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babustos 01-02-2007 09:13 PM

Dangerous Power FAQ
Most information about Dangerous Power products can be found on the website or in the manuals.

DP Owner's Forum

Official Website

Fusion Pictures

Fusion Pictures again

Fusion Videos

Fusion Videos again

Fusion Videos again x 2

Fusion Videos again x 3

Fusion Reviews

Fusion Reviews again

Email address

Fusion Specs:
* Electronic LED switch
* Semi / Ramping
* 9V Battery
* N2 / Compressed air
* 250 pis low pressure air-ram
* Quick-release bolt
* Overall-length 19.7”
*9V Battery
* Autococker 14-inch
two-piece barrel
* Weight 2.5 pounds
* Infrared rays sensor strike
* Vertical regulator
* Invisible screw
* ACE (anti-chop break
beam eye)
* Patented low rise clamp rapid feedneck
* Large trigger guard
*Dye Matrix threaded Feedneck

-Fusion(V1) stock board comes with 4 modes, 15 bps semi, 20 bps semi, 15 bps ramp, 20 bps ramp.

-Fusion LE comes stock with the V2 board and has 8 modes. To acquire the V2 board, send your stock V1 board to Dangerous Power along with $25 and they will give you the V2. The LE also comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

1. 2-1 CFOA Mode---maximum of SEMI: 15 BPS
2. 2-2 NPPL Mode---maximum of SEMI: 25 BPS (there is no maximum in this league)
3. 2-3 PSP Mode---maximum of Ramping: 15 BPS
(to activate Ramping, the speed must be above 5pps-‘pulls per second’.)
(after deactivating Ramping, wait one second and then restart)
4. 2-4 Ramping Mode--- maximum of Ramping:25 BPS
(to activate Ramping, the speed must be above 5pps.)
(after deactivating Ramping, wait one second and then restart)
5. 2-5 MILL Mode--- maximum of Ramping:15 BPS
(It’s the same as PSP Mode, but without one second wait)
6. 2-6 NXL Mode--- maximum of Ramping:15 BPS
After activating Ramping (the speed must be above 5pps.), hold the trigger to switch to Full
Auto. When you release the trigger, the mode is back to SEMI(SEMI?Ramping?Full Auto)
7. 2-7 Full Auto Mode--- maximum : 15 BPS
8. 2-8 Full Auto Mode--- maximum : 25 BPS

***Copied from Mad Max Paintball website***

Fusion Colors: Cobalt Blue, Red, Gray, Black
Price is widely $350-399 American


Fusion LE Colors: Green with Black Accents, Gold with Black Accents, Pink with Black Accents, and Pewter/Purple with Silver Accents.
Price is widely $425 American

Fusion LE

Dangerous Power RAPS(Rapid Air Pressure System): currently comes in 3 colors, black, blue, and red.

-Has a rail, so it is universal
-Has an on/off system
-Has patented locking lever that supposedly helps withstand abuse
-Has guage that measures up to 1200 psi
-Price $35


Dangerous Power Hyper Feedneck: currently comes in 3 colors, black, blue, and red.

-Camlock clamping
-Not much information has been released
-Price not released

Hyper Feedneck

Dangerous Power Grips: currently come in several colors

Girl grips: White/Black, Red/Black, Blue/Black
Skull grips: White/Red, Red/White, Blue/Light Blue, White/Blue, White/Yellow.

Power Grips

Dangerous Power Hyper Color Kit: currently comes in black, silver, blue, red.

-Used to customize your Fusion with different colored accents.
-Comes all with newly designed: barrel tip, eye covers, feedneck clamp, ram cap, guage, trigger, LPR, regular ring, ASA cap.
-Price is $95

Hyper Color Kit

Uziel Gal 01-02-2007 11:34 PM

Online manual: -

V2 board instructions: -

babustos 01-04-2007 05:04 PM


What is the recommended operating pressure?

We recommend you set the operating pressure on your DP Fusion at no more than 300 psi, although the ideal pressure is 250 psi. Please refer to the operating instructions for details.

When my marker is engaged in ramping mode, the balls are dropping instead of firing. What is the problem?

Two major possibilities: a) The OPR / regulator may need to be lubed (see last page of the user’s manual for instructions), or b) The battery may be low - replace battery and test fire.

How do I know if the eyes are working?

When the eyes detect a ball in the chamber, the indicator light will turn to solid blue.

When do I need to change batteries?

The indicator light will flash red when it is time to change batteries, or the velocity may drop drastically.

Why is it that no balls were used but the indicator light is solid blue?

Open the left side of the grip frame and make sure that the plug with four wires on it is completely connected. If this does not solve the problem, contact Technical Support (

I notice that I am not able to sustain velocity above 275fps, what is wrong?

There is a leak in pressure, most likely in the OPR. Inspect part #34 and #27 for damage. Rebuild regulator if necessary. Contact Technical Support at

Help, I hear a hissing noise!

The solenoid may be damaged. Although we do not encourage customers to service their own solenoids as it voids warranty, those that are experienced can contact Dangerous Power for a replacement solenoid piston. There are three O-rings located on the piston, and one or more may be damaged. You can also refer to the (link) to view a step by step guide in replacing the solenoid piston.

I’ve been hearing about leaks associated with the regulator. How do I prevent this from happening?

Leaks can generally be prevented by using clean air tanks and avoidance of ‘over pressurizing’ the Fusion. Routinely lubing the OPR with a quality lubricant can also reduce the premature wear of the O-rings, thus preventing air leakage. Please refer to the video section detailing the process of ridding your marker internals of debris, and OPR maintenance.

Why is it important to maintain my air regulator?

Maintenance of your regulator will prevent damage to your solenoid, and insure high efficiency and performance. Remember, most leaks can be traced to dirty air tanks or debris within the internals of the regulator.

The pressure on my gauge slowly rises after each round of fire. The gauge reading creeps past the recommended 300 psi. Is there something wrong?

You are experiencing a ‘regulator creep.’ Do not continue using your Fusion until you have serviced the regulator, or you may damage the solenoid. Usually, part #34 and #27 can be replaced to fix the problem. Contact Technical Support at

I am chopping paint, especially at high rates of fire. What is causing this?

First, be sure that the paint you are using is of high quality, and stored properly. Paint and bore size match is crucial to accuracy and avoiding breakage. Generally, if you cannot ‘blow paint through the barrel,’ the paintball is too large for the barrel. Similarly, if paint ‘rolls out the barrel’ easily, the paintballs are too small for the barrel size.
Second, check both ball detents to be sure they are in place, and not ‘stuck’ within the body. They should freely move back and forth with the pressure of your finger. Remove and clean if necessary. Contact Technical Support if you continue to experience problems.

My Fusion is experiencing slow rate of fire, what can I do?

This is usually caused by low power from your hopper. Replace the battery. If problem persists, contact Technical Support.

What can I do to increase efficiency?

Poor efficiency is usually caused by excessive inline pressure. The ideal pressure is 250 psi, and no more. Clean and perform maintenance of OPR. Paint and bore size match may also be a factor. If you continue to experience poor efficiency, contact Technical Support.

What is the RAPS™ ASA, and what advantages does it offer?

The RAPS™ ASA offers easy on/off and no second guessing whether your air tank is engaged or not.

What does RAPS™ stand for?

Rapid Air Pressurizing System.

My local pro shop carries the Fusion, but does not have the RAPS™. Where can I order one?

The RAPS™ can be requested from any dealer that carries the Fusion™ paintball marker.

My local pro shop carries the Fusion, but does not have the RAPS™. Where can I order one?

The RAPS™ can be requested from any dealer that carries the Fusion™ paintball marker.

How long are Dangerous Power products warranted for?

All Dangerous Power products carry a minimum of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

What is covered under warranty?

Generally, Dangerous Power covers its products from any defects from manufacturing and malfunctions occurring from normal use. Warranties are voided when signs of tampering of product are evident, or products are damaged by unauthorized repair. However, the Dangerous Power Customer Service department will evaluate each case individually.

What is the operation of the Fusion?

The Fusion is spring returned/assisted, also known as FASOR(forward air spring operated return). This means that instead of air solely returning the ram, a spring returns it along with air. Other guns such as the Rex R3, Wrath, Wrath LTD, ICD BKO, AR-1, and Infinity Legend use this mode of operation.

Can I use CO2 in the Fusion?

If you can, try to avoid it in any way. Even with an anti-siphoned tank, its still not recommended. Get an HPA/compressed air tank if you can, if not then get an anti-siphon for the CO2 tank and a Palmer's Male or Female Stabilizer.

What are the differences between the Fusion and Fusion LE?

-Different trigger
-Different accents
-Different color anno
-Different ASA
-Different board(has V2)

Is the Fusion LE worth getting over the Fusion?

Its up to you to decide. Are the upgrades worth the extra $75?

Does the Fusion come with an ASA or macroline?

Yes it comes with 1 piece of macroline and a stock on/off ASA.

How do I know what pressure settings to put my Fusion on?

Use this same method.

What kind of trigger system does the Fusion use?

It is optical, like the Ego or E-Blade. It can be adjusted by the two screws above the left hand grip.

Where can I get the Fusion? le

What kind of tank can I use on the Fusion?

You can use any high pressure or low pressure tank that has an output pressure of at least 200 psi or higher.

What aftermarket parts are available for the Fusion?

Scenario Dreams, and dare I say it Virtue ,is coming out with some aftermarket boards for the Fusion, however there is already the V2 board available. Any standard threaded regulator is compatible with the Fusion. Any Autococker/Timmy threaded barrels, and DM threaded feednecks are compatible. The Fusion will accept only special triggers and grips made specially for the Fusion.

What should I get, the Fusion, Rail, Epiphany, or Mini?

We are getting some vs. stickys up sometime soon, I'll link them here once they are finished.

Fusion vs. Rail.

Is Hybrid going to be making a Fusion?

Yes, the Hybrid Fusion. Costs $425.

Upgrades over normal Fusions are:
Custom milling
Hybrid jewels on body
Hybrid Headlock Feedneck
Hybrid on/off ASA and rail
Hybrid grips

Does the Fusion come stock with RAPS?

No, if you want the RAPS you have to get the Fusion LE or buy it separately.
***Mostly copied from Dangerous Power Website***

Model98 02-08-2007 04:00 AM

Useful Fusion Related Links
Fusion Individual Parts Weight List

Complete Breakdown of Fusion HPR

Fusion Reg Creep Fix

Model98 02-16-2007 03:59 AM

How do I tell if my Fusion has a V1 or V2 Board?

To tell if your Fusion has a V1 or V2 board, you will have to take off the grip on the right side and look at the board.

Look for a set of Switches on the board. If it has 2 switches, you have the V1 board and if it has 4 switches, you have the V2 board.

It should be noted that nearly all Fusions should have the V2 board installed out of the factory.

If you find that you have a V1 board in your Fusion, you can send your Fusion back to Dangerous Power and they will upgrade your board to a V2 at a cost of $25.

Model98 03-05-2007 07:03 AM

Hidden Firing Mode
There is a firing mode on the Fusion V2 board that is not mentioned in the manual.

If you put switch 1 and 4 in the up position, 2 and 3 down, it activates a ramping mode (I believe it to be NXL Ramping 25 BPS, since thats not mentioned on the board manual, I will make contact with Dangerous Power to find out what mode this is to be sure).

Note that this is only applicable to the V2 boards and not the V1 boards.

Model98 04-03-2007 10:00 AM

Taking Apart The Grip Frame & Removing The Valve
Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if you damage your Fusion from following the instructions listed below. If you are in doubt, contact Dangerous Power customer service or your local proshop for assistance.

Removing The Grip Frame

1. Open the left side grip panel. Carefully remove the connectors to the eyes and solenoid.

2. Flip the Fusion upside down. You should be able to see 2 small screw holes, one in the back and one in just in front of the trigger. Unscrew these screws using one of the supplied allen wrenches, until the grip frame is apart from the body.

3. Carefully separate the frame from the body, taking care not to damage the eye & solenoid wiring/connectors.

Removing the Valve

Before taking things apart to remove the valve, there are a few additional steps:

1. Remove the Bolt, Ram assembly & LPR.

2. Take the grip frame apart using the instructions above

3. You will see a large set screw just in front of the solenoid, in the middle of the frame. Remove this screw using the supplied 5/32 allen wrench.

4. Carefully push out the valve with a squeegee or another long, preferably soft object.

To put the valve back:

1. Insert the valve with the flat side facing down.

2. Carefully push the valve in until the hole on the valve lines up with the set screw hole on the body.

3. Screw in the set screw which holds the valve in place.

babustos 04-08-2007 11:11 AM

Hybrid Traitor Series Fusion

Buy From...

Buy From...2

Hybrid Fusion Reviews

Upgrades over normal Fusions are:
Custom milling
Hybrid jewels on body
Hybrid Headloc Feedneck
Hybrid on/off ASA and rail
Hybrid grips

HP inline regulator
Externally adjustable LPR
Large trigger guard
Ergonomic trigger frame
Easy on/off operation
Break beam eye technology
Comfortable Hybrid style grips
Delrin firing bolt
Easy maintenance bolt-ram system
Electropneumatic operation powered by a single 9V battery
Includes Hybrid ASA

Curly Fry 04-08-2007 02:39 PM

What its capable of:

babustos 09-04-2007 04:23 PM

Dangerous Power Threshold

Threshold Pictures

Threshold Videos

Threshold Videos again

Threshold specs:
-Weighs just 2.2 lbs(35.2 oz)
-Stock 2 piece barrel
-Adjustable trigger
-New snatch grip
-Consists of only 6 o-rings in the entire gun
-Consists of only 2 main parts
-Uses dump valve system with a custom 3-way solenoid
-Single tube design
-Comes stock with RAPS ASA
-Expect around 1500+ off of a 68/4500
-Comes stock with new "Xtreme Grip" feedneck which applies pressure all around the feedneck, giving the most secure grip
-8 firing modes adjustable up to 25 bps
-Adjustable dwell settings
-Available in Dark Earth, Metallic Brown, Alien Green, Deep Ocean, and Dragon Black.

How it works:

Ionkiller 06-04-2008 03:31 PM

what about the G3/IQ?

PandaPlague 03-13-2009 05:30 AM

Does anybody know if the G3 works with co2? I'm assuming it does, but not recommended, I just need to know for sure.

dpownerforlife 03-18-2009 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by PandaPlague (Post 4254560)
Does anybody know if the G3 works with co2? I'm assuming it does, but not recommended, I just need to know for sure.

While it may or may not be compatible, I wouldn't use it.

Co2 can really mess a nice gat up, that's why most manufactures require you use N2 (compressed air).

N2 isn't in a liquid form when stored in the tank, so it won't screw up the internals. It's also more reliable and consistent, but much more expensive.

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