opinion. I scaled my Regular launcher Idea, and it worked Ok, But not Great. Youd need stronger Pipeing and More Pressure, So its dangerous. Dont attempt. Will only give plans to older members.

-#6- The Shotgun. Well I figured that this should be taken care of, as there is as many questions on this as there is on Grenades, and they sort of have something to do with each other. The only idea Ive used and made Is Stupid and dont even work. So I wont Even post it. Now, there are two kinds of shotgun Ideas, 6mm, and the Almost Impossble .68 cal. The 6mm are airsoft paintballs, and are loaded in a shell, normally into a regular paintball gun, just fits into a barrel and the pressure blasts them out. Problem is, the splat is either too small or nonexistent because of the low volume of paint in them. Dont do it, Their Dumb. The .68 cal ones usually go into two catigories, Paintball Guns, and Launchers. The Paintball GUn ones normally can only shoot 3 at most and are loaded manually into the barrel, normally taking it off. Some people made hinge barrels and shells and mods that drop 3 balls into the chaimber at once. These need a larger bore barrel, as the friction will slow all the balls down to a standstill. And the Launcher ones, just like stated above, but with some kind of wadding and no grenade, just 10 or more paintballs.

-#7- The shower grenade, as made by Kwalski.


if you don't know what a shower grenade is, ill tell you. its a grenade that opens in mid-air to throw a shower of paint on the ground.

Items needed
1x water balloon
1xpopsicle stick
1xrubber band
1x roll of tape (optional)

1: fill water balloon to desired size (paint water, whatever you plan on using)

2:break Popsicle stick in half so that the TWO HALVES ARE STILL CONNECTED!!!

3:squeeze end of water balloon in between of Popsicle stick

4: twist 10-20 times

4:wrap rubber band around water balloon so that it holds the stick in place

5: (optional) if you don't plan on using it right away, tape the rubber band to the balloon so it doesn't slip.

place finger on the broken tip of popsical stick and throw. it will open .5 to 1 sec after throwing, so take cover so you dont get hit.

-#8- The Imitation Squad Buster. These are exactly like the squadbuster in make. Ive never personally used them, but have seen these online in various places. Here are the instructions, as found online.

Materials needed: A section of 1/8" rubber tubing about a foot long. (available at hose supply stores, medical supply stores, or chemistry supply stores.) Alternately, you could use a used SquadBuster.

A plastic clip tie
A large syringe ( if you don't have medical friends, you can find syringe like "emergency pumps for basketballs" in your local sporting goods store)
Some paint (either boiled down paintballs or children’s washable non-toxic paint
A pair of hemostats
Some ball bearings of slightly larger diameter than the tubing (you can find these in your hardware store)
Some cotter pins
Some alcohol
A rubber band (optional)
A target

Take the tubing, and cinch it down tight in the middle. If you want to make smaller; Little Betty type grenades, use only a six inch length and tie off one end of the tubing. If you're using an old SquadBuster, this is already done for you.
Fill the syringe with the paint mixture and inject it into one side of the tubing. Leave about 2 to 2.5 inches at the top empty.
3) Before you remove the syringe, crimp off the tubing below it with the hemostats. The filled section of tubing should look like a hotdog.
4) Lubricate one of the ball bearings with the alcohol and insert it into the tubing above the hemostats. If you still have the cap from the SquadBuster, just fold the tubing tip over and place the cap on.
5) Insert one of the cotter pins above the ball bearing, through the tubing. Or place the old SquadBuster pin through the hole in the cap. Leave the hemostat on until the alcohol dries. If you are making a Little Betty type grenade, you are now done.
6) Take the other empty side and repeat the process, except use the same cotter pin to hold both bearings in.
7) If you want the grenade to have maximum area coverage with a smaller paint coverage, simply leave as is. However, if you want maximum paint coverage put a weak rubber band around the grenade. The theory being this: When you pull the cotter pin out and throw the grenade, the non-banded kind will fall apart, pointing in two different directions. The banded kind will however, spray a greater amount of paint at a specific area. However, both types will spray in a radius because the release of pressure will make the hose tip wag around.
I have tested one of these, they do work, and expect about a 5 to 6 foot spray radius. Remember VERY IMPORTANT: get a good arc on these or try to throw it at something hard (like a bunker right behind your target) because you need to get enough pressure when it hits to push out the bearing (or knock off the cap). Conversely, after you have pulled the pin, DON'T squeeze the grenade or you will get very, very messy! Also, after you pull the pin, if you notice a small amount of leaking paint, throw it quickly or it will blow soon! And this should be the final result.

..!..('_')..!.. 05-31-2006 05:41 PM

-#9- Rocket Launcher. Just like the Grenade Launcher, but with increased Air Pressure and uses a shell to Explode. Usually hard. Mainly used in Scenario Games to take out tanks. Most popular Way is to get a small Nerf football and cut it in half, putting a plastic shell inside that busts on Impact. Dangerous if you actually hit someone directly with the "rocket" and because of Increased pressure so you can Shoot it straight like a real Rocket Launcher, not like a Grenade Launcher, which you usually lob.

Okay. These are just 8 or so ideas I found JUST BY LOOKING AT THIS SITE! No more threads people! This has all the info you need. If you got some GOOD ideas, post them here. DO NOT, put " Get, Like, a Gallon of house paint and, Like, Tape a bottle rocket to it, and Like, Blow it up. Thats just retarded. It wont work, and wont do anything. Its illegal and wrong. DONT DO IT.

Post away people. Help your master!

FadeToBlack87 05-31-2006 05:44 PM

:tup: good post, make titles bold


..!..('_')..!.. 05-31-2006 05:45 PM

Yep. thats why I made it. There probably going to do it soon.

Omega_Pirate 05-31-2006 05:45 PM

Or buy paint grenades. Or don't use paint grenades.

..!..('_')..!.. 05-31-2006 05:48 PM

Yea. But there were just so many threads. This had to be done. I dont use them, Never had in a game. Just in my backyard with a Fat Kid. (You Know...)
People asked, and I told. Its that simple.

FadeToBlack87 05-31-2006 05:49 PM

i did it with a fat kid to

aaron im guessing yours was kyle

..!..('_')..!.. 05-31-2006 05:54 PM

Yea. It went all over us. Rotten Egg smelling Blue Gunk.

FadeToBlack87 05-31-2006 06:04 PM

hey spence rented out all american on june 7th

just a heads up

Neon Lites 06-01-2006 02:53 AM

Awesome thread! :tup: This will get a sticky. I read most of it and it sounds interesting, im gonna try it out today. :tup:

..!..('_')..!.. 06-01-2006 08:44 AM

Thanks. Lopez said he would, he just has to get back to me.

CaffeineBoy 06-01-2006 02:31 PM

nice thread. i was getting sick of those threads like "YO can U tell meh how 2 maek my oen pante gernade?!111" and the people saying to tape a bottle rocket to a gallon of house paint. (btw a bottle rocket woudn't do anything to a gallon of paint, you'd have better luck throwing it(NOT THAT YOU SHOULD))

Neon Lites 06-01-2006 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by CaffeineBoy
nice thread. i was getting sick of those threads like "YO can U tell meh how 2 maek my oen pante gernade?!111" and the people saying to tape a bottle rocket to a gallon of house paint. (btw a bottle rocket woudn't do anything to a gallon of paint, you'd have better luck throwing it(NOT THAT YOU SHOULD))

Hahahaha, its just sad that some people really do type like that! :laugh:

And I have a question for ..!..('_')..!... On the "Shower Grenade" (as made my Kwalski). When you clamp the end of the balloon with the stick, is the stick sideways, like "=" or is straight up like "ll"? And do you put the end of the balloon all the way to the crease of the break? Last question, do you remove the rubber band from the stick before you throw it? Sorry if its worded badly, or if its a stupid question. Thanks.

..!..('_')..!.. 06-02-2006 03:42 AM

I You go to my sig and click on guns and other pictures, itll be there.

Neon Lites 06-02-2006 01:34 PM

Alright, I got it, thanks.

..!..('_')..!.. 06-02-2006 08:48 PM

Yep.... Blarg! Where is Lopez to sticky this thing?

Lopez17 06-06-2006 02:31 PM

Stickied. Sorry I was late to the party in here! :P

..!..('_')..!.. 06-06-2006 04:28 PM

Yea. Its ok. I might add more compresenhive tips in the Underbarrel Grenade section. APG magizine sort of inspired me in their scenario section.

hunter2 06-16-2006 07:48 AM

Some dumb kid I know put a M80 in a pod of paint balls and was going to use it at the feild but a ref saw him try to light and the kid got kicked off the feild for a day good thing he didn't get use it.

kwalski 06-16-2006 07:52 AM

"ya know...that just might work..........TO GET US ALL KILLED!!!!"

sometimes, squidword can say what others cannot

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