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TheSpy11 08-02-2006 03:28 PM

Official A-5 JCS Duel Trigger Installation Thread
It's about time I got around to making this thread, and so here it goes. Remember that the JCS trigger is currently only available for the A-5 WITH e-grip, so all other Tippmann users are out of luck.

Here's a link to the reviews for the JCS

The whole reason this thread is necessary for some is that the JCS trigger is tricky to install and the manual included isn't adequate for many users. The manual steers the customer in the right direction, but it doesn't give enough detail in how to get it correctly tuned. Keep in mind that the JCS isn't an easy trigger to install. Trial-and-error is useful because the sweetspot is quite small. Adjust, test, adjust, and retest until it feels right for you.


First make sure that all of your pieces are with you. This picture shows what is necessary. You need to have the JCS trigger, trigger guard, 3/32 hex key, package of three springs, and the aforementioned installation manual. (Sorry, but my picture doesn't include the hex key)(Click on thumbnails for enlargement)

The next step is to remove the trigger frame from your A-5. Pull out the two push pins at the top of the frame, and loosen the hex screw that holds the ASA in place (leave the screw out of the frame unlike what's shown in the picture). The e-frame should now like this:

Next step is removing the stock trigger guard. First take the safety out and remove the trigger/sear setup. Next unscrew the three phillips head screws from the left side of the frame. The ASA screw will also have to be removed. Carefully pull the frame halves apart taking care to keep the electronic pieces in proper place.

The stock trigger guard will now easily come out.

The installation of the double trigger guard is up now. Simply plug it in right where the stock guard was taken out from. Line up the notches and holes and set it in place.

Line up the grip halves and rescrew them back into place using the three phillips head screws and single ASA hex screw. If it doesn't seal together correctly, check the electronics - especially the solenoid and capacitor - for movement from the original positions. Do not replace the trigger/sear setup at this time because. . .

It's time to install the trigger itself. First remove the left side plate. Now the stock trigger should pull out from its pin slots. Be careful not to lose the trigger return spring!

Now place the JCS right on the same pins where the stock trigger was. Take two of the three springs out of the plastic bag, and install them where shown in the picture (arrowed). Be careful not to lose the springs. Leave the stock sear spring installed.

Next comes the trial-and-error part. There are two major adjustment screws on the JCS (The included 3/32 hex key is what you use for adjustments). One is the horizontal spring adjuster (arrowed - crammed into the back of the trigger). The other is the microswitch trip knob adjustment screw that is easily accessible from the front of the trigger (also arrowed).

The switch trip knob should be facing pretty much all the way to the LEFT when viewed from behind the trigger. This will give you the lightest pull possible.

The tricky part is next. The horizontal spring adjustment screw is used to balance the trigger correctly between the two springs for optimum trigger pull. The top rear trigger pin is stated in the manual as the guide to where the springs are balanced. The manual says to leave an even gap on both sides of the pin. Using the horizontal spring adjustment screw, turn it to increase or decrease the horizontal trigger spring pressure. Common sense tells you which way to move it to counteract the pressure applied by the vertical trigger spring. Try to get the gaps on both sides of the pin as even as possible.

However that can sometimes be hard to see right, or the trigger might not work well in this position. Instead you can use the safety pin hole as your guide. When correctly installed, you will NOT be able to slide the safety pin in and out of the trigger without pushing the trigger forward at the same time. Use the picture for a reference:

See where the back of the tigger protrudes into the safety pin hole? That's a good guide to proper spring positioning.

Once you think you have set right, simply replace the side rail on the trigger/sear setup, and install the whole contraption back into the e-frame. Replace the safety pin while pushing the trigger forward.

You should now have a finished product!

Reinstall the grip frame to your A-5, and give it a try. If you don't like how it feels, go back and adjust the horizontal spring pressure or, be careful with this, tweak the microswitch trip knob just a little bit. Keep repeating the process until you like the feel. Now go out and enjoy your JCS trigger!

Questions, additions, and comments are welcome.

Extra fun: There is actually a hidden discrepancy in my pictures. See if you can find what I have two different examples of that I use in the presentation.

Coenen 08-02-2006 03:39 PM


Nicely done man, nicely done indeed.

John Sullivan 08-03-2006 05:40 PM

The trial and error part took me forever. It was worth it though. Good joob spy.

Khanhfucious 09-16-2006 04:29 PM
That not a E-Grip sear and Spring,
The buttons are different (the ones used to turn the board on). Im going to assume different board altogehter.

TheSpy11 09-16-2006 05:09 PM

Good observations. However that sear is the one that came with my original e-grip. I know it's not the standard e-grip sear (the mech. version instead), but I never had a problem with it, and Tippmann is the reason I received it. Also I lost my original e-grip sear, so the replacement is pictured. Those two pieces don't affect JCS installation, so the exact type doesn't matter.


Originally Posted by TheSpy11 (Post 3648834)
Extra fun: There is actually a hidden discrepancy in my pictures. See if you can find what I have two different examples of that I use in the presentation.

I used my two e-grips, one W.A.S. and one Tippmann boarded model, so that's why the differences exist.

blksniper2000 09-28-2006 09:10 PM

hey spy, great instructions, i followed the instructions exactly , but when i reassemble my a5, and cock it, and pull the trigger, the marker will not shoot, ive adjusted both screws with no luck, my trigger seems to function but it will not shoot, any ideas?

TheSpy11 09-28-2006 09:48 PM

Glad to see that my thread is helpful to someone. . .;)

Does it shoot when the gun isn't cocked? If so, a weak battery can sometimes cause it not to shoot when cocked since the sear has to trip under pressure. I'm also thinking of other possiblities, but right now I think an iffy battery is the most likely cause. If it isn't the problem, I can think of other reasons for you trouble.

blksniper2000 09-30-2006 07:03 PM

ok the battery is good, i tried my stock trigger inside the egrip and it worked, i also tried the jcs in the regular grip and it would still not release the bolt when i pull the trigger

TheSpy11 09-30-2006 09:01 PM

Try backing the trigger away from the microswitch a bit. It sounds like it's not tripping it correctly. Loosen the horizontal trigger spring adjustment screw. Also make sure the knob on the trigger for hitting the switch is in the right spot.

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