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Tabris17 04-01-2008 05:56 PM

New Forum Rules! ***READ THIS NOW***
There has been a rather relaxed atmosphere as of late with making posts and I must reinforce what a proper sales thread is that is allowed to stay open.

1. A sales thread is not a one to two line description with no pics and nothing else. No more 'I have X product with X extras X price plus shipping PM me'. I will close your thread and ask you to repost a proper sales thread as listed in the sticky at the top of the page.

2. No more link only threads in which a link is provided and nothing else. Copy and Paste is your friend and is highly recommended as it takes five seconds to highlight, copy, then paste.

3. Provide Pictures of your items with your SN written on a piece of paper preferably. I will start closing your threads if pics are not provided. There are too many threads up without pictures currently, this WILL stop.

4. No more of this 'PM me/Email me for pics' non sense. If you have the pics and can send them through PM/Email you can take a second to image code them into your thread. Post them in the thread for all too see.

5. No more foul language. I have edited several threads that have said things like 'don't be a d-bag' or other colorful word choices. I am tired of editing threads, you all should know better by now and have been warned.

6. Do not argue a persons price and flame threads. I have seen more and more of this, stop it.

7. If you are a new member and still under the 5 post rule for posting pictures, make your five CONSTRUCTIVE posts in the other areas of the forum BEFORE making your sales thread.

8. All threads are required to have a dollar amount for items that are being sold. There will be no more 'Price- Make an Offer' for your prices. You MUST include a price for your item. This is not a new rule but rather a fresh reminder.

More rules to come as needed. Read what is here and follow them. I will start closing threads if these are not followed.

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