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volcom0729 06-29-2006 09:30 PM

The Final E*TEK vs _____ Thread
Well I did my daily skim through PBN and found an E*TEK vs [insert gun] Thread.I thought I might as well transfer it over here since alot of us don't visit PBN too much.I take no credit for the reviews as these reviews are personal thoughts on their specific experience.I'm sure others will have different experiences with other guns. I will post reviews of my own such as E*TEK vs. Shocker soon.

Feel Free to add comments or even reviews of your own.

PS-thread is not complete, so info is subject to change and other guns maybe added.

E*TEK vs PM6

Price: They are about the same now, $750

Speed: Since the Etek is QEVless, they will be very similar in speed because the PM6 has a new, faster noid. The Etek may still be a little faster due the rammer poppet valve style, but nothing noticeable or important.

Efficiency: According to Jack, Etek wins this category easily. The PM6 can be decent with Tophat and 530 mods, or new bolts/back caps. The Etek will still always be more efficient due to the design of the gun again.

Kick and Noise: The Proto obviously wins here, but the Etek may have less kick than the 05 & 06 Egos due to its lower operating PSI.

Weight: Not exactly sure on the weight of the PM6 but I would guess the that Etek coming in at 2.47lbs with all items on the gun would be lighter, but by how much I dont know.

Quality: I have always felt that egos are just made better than matrices, especially protos. As a PM5 owner I can say that the wiring is weak and seems cheaply made. The Etek will also come with better stock parts than the PM6, Def Tek Clamping Feedneck, fully adjustable Blade Trigger, OOPS. The Hyper2 reg may be better than the Etek reg, but time will tell. Not to mention the Etek is made and backed by Planet Eclipse, a company known for their high quality.

Feel: I have always liked how Egos feel in my hands better than Trixes, almost like an extension of my arm. I think this is due to the space between the trigger guard and the reg, which gives your hands some gripping room. This comes down to preference in the end.

Conclusion: Since they are the same price, Id say that if you have no preference to pick up an Etek. It seems to be better already, and no one has even shot it yet. However if you have preference to one kind of operating style, buy whatever gun supports that preference, as they are both great guns and not that much difference exists between them.


E*TEK vs PM6
Both guns are great guns but both have their ups and downs. Pm6's are great guns: light, reliable when setup right, fast, and pretty efficent adter couple mods. Bad part about pm6's is: they need be very very well taken care of, like well lubed, and cleaned. Which you have to do often

On the other hand egos are a whole different story. Egos are very low matience and efficent out of the box. Also egos are very simple such as cleaning after a day of play. Also egos can rip out of the box. So in conclusion.....Ego if your looking for low matience and feather light or......PM6 is u like spool valve.


E*TEK vs Alias

Price: New alias is a little more

Efficency: BOth guns have tremondus effiency, but ego might be better.

Kick/Noise: Noise wise, both guns are eual some timmys i have heard are dead silent, but i have heard pure gun blasting loud. Most egos are quiet, but thers always there 1 or 2. Kick, both guns have very minum kick, but the ego is uch easier to setup ot have less kick/

Weight: Ego hands down.

Quality: The alias is built very well, but at times is high matience. Also some alias's were drilled so where the bolt goes is drilled oval, only some though. The ego is built very well, and is ready out of the box. Eclipse even fires the egos before shipping.

In connclusion i would go with the ego because they are cheap brand new, and feel very smooth. Also egos are very low matience and ready out of the box. But once timmys are setup rite they can be just as quiet or less kick. SO i would go with the ego.


E*TEK vs Shocker

Price: the shocker is cheaper by about 150.

Efficency: The go has tremondus efficency out of the box, But the shocker is efficent but not as near as efficent as the ego.

Noise/Kick: Noise wise shockers are very very quiet and kick is very minum. On the other other hand egos dont have kick eaither but you have to fiddle with ur setup, settings and to eliminate kick and noise.

Quality: Egos are produced with high quality and guarnteed to last if you take care of them. Shockers are also great, but i have seen couple shockers go bad. So quality wise i would say ego

Conclusion: Both guns are very low matience, light, no kick. If you are on a budget but not a small budget, go with the shocker. But if you are willing to spend more i would defiantly go with the ego, it is very reliable out of the box and its ready to go, no need for ups.


The Tank

In Depth Review Of The E*TEK
e were lucky enough last weekend here in Austria at the Panthers Trophy that Nicky T. provided us with a testmodel of the new E-Tek Ego.

Fotos will follow soon... but I thought you wanted the Review right away so here goes:

The E-Tek was Tested alongside a pals "Dark Trooper" Nexus Ego.

The E-Tek actually looks quite good in nature, our model was black and though the milling is quite simple it has a very elegant look to it, I think some nice Nexus Eye covers and it would be perfekt looks wise.

Grip and Frame:
The Grip only has one button and 3 LED's that look very cool as they illuminate through the EGO letters. The indicators for bootup and shutdown sequence is very good and also things like "eyes off" or "eye malfunction" (simulated by my finger) were quite easy to see. I did not try the programming modes but it sounds much like any other LED gun (hold down the trigger on bootup and use trigger plus button to program). What is noteable that the LEDs were very bright and you could easily see them in the bright sunlight we had this sunday.
Frame has A LOT of room for your fingers and the trigger setup out of the box was amazingly good, maybe a tad hard but that could easily be helped by adjusting the spring.

Nothing spectecular, looks like a cutdown version of the original 06 Bolt, I upgrade any Ego to the Nexus Bolt so I did not look into it further.

Looks just like any Eclipse Barrel, very good finish and nothing to complaint for a stock barrel at that price -> excellent.

In the real world:
Now after looking at the gun we put a crossfire HP on it and a Halo with Z-Software and went to shooting the baby.
We were astouned at first that this gun has very low kick. Feeling the Nexus and the E-Tek side by side we noticed no big difference. So absolutely excellent in that category.
Shooting fast: The gun was in "true semi" and compared to the reading from the Trooper Ego i shot both at about 16-17 bps without a problem. The trigger is really smooth has an excellent finish and nice feel to it and it was easy to rip the gun. So to say the gun is fast enough for any tournament you can play and I was nowhere near the limit. The gun was as responsive as you expect from a highend marker and I was shooting straight lines.

Maybe the only small downside of this marker it is still quite a loud gun, I do not really care about this, but some people do, so I thought I notice it. It is the same sound you get from any Ego though, it is not noticeable louder than the other Egos.

Like any other Ego out there, if you have a 4500psi fill you cannot carry enough pods to outshoot a 68ci tank, of course better than any spool valve marker efficiency wise.

We did not measure it, but simply feeling the gun in your hand made no big difference to any other Ego, DM6 or whatever. Whoever cares about those tiny grams difference... well have fun measuring. Biggest difference for me was when I put my Stako Ultralight 69ci tank on it which is 400 grams less than the Crossy.

In the End:
You get a whole lot of gun for the price. This gun is 100% worth any buck you spend on it and does not need any upgrades to rip in a tournament.
I personally would put a Nexus Bolt in it and some Nexus Eye Covers for looks, but that is personal preference. I did not really "feel" the missing QEV's and this gun performes on par with any top gun out there. Again: You get really a lot bang for your buck here.

Would I get an 06 or Nexus over it?
Well yes, the display is still nice and the higher priced Egos have things that justify the price (yes looks are important to me also hehe). But if you are looking for an affordable highend marker, look no further and get it. This gun performs like any Ego and screams highend.

My Review
Ok well i got a chance to hold my teammate's Etek the recently and i must say, it felt a little just didn't really feel like an ego to me, but it sure did shoot like one.performance was basically equal to any 06 Ego on the market right now.i wasn't to fond of the really did feel like more of an ion to me than an Ego.this is just my opinion but i don't like the round milling of the Eteks.By numbers, the Etek is the lightest Ego on the market besides the SL66.i held it and compared it to my Nexus Ego, and they felt virtually the same.

Quick Run Down
-Shoots great, just like an ego
-Personal preference, i don't like the milling or feel
-Weight, difference in weight isn't noticeable
-Great gun for hte price, but if you own an Ego now, it won't feel like your holding a PE product, more of an ion...
-I advise you to shoot it first and hold it before actually buying it.

wise690 06-29-2006 11:41 PM

Great job volcom! The E*Tek threads are starting to pile up. I've seen several others besides the main thread.

clown_13_2001 06-30-2006 06:28 AM

Nice, good idea to put alot of comparisons in one thread. :tup:

I may add one here later on. :P

darktrooper5 06-30-2006 07:20 AM

Might I add the thread in my sig as an addition?

Ego Vs Alias, full comparison.

Minion=PM6 for reference.
Take the reviews as biased and when guns are tuned right/ not tuned right.

f2f4 06-30-2006 07:47 AM

For the Minion comparison... you can put a UL on an Ego, too...

Crede777 06-30-2006 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by f2f4
For the Minion comparison... you can put a UL on an Ego, too...

Yes but you will have to construct a sled which will allow for the screws to match up.

volcom0729 06-30-2006 09:20 AM

yeh you can add i said, i didn't write the reviews.these are all reviews from others with their own experiences.

volcom0729 07-04-2006 11:01 AM

just added a really good hands on review of the hopefully it'll answer what to get part(etek vs ego xx)

Moszczienski 08-04-2006 09:24 PM

my friend just got an Etek a few days ago and we compared guns today ( I have a stock PM6) and i must say, the Etek is IMO a better buy than the proto. Weight They are about the same and you cant really tell the difference between them
Feel: IMO the Etek feels better the grip is smaller and fits the hand better than the larger PM6 grip. Also the trigger is better and requires much less pull then on the PM6 allowing you to shoot a bit faster with less effort.
Looks: I love the looks of both and the milling on both is pretty fantastic on both. THe lines are smooth and very stylish looking. The Etek is also very narrow and sleek. The PM6 is also very stylish and looks liek it is moving forward with its sleek swept back lines and shape.
Board: The proto board is pretty bland all it has is pure semi and thats it
the Etek has several modes including 3 different ramp modes and different semi modes including a tournament lock. Etek board> Proto board
IMO the Etek is very nice it is a fantastic marker and may beat out the PM6, what remains to be seen is what will happen when it is put up against guns with some ups in it, and what upgrades will be available fot the etek.

wise690 08-04-2006 09:42 PM

That's a very helpful piece of information. Unfortunately though, like the Ego, there are very few actual upgrades for the Etek. I don't see to many upgrades coming on the market anytime soon.

volcom0729 08-04-2006 09:54 PM

added my review...was gonna add Moszczienski but i hit the text limit.but as long as its in this thread.

and upgrades, most can be interchanged but there are some that cant.tadao is making boards for the Eteks as we speak but currently, on PBN, someone did a project and put in an m7 board into his etek and it worked fine just couldnt use the buttons on the outside to change had to do it all from the inside.

Shadow21 08-14-2006 12:44 AM

E*Tek VS. Quest:

E*Tek VS. Karni:

battleonpaint 09-11-2006 09:16 PM

thx alot really helped about the etek vs alias, hope its not bias info! lol...

volcom0729 09-12-2006 10:40 AM

obviously not biased if you read my review.

Kung_fu_hippe 09-12-2006 02:04 PM

I have to comment on how good the etek feels in your hands. I picked it up, and god I have to say I fell in love with the thing.

I've tried other egos, timmies, matrixes, shockers, but the feel of this gun beats them all. I don't know what, it has the "Je ne sais pas quoi"

ppuma 11-13-2006 07:10 PM

E-tek VS. 05 EGO
ETek VS. 05 EGO? What are the differences and which do you suggest?


Uziel Gal 11-18-2006 04:18 PM

I've listed differences between the two in your other thread.

ION678 01-30-2007 03:19 PM

does anyone know how fast the eteks are and if they are good quailty?

Uziel Gal 01-30-2007 03:26 PM

It'll shoot faster than you can pull the trigger in semi mode. The stock board's ramping modes are capped at the tournament limit of 15bps.

It operates in a very similar fashion to the Ego, just with a simplified build and no QEVs - it's plenty fast without them. It's a quality marker, much like an Ego, but redesigned so that it can be sold at a cheaper price.

ION678 01-30-2007 03:36 PM

i saw one this one web site it was capped at 30+bps huh i got an ion with virtue board and qevs and crap in it and it shoots about 22bps can it go any faster than 15? more like in teh 20

is the only way u can get over 15bps is by getin a virtue board to make it go to 20-30bps?

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