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Aslan2005 04-14-2010 09:43 PM

Spyder One and Model 98
Marker: Spyder Model One
Manufacturer: Kingman
Type: Blowback Mechanical
Upgrades: venturi bolt, upgraded springs, 6-stage Benchmark X-chamber, volumizer, Category 5 adjustable drop, guage, quick disconnects, 16 Tru-Flight barrel.
Also includes: spare parts, 2 rear-cocking Spyder bolts, Spyder seal set, 32 degrees turbo valve, 2 Spyder spring sets, 12 terminator barrel, 2 extreme rage timer grips, 2 hoppers, and a 20oz CO2 tank (needs hydro).
$110 shipped

Marker: Tippmann Model 98
Manufacturer: Tippmann
Type: Inline Blowback Mechanical
Upgrades: Tippmann vertical adaptor, 6-stage ACI Sub-Zero X-chamber, quick disconnects, new o-rings, extreme rage timer grip.
Also includes: 2 extreme rage timer grips, CP 16 barrel, black duffel bag, hopper, 20oz CO2 tank (good hydro), and 20oz butt plate.
$155 shipped

Aslan2005 04-20-2011 10:02 AM

price reduction!
$90 shipped for the Spyder package!!

$130 shipped for the Model 98 package!!

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