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Zofarr 03-19-2007 11:31 AM

Evil Fourm Rules
If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to PM either myself or any Super with your questions, its better to ask a question and learn a lesson, then get banned and do so.

  1. The PBReview Forums Rules
  2. Search then post. Always in that order.
  3. Read all the stickies before posting
  4. No flaming or trolling.
  5. No spamming.
  6. No BST-type threads. This includes asking how much your gun is worth.There is a fourm for that so use it.
  7. No VS threads. Use the search feature and find out about the items you are comparing. If you have a few more questions that searching doesn’t answer, then post.
  8. When making a technical question thread (such as a part leaking), please use the correct names for the parts. This will speed up the time to answer your questions.
  9. Post the barrel/tank/hopper/etc questions in the barrel/tank/hopper/etc forums.
  10. If you are going to revive a dead thread, please make sure your post will be helpful to members.
  11. No posts containing just the following: “Search!”, “QFT”, “LOL”, “Don’t bring back dead threads!”, etc. If you are being hit by the 60 Seconds Per Post Rule, you aren’t putting enough time into your posts.
  12. Do not up your thread. PBR members will answer your question when they can.

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