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Lopez17 11-11-2007 02:35 PM

Changes Coming!
I just wanted to take a minute and let the site membership know what to expect in the coming months.

First, we'd like to thank you for your support over the past few years. PBReview has been great due to the diverse membership base we have and due to the knowledge and experience you all bring into the forums/site.

Second, as many of you are aware, there have been some recurring issues that have proven to be annoying. These are all slated to be resolved in the next few weeks. Demand Media has been incredibly busy and they're anxious to roll out some changes that should address the slow loading times, latency issues, pictures/avatar problems, the Hall of Shame and several other minor nuisances.

Why are you telling us this?

These issues are actually quite easy to resolve, however some of the things that will occur on the back end to facilitate this aren't quite so easy. You may see the site down unexpectedly at random times while data gets migrated, backed up or ported. You may see unexpected things occurring, etc. I don't want anyone to get concerned if/when this happens and want you all to be in the loop. As I said though, most of the changes will be code changes and will be transparent.

Wow this is great, what else is coming?

Without going into great detail, you will notice some cosmetic changes to the forum and the main page. You should have/see some additional functionality that will make the site more robust?

Wow, more robust, can you be more specific?

Unfortunately no, but the changes will be apparent soon. :tup:

We're also working to get more stickers and get free ones out to everyone again. No ETA on this but it'll likely happen after the upgrades occur.

Again, thanks for everything your loyalty and support to PBReview! As we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas, I hope that you and your families have a very special Holiday Season!

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