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Chickenmunga 11-13-2007 09:44 AM

Board Identification
Alright I stumped PBN, FEP is being slow, and Inoviq is all question marks - let's see what you guys can do:

Here's the email I sent to FEP:


I'm having trouble identifying my board.

Picture of the marker:

Picture of the board:

When powering the board on, I get three green flashes followed by a solid red.
When entering programming, the board flashes the sequence teal-purple-yellow-teal-white-purple-yellow-white-teal-purple-yellow-teal-purple-yellow-teal-purple-yellow before stopping at red (I may have missed some colors, it happens very quickly. I had to record it with a video camera).

The board looks like it's an Inoviq, but I've been in contact with Inoviq, and their programming mode flashes blue and purple.
Sources at assure me it's not a WAS board, because my board is removable.

can you help me identify the board?
And when it flashes that sequence for programming, it's FAST. I had a Canon SD60 digital camera, took a video of the light sequence in the camera's fast shutter setting, then had to step through it frame by frame on my computer (well, as best as I could in Media Player) to determine the sequence.

my local shop received this and a few other Quests (in red metallic gloss) from KEE's local warehouse here in Oregon... dunno if that means anything. I know there's a story between FEP and KEE, but I don't know what that is.

If anything I match the original manual - I think the only online copy is here. Everything else doesn't match on at least 2 seperate issues, such as lighting sequences or features

Tabris17 11-13-2007 10:53 AM

The story with KEE and FEP was FEP had a Quest Tech program in which people or groups of people would break down a quest and then reassemble them to learn about the marker. From what I have heard some of the markers were missing parts, had some broken wires, or were missing major things like a bolt in one case I heard. KEE picked these markers up without making sure they were in working, fully together order and started shipping them out. When people got them they weren't working for one reason or another.

The board you have is definately an Inoviq as I can see it's Revision 2.2 on the board. Good job on getting that in the pic. However something tells me you have a different chip in there and the Inoviq boards I believe all have a removable chip, I know my black 2.3 board does.
I would cross reference your sequence to the NOX chip and the Hater chip to start. I don't think it's an APE chip, I don't even know if they make a chip for them but I have heard it thrown around the FEP forum. I would check at NOX and Hater first.

Uziel Gal 11-13-2007 12:05 PM

APE only make complete boards for the Quest.

Predator released some Quest coded chips, but I don't think this is one. Don't think it's the Hater MI chip. I'm thinking most likely Nox. Red is the indicator for the first register (firing mode) of the Nox chip.

If you like the idea of a multi bank board so that you can save your favourite settings, by all means get an APE board. If you like the simplicity of a single bank of settings, keep what you have. The Nox Unleashed chip is one of the best single bank chips/boards going. I used the DM version in my DM5 for a while, until I got my first Predator board, and loved it. Same with a Nox Unleashed Shocker board that I had for a while (again, until it was replaced by Predator).

Chickenmunga 11-13-2007 08:37 PM

Hm, how close should I be matching to these manuals? Like I said, the really old manual I match EXACTLY, but I have no idea what chip that is.

I looked at the NOX and the Hater Texas Storm, but the colors are wrong, I don't have most of those firing modes, and the programming steps are different.

I guess I'm glad I didn't end up with the broken down WAS boards, but having an unidentifiable chip and no battery meter blows!

Uziel Gal 11-13-2007 11:21 PM

Ah, sorry, I misread your original post. I thought we were definitely looking for an aftermarket chip.

If all your features match the instructions for the original chip board, to the letter, then chances are that you have the original stock chip, not anything aftermarket.

I believe that you have an old version of the Inoviq chip. I guess whoever responded to you wasn't aware of the older version. However, there is a bit of a clue on their support page: -

"If your marker blinks all kinds of crazy colors when entering program mode this means you have a very old chip! We have manuals for those also, just contact us and we can get you what you need."

Chickenmunga 11-14-2007 07:45 AM

Oh geez, I guess I misread my email as well:


If the board flashes different colors then it's possibly you have really old firmware. I would contact FEP and ask about their upgrade policy.
I was thinking he meant that it would be a different product all together. It's kind of odd that I would have to go to FEP to find support on Inoviq, but nonetheless Inoviq has had amazing support - answering me multiple times a day during WEEKEND hours. The most I waited for a response was a day.

Sigh, now to send another email to FEP, I still haven't had the first one answered :( If I can break away today, I'll see about a phone call.

Thanks, Uziel - I probably would have never seen that link otherwise.

Chickenmunga 11-14-2007 09:18 PM

FEP wasn't answering the phone today - they were all on PBN :(

Anyway, I went ahead and created a PDF of the original manual . I didn't have a good PDF creator , so I couldn't compress the images. The file is huge (6 MB), so if someone wants to go back and polish, be my guest.

Note also that the location I posted is temporary - if someone wants to host it for the sticky, please do so!

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