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Hekter 01-27-2011 11:14 PM

JT Excellarator 3.5.
Hi guys,
I took apart 2 markers JT Excellator 3.5., installed new o-rings, except for possibly an o-ring on the striker. I took one gun to a paintball to test it with HPA and noticed it spuddered and would not re-cock. I'm new at this hobby however hot shot markers. My guess is that the marker needs a new o-ring on the striker and maybe some polishing and oil based a thread by used condom(former name of member). PB store wants $25.00 to diagnose/fix problem. I have two of these markers and need to know where I can buy inexpensive HPA tanks.


Hekter 02-01-2011 03:16 PM

JT Excellator 3.5 update
Not even a response from a mod! Anyhow I oiled and took both markers apart and noticed one of them leaked bad during testing! The other marker still lspudders even after changing the o-ring on the striker,oiling all o-rings and testing the marker with a tank of CO2. Gun still spuddered. PB shop told me I was using the wrong o-rings which I purchased from a reputable shop. I tried adjusting the velocity screw to no avail on the marker that spudders. I actually unscrewed the whole screw to see if air would leak from the velocity screw area and had no leak? Go figure. Let me know your thoughts Mod's and others. Are these markers doorstops or are they worth fixing.

Thanks, Hekter

Ironman289 02-01-2011 04:23 PM

They work fine. I will look at mine (haven't used it in a year) and then try and figure out what is going on with yours. Sounds like the sear could be worn and not catching on the hammer.

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