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Lopez17 04-02-2007 02:36 PM

Future "Off Topic" Discussion Threads
Since there's been quite a bit of back and forth regarding the creation of long Off Topic threads (of the style of ICD OT, Tippman OT and Anarchy OT), here's what's going to be the final say in this. I was going to post yesterday but figured this wouldn't be taken seriously.

There was a big error in letting the Splat Factory thread go on as long as it did. For whatever reason it slipped under the radar when the others were moved to OT and it should have been closed after it started to move away from Splat Factory questions/comments and into a general off topic chat. In retrospect, I probably should have just closed it and left it at that, but regardless I apologize for any confusion. To make things clear, Splat Factory will stay closed.

In the future, any and all general chat style threads will be closed. If any of the current ones is closed for trolling, flaming, etc. then it will stay closed. (See also: MWP).

These feeling among the staff is that these threads don't serve a purpose for this site beyond being elitist and exclusionary. We have a chat and several members still use AIM for open ended chats we also have a few that are "Grandfathered" in. Discussion threads about particular topics are, of course, still allowed. (i.e. PBR Guitar thread, PBR Snowboarding threads since these are discussing a particular topic). If a thread strays or becomes a general chat, then it gets closed at the discretion of the OT mods.

The current OT threads will remain open. Anyone creating new OT threads is subject to infractions.

This site is first and foremost concerned with paintball and paintball activities. Off-topic, stream of consciousness, chat threads are not what this site is about, they're exclusionary, and unnecessary.

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