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MadDealer 03-06-2008 05:58 PM

Need Some Help
I purchased a generation 2 first endeavor two weeks ago. I am have a hard time getting help. is down, e-mail the UK site have not heard from them for 4 days now. When I turn the air on sometimes I get a bad spike on the LPR higher than 300psi. After I fire the gun one time pressure drops to 90psi but will slowly rise to 200psi on low pressure gage, this would happen in about 1 minute. I would shut the air off as soon as I finished playing and shot it one time so the pressure would not climb. After a day of playing, it now takes about 3 minutes to climb to 200psi. I have a new HPR CP reg on my Auto Cocker and installed it on my Quest and still had the same problem. the LPR looks ok. How can I fix this. Hope you can help me. Would buy a low pressure reg if I could find one.


jhorgan 03-07-2008 07:22 AM

It might be the LPR Piston. I had a similar problem with my Quest. I sent it into FEP and they replaced it and had no problems after that. Also, try cleaning/lubing the CP reg....that might help a little too.

MadDealer 03-08-2008 08:31 PM

The LPR valve core outer o-ring (more like a rubber band) had two nicks in it. I did a temporary fix on it for now. Will take 45 minutes now to rise to 200psi. Waiting for FEP to get back to me, then will fix it right.

Clean the HPR now spikes are not as bad now, the highest one I seen now is 200psi and not as frequent when I turn on the air. Break-in will fix it 100% I think.

I like this gun a lot so far. Can shot this thing almost twice as fast as my NXT Shocker with some upgrades on it. Going to order another one to night for my daughter. If you are thinking of buying one try this site. ( I will say that the first one was missing the O-Ring kit and the Lube. Not that big of a Deal. Did not complain at is price $399.99. I use Smartparts Sleek Lube for the bolt right now, Dow grease is to thick for the cold. When it warms up will mix Sleek Lube and Teflon Grease for the summer.


PS Had to make a tool to get the Valves out of the LPR and HPR. You can get the LPR valve out with a good pair of needle nose pliers, but be very careful. Do not try it with the HPR valve, the threads sealed in place and there is no outer o-ring.

senghing27 03-08-2008 09:05 PM

Operating LPR shouild be anywhere between 80-120 ish... 200 is a tad bit too high.

For cold weather, I use hater sauce on mine weather warm or cold outside.

Slick honey is another good lube to use regardless of weather.

FEP is a two man band, you might have better luck contacting the guys at Critical paintball, if I'm not mistaken, most repairs and what not are going through them now or soon in the future...

Uziel Gal 03-09-2008 07:04 AM

:nod: Critical paintball are now the recommended source for FEP spares. They are happy to ship to the UK, but if it is just o-rings or other seals you need, postage will cost more than the parts.

NPS Europe (KEE Europe now? Don't know, haven't dealt with them in ages) used to distribute them over here, but I don't think that they sold very well - like most markers sold by NPS Europe, they overpriced them heavily.

FEPs own European distributor is based in Belgium. I've tried to contact them in order to purchase a Snatch Pin, Headlock, and Gold Member bolt, but haven't had a response after e-mailing them weeks ago.

Hater Sauce is the recommended lubricant.

As for your problem, if the seal on the Schrader valve was damaged, then that is most likely the cause of your LPR problem. However, if it persists after you get the seals replaced, another possibility is the middle o-ring on the bolt. That o-ring separates the HP air in the bolts dump chamber from the LP air being used to cycle the bolt. So if HP air were slowly leaking passed that o-ring, it would mix with the LP air, increasing the pressure, which would register on the LP gauge.

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