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Ebonclaw 11-20-2007 02:41 PM

Looking for advice on a new gun? Help us help you, read this first!
We get a lot of people coming in here wanting to buy their first gun, or they want a better one but are unsure of what to buy etc. We're here to help, but you need to help us first! We need to know WHAT you already have, so we know what to reccomend you. For instance, if you have a HPA tank and a good loader already and your budget is $400, that means Fusions, Minis, old style Quests, PMRs...all sorts of options are open for us to discuss with you. But if you have NOTHING and have a $400 budget, well, that means, that after you buy a tank, a good loader, and a mask, you only have $150-$200 left to spend on a gun, and that means Spyders, Tippmanns, and whatnot.
We also would like to know what you're you want a gun that requires no user maintenence, are you a tinkerer that loves to take guns apart, are you into woodsball, speedball, or both?
Let us know WHAT you have, WHAT your budget is, and what KIND of gun you want, and what kind of 'ball you play, because reccomendations will vary widely.
Here's a template for you to copy and paste into your thread.

My budget is:

I already have: (gear you already have, specify the type of laoder and tnak you have)

I play mainly: (speedball, woodsball, both)

The features I want in my gun are: (cheap, easy to maintain, upgradable, reliable, fast shooting etc.....)
I am open to the possiblity of a used marker: (yes/no)

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