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Coenen 07-16-2006 03:36 PM

Here it is, brand spanking new, and updated for our times.

Links are as follows:
The OLD Ultimate

FAQ's By Marker:
General FAQ and Trouble Shooting
98 Custom and Associated*
Pro Carbine*

General Upgrade Related Articles:
Official Upgrade Guide
Comprehensive Barrel Guide
Regulators in Relation to Tippmann Markers.
Information Regarding Air Systems in General

Tippmann Specific Upgrades:
The Cyclone Feed System
The Flatline Barrel System*
The Reactive Trigger (RT)
The E-grip*
The E-Bolt
JCS Duel Trigger installation/setup

Custom Modifications
All-Inclusive Modification Thread
Trigger Jobs
Basic Home Mods
Painting Your Marker*
Costmetic Mods for the 98C


* = No article...yet.

Obviously, it is still a work in progress, and any of you wielding the proper expertise and grammar skills are welcome to contribute.

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