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RobAGD 09-26-2008 08:24 AM

Mechanical and Pump Tournaments @ Pevs Paintball
Wanna play a
Mechanical or Pump only
Tournament ?

Well then Sign up for e-mail Updates !
We are planing on an event for BOTH !

Here is the deal Mech Tourny:
  • Mechanical Guns
  • Semi Only
  • No Pneumatic Automags/RT’s
  • Automags and RT’s are OK (Must Pass Tech)
  • No Tippmann RT’s ( RT's can be removed for the tournament )
  • No Reflex Autocockers
  • NO Electronic Gun Controls
  • Dates Not set yet, looking to be first 2 weekends in November.
  • Divisions - Not likely, but if we have 25+ teams or there are enough need to, it may happen.
  • 3 or 5 Man is up to you (See sign up sheet)
  • Entry Fees $100 3 Man $150 5 Man (may change)
  • Round Robin Play for winners 8 games played
  • Need 18+ Teams for a finals round
  • This will be on Turf Fields
  • Event will follow PTS format, 5-man will be a 7 min game vs 3-man 3 min games
  • Reasonable weather appropriate atire will be expected
  • Prizes - We are hoping to have plaques and some prizes, this will depend on the number of teams that sign up. So Spread the word !

Hear is the deal with Pump Tourny:
  • Pump only Guns, Stock Class to race pumps
  • NO Pneumatic Assisted Pumps
  • Date is not set, but it is Looking to be the Saturday before the Oct 12th or Nov PTS
  • Entry fee maybe $100 That may change
  • Will follow PTS format
  • Round robin play for 8 games played
  • Will need 18+ Teams for a finals
  • No Divisions
  • Don’t have a Pump but are interested SIGN UP anyway, We are working on having some extra pump guns at the field.
  • Prizes - We are hoping plaque’s and some prizes, it is dependant on the number of teams that sign up.

So those are the basics, come into the pro shops and sign up so we can email you when everything gets nailed down. This is not set in stone this is a loose frame work of how it should work out. - will be where the event is held.


RobAGD 10-01-2008 05:52 PM

A little bump action


RobAGD 10-12-2008 09:29 AM

The list as of right now is a little weak, guys really let your buddies know, get your teams to sign up as intrested in the shops. if you are not close to a shop then you can sign up at the field or you can email make sure the subject contains 3 Man Pump & Mech Tournement and give your real name ( first and last ) and your contact Email.

I will have to make the call on this in the next week or 2 guys so the push is on.


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