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rridgeway 12-28-2007 04:41 PM

Autococker parts / impulse parts / other
PM me with any questions. Everything works unless noted otherwise. I can take more pictures of anything if needed. I prefer paypal.

for the stuff that is on ebay, my ebay name is rridgeway989

Autococker parts - make offers, all bodies are SOLD!

-> Random parts -
timing rod assembly
stock ram
tickler lpr
KAPP detent, blue
pump arm
shocktech ? beaver tail
stock beaver tail
back block and asa, blue
gloss black frontblock, a ram broke off in it

-> eblade 2 set up v1.10, frame, board, eye & cover, and solenoid - $200

4 gauges
-> brand new bob long gauge, 0-300 psi, $10
-> smart parts 0-300 psi - $5
-> bob long 0-1200 psi - $5

-> stock short detent for Impulse - $5 obo each

-> Vertical Adapter with PRV. no gauge and has one scratch. i can get a picture if needed - $20 obo

-> spare Impulse gasket - $5 obo

-> smart parts stainless steel freak back for SFT, 3 inserts, and a 14" AA front - $55
or $23 for back
$10 for each insert
$13 for the front

-> Empire Revvy, black shells - $20

-> Vlocity Jr, brand new black shells - $55

-> Dye pants, size XL, knees were just sewn up - $60

-> Empire Pants, size L, very good condition - $50

-> gloss black CP short reg - $40

-> two stock WGP regulators, gloss black - $10 each

-> maxflo old style regulator. Currently has a broken guage on it but I will put a plug in its place if you want - $20 obo

-> 68/4500 carbon fiber Crossfire tank. used 3 times, in hydro, date is November 2007 (or close to it). used with a cover everytime and comes with cover - $150, sorry no picture

-> 68/3000 steel Crossfire tank, good condition, made in '02, out of date
-> 9oz co2 tank, made in '99 it seems
-> 20 oz co2 tank, pure energy with on/off valve, made in '02

-> 05 ego blue and grey with some sort of barrel, star frame, nexus bolt, an un-flashed Tadao board (goes down to 14, blue LEDs), ndz on/off with cp rail, blue laser eyes. I took the board to my last tournament and they couldn't flash it due to equipment issues. I will take it to CFOA Xball #2 if it isn't sold before then to get it flashed

here you can see that one of the tadao board battery prongs got broken, i have been playing with it like this without problems but i bought some connectors for it anyway and can solder them on if you want

-> Spyder Aggressor body, Excel barrel. some scratches but in good condition. picture taken with the bolt and rear adjuster removed. frame is sold

-> incomplete Trilogy, drilled for eyes, needs ram, bolt pull pin, detent and timing rod

-> Impulse, going to part out


-> Green 2k4 body, not drilled for eyes, bolt in this one is either aftermarket or modified, it has holes drilled in it to make it a lot lighter
-> Gloss black 2k4 body, drilled for eyes
-> Storm frame
-> Empire Ground Pounders, L
-> stock gloss black 2k4 frame
-> Dust Black 2k2 body, not drilled for eyes
-> Empire Reloader 2, smoke shells
-> PMP pump kit, 2k+ threads
-> red Hybrid Hedlock autococker feedneck
-> Red RT Automag - It is red and like new. I came to find out that it has never actually been played with. Has a benchmark frame and a smart parts barrel. It will comes with a parts kit, stock barrel and the front grip and sight rail with the line
-> dye 0-1500 psi
-> Vlocity, like new light blue shells, gangstar chip
-> Dye C7 jersey, XXL, blue, this is like new
-> Dye gloves, C7, size Large, left glove has some ripping in the palm
-> JT jersey, XL
-> PM8, clear, FS only
-> 4 oz tank, no label, made in '99 but these never need to be hydroed
-> Zeus G2 - this is like new, will come with holster
-> Standard Revvy, black shells - $15, the battery door has a small bit missing, pm me for a picture
-> PMI regulator
-> 68/3000 carbon fiber Bulldog tank. good condition. made in '02
-> 45/4500 carbon fiber wrapped tank. i believe it is a 5 year, i just had it hydroed 12/06. the regulator is scratched as well as right where the regulator goes into the bottle
-> 114(?)/3000 carbon fiber Air America tank, out of date. i don't know where the attachment is for it and i don't know if it works at all. last hydroed in '02 but was made in '97. Sold as is
-> ndz Long detent
-> Spyder 32 degrees 9 piece spring kit
-> brand new Dynasty NXe pack, 3+4. just been sitting in my closet
-> ANS regulator
-> Mantis 3+2 pack
-> Empire jersey, L
-> CP regulator
-> Pure Energy regulator, 4500 psi. i put a myth on my tank and don't need this anymore
-> Sanchez SM-1 barrel with one insert (.686)
-> RADARchron
-> milled imp body, the solenoid screw part is stripped. Filled down for WAS eye (will work with normal eye still). just the body, no internals, feedneck, V/A, or detents come with it, i have more pictures
-> NXe tank cover, 68cu
-> big KAPP drop and on/off combo
-> KAPP gas through
-> i have a spare ego exhaust valve from an exhaust valve kit. just bought it and i don't need the other one
-> supafly / superfly bolt and pin
-> blue Hybrid Lady grips
-> 05 ego
-> PMR w/ UL frame
-> SP Ion with custom body
-> I'm going to sell this trilogy pro either together or parting it out. has the worrframe (select fire frame) on it, but not the trilogy one, the one for normal autocockers, also has solenoid adapter thing on it. also has a palmer's LPR and an Eclipse ram with two Eclipse QEVs. the stock bolt is in it right now but i also have a supafly bolt- frame and solenoid
the solenoid housing
the palmer's LPR
-> RAM. mounting the Eclipse ram onto the trilogy required some of it to be sanded down, notable the base of it, so that it can screw onto the gun. left QEV is black and right is chrome, but i have another chrome if you want them to match
-> V2 Ripper Frame. essentially an Angel ir3 frame for you imp
-> Ndz lpr combo. this thing is practically new, i still have the box
-> W.A.S board with eye and eye cover, newest version, I have the computer cable but wires came out of connecter
-> ndz rip valve
-> dye c4 pants, size L. great condition
-> impulse/ion threaded dust freak back with one insert (green insert, .691)
-> freak front. 14”
-> solenoid that had the wires broken off
-> ram with brass hammer
-> stock ram assembly
-> evil bolt
-> stock body, I’m assuming everything with it works, sold as is since I don’t know for sure
-> ndz clamping feedneck. scratches shown in pictures

redz22 12-28-2007 04:51 PM

sig for trilly and barrel? pm me either way

rridgeway 12-30-2007 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by redz22 (Post 4140030)
sig for trilly and barrel? pm me either way

no thanks, not looking for more guns.

rridgeway 01-01-2008 07:44 PM


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rridgeway 01-04-2008 11:42 AM


rridgeway 01-07-2008 09:49 AM


rridgeway 01-09-2008 09:57 AM

up - sold one of the bolts

rridgeway 01-11-2008 11:44 AM

up - worrframe and eclipse ram and qevs are now listed on ebay with starting bids of $75 and $40.

rridgeway 01-14-2008 11:16 AM

eclipse ram and trigger frame are sold.


rridgeway 01-15-2008 12:26 PM


rridgeway 01-16-2008 12:18 PM


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NoelyDeezNutz 02-15-2008 03:42 PM

did i ever msg you for info on the max flows?

rridgeway 02-15-2008 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by NoelyDeezNutz (Post 4159503)
did i ever msg you for info on the max flows?

don't think so. btw, i can't find the tank maxflo so i guess it isn't really FS right now, i'm going to take it off now.

rridgeway 02-21-2008 12:36 PM


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