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ExplicitMike 04-15-2007 09:29 AM

Think your solenoid is leaking? Help W/ Pics
Think your solenoid is leaking? These are the steps how to get to your solenoid and check if any damage has occurred.

Disclaimer:Your doing this at your own risk, The manual says it is prefered to send the gun in, This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) job to fix your gun, I will not be taking any responsibility for any damage done.

Step 1: Get everything ready: Get everything at once this way you don't have to keep getting up from working on your gun. By the way don't worry those wirecutters aren't going to be cutting anything :P

Step 2: Once you air up your gun and you hear a hissing noise make sure its coming from the back of the gun. Then turn off air to save it.

Step 3: Heres something that can save you some time, Take of the battery grip and air up the gun. Put your finger near the blue box towards the top of the grip. If you do in fact feel air coming from there the problem is most likely coming from your solenoid.

Step 4: I do feel air from the solenoid, Your gonna have to go in :D Put the grip back on considering u wont need it off anymore and un-air it. If there is air in the gauge go ahead and shoot it out, I do just to be on the safe side.

Step 5: Unscrew the other grip, where all the wires are connected on the board and disconnect them, Make sure the gun is off and disconnect the battery plug in to prevent anything from happening.

Step 6: Unscrew the two screws under the frame, NOT all the way but just so its loose. The fusion has indents where the screws slide to the right and unlock in the gun. Slide left and it should lock.

Step 7: Slide to the right to unlock the screws and your gun should be in two pieces now.

Step 8: I guess if you wanna re-check its your noid that leaking before touching it you can air up your gun once again and put your finger near the noid and move it around till you feel the air or anywhere near it from any holes.

Step 9: Next unscrew the two tiny screws on the bottom of the noid to take it off.

Step 10: Check the bottom of the noid for the SMALL orings, may be green or black doesn't matter. Just check for noticeable things like chunks missing or some part worn out. If there is something noticeable this could be your problem, I was told these are hard to find so you might need to contact a pro-shop or something of that sort.

Step 11: The orings are fine, now what? Unscrew the screw in the back of the noid opposite to the wires with a flat head.

Step 12: Take out the spring.

Step 13: Tap out the noid and when close enough try to grab it with some kind of tool. Try to be soft with the tapping but after awhile of consistent tapping you can be a little more aggressive with it. It should be hard to get out first time, I wasn't able to get it out this time, Sorry :(.
Video - How it should sound, this is not hard but id rather try to tap it out softly, If you want to tap hard try to tap it on a book or soft surface. (Sorry if the movie is a little bad)

Step 14: I don't have a pic for this because i had so much difficulty getting it out lol but all you have to look at are the SMALL orings on the small pin, again check for any noticeable defects. Chunks, smaller areas on the orings etc you prob need a new one. Same with the other small orings problem might need to go to a pro-shop or so to pick the orings up.

Step 15: All is fine on both oring checks! Good this is what happened to me Snuggly put the pin back in, put the spring after, and the flat head screw on, make sure its not to tight but snug. Sometimes noid will just get pushed out of place by air and needs to be flushed back in.

Step 16: Pop the solenoid back in and screw it on. Wires will be facing towards the barrel.

Step 17: Air it up through the raps to test and see if the leak is fixed. If it isn't sorry but thats all i know :(. No need to connect the wires.

Step 18: lock the screws in place, while doing that make sure the wires are close to the right slot where you plug everything in. Remember sliding left locks the screws.

Step 19: Get the wires through the slots and connect them.

Step 20: Put the grips on.

Step 21: Tighten screws under frame.

Step 22: Clean up :D Your done and hopefully this has worked.

Ebonclaw 11-20-2007 02:47 PM

A side note, if this does not solve your problem, your problem MAY also be the valve. It sits very close to the solenoid, so as a result, air can leak from the valve and come out near the solenoid making you think it's the noid. Consider performing valve maintenence.

dpownerforlife 03-18-2009 06:43 PM

I had my solenoid blow out once. I sent it to DP and they fixed it and paid for shipping, all for free.

Prine_Dog 04-03-2009 06:13 AM


Originally Posted by dpownerforlife (Post 4255240)
I had my solenoid blow out once. I sent it to DP and they fixed it and paid for shipping, all for free.

What marker did you have the blow out on? One of our team mates just got himself a G3 and when went to air it up he thinks he blew the solenoid?

dwai 10-17-2010 01:10 PM


gogreen 01-22-2011 04:29 PM

I have a fusion f8 and it has been slowly leaking since I got it back in 2008 :eyes: . I finally took it apart suspecting that the solenoid was the problem, sure enough after performing this procedure the leak is finally gone :D !

gogreen 01-22-2011 04:35 PM

I actually didn't take the valve out of the solenoid but I opened it, re-tightened it, and then tightened the solenoid back on the frame.

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