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Ebonclaw 01-03-2007 12:38 PM

ATTENTION! If you are selling/buying a next gen console READ THIS!
In light of supply/demand issues and the high prices and rarity that some of the next gen-consoles have, as well as the sheer amazing amount of scams involving these consoles, PBR has decided to adopt the following stance on sales of next gen consoles on these forums to protect buyers and sellers.

ANY next-gen console (Xbox360, PS3, Wii) being sold in these forums will be required to have both the item's serial number posted and a picture of the product WITH something in the picture showing the member's PBR username in order to be sold on these forums.

Older consoles are exempt from these rules and guidelines, but as always we urge buyers to excercise caution when buying anything from someone you don't know. Remember to check for feedback, get telephone numbers, names, and addresses before you ship!

Anyone found breaking these rules is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of your account. Please be advised that your IP addresses are logged and in extreme circumstances may be used to terminate your ISP.

As always PBreview is not responsible for any purchases made in these forums.

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