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TSSOC.Professor 01-16-2013 01:32 PM

TSSOC Presents : FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS on 6/15-16, 2013 at OXCC (MD)
1/16/13 - TSSOC Presents FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS scenario announced!

Tri-State Special Operations Command Scenario Paintball Team, partnered with OXCC Paintball in Chesapeake City, MD, is pleased to announce their upcoming production of FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS - a two-day scenario paintball game, on Saturday and Sunday, June 15th and 16th, 2013.

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War. War never changes. Though the fires of the Great War brought mankind to the very brink of extinction, one city stands alone as the last remaining bastion of civilization. Las Vegas, Nevada, a city built on risk, luck, and beating the odds, was largely spared the devastation of the outside world when the bombs fell all those years ago. Now, after more than two centuries comparative calm, the reborn and rebranded city of New Vegas will soon become a battlefield in the war its people, for so long, were able to avoid; a war fought for control of the Mojave Wasteland and one of the new world's scarcest resources: Electricity. With the mighty Hoover Dam producing near-limitless power for the city, New Vegas has become a shining beacon of neon light in an otherwise dark and lifeless world. The only question is, who will be drawn to this beacon, who has the resolve to secure it, and how will they use its overwhelming power?

Storming out of the West and claiming the all-important Hoover Dam for themselves, the forces of the New California Republic seek to pick up the pieces of the Old World and re-establish democracy and justice for all the people of the Wasteland; at the barrel of a gun, if necessary. Well-trained, well-supplied and with a right and just cause to give them purpose, the NCR seems poised to bring the Hoover Dam and the city of New Vegas under their control.

However, from the East bank of the Colorado River comes a merciless new threat from Caesar's Legion, an insular and enigmatic empire built upon the indomitable strength and unflinching loyalty of its fanatical soldiers. Under the tyrannical rule of Caesar, the Legion is singularly-minded in their crusade to conquer the Hoover Dam, capture New Vegas, subjugate its residents, and give their glorious emperor that which he desires most: a new Rome upon which to expand his empire. With the fate of New Vegas and Western North America at stake, only time would tell whether the incomparable training and firepower of the NCR or the indefatigable zeal and brutality of the Legion will be enough to secure the West's greatest prize...

Because war...war never changes.

TSSOC is excited to bring you FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS and believe it will be one of the most talked about events of the season. The scenario will incorporate places, imagery and events from the award-winning video game for an authentic feel that everyone from the first-time player to the most seasoned veteran is sure to enjoy! So join us on June 15th and 16th, 2013 at OXCC Paintball, choose your side and place your bets for control of the Mojave wasteland!

Facebook event thread

TSSOC.Professor 01-24-2013 01:50 AM

Teams attending. If there is a mistake or your team is not listed, please let us know.

NCR Pete "Cookie Monster" Murphy of the Exiled Souls - commander, XO tbd
Assault & Battery
Exiled Souls
Joint Fury
Merry Band of Brothers
Sofa Kingdom
Soup Can Cocks
Wulfenkow Legion

Caesar's Legion Fred "Big Bo" Young of SOV - commander, XO Steve "Ace" Madger of the Hellkatz
Disposable Heroes
Hostile Takeover
Reservoir Dogs

Ambush Alpha
Spyre Bane
The Moles/The Trailgunners

Northeastern Assassins
Tri State Saints

TSSOC.Professor 01-28-2013 01:01 PM

We have our Generals and Game Schedule for FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS!

The New California Republic will be commanded by Pete "Cookie Monster" Murphy from Exiled Souls

Caesar's Legion will be commanded by Fred "Big Bo" Young from Sons of Vengeance

The Raiders (third entity) will be led by James "Alpha" Graham from Ambush Alpha

Game Schedule

3:00 PM - Gates open for camping setup
10:00 PM - Gates closed for camping setup

7:00 AM - Store, pre-registration and registration windows, compressed air, paint sales open
7:30 AM - Chrono open
9:00 AM - Safety Orientation and Game Rules (chrono and compressed air close during briefing)
7:00 PM - OXCC Customer Appreciation player party

7:00 AM - Store, chronos, compressed air and paint sales open
1:00 PM - GAME STAND DOWN for Final Battle
1:45 PM - FINAL BATTLE begins
2:15 PM - FINAL BATTLE ends
2:45 PM - Prize giveaways and Awards Ceremony

More information will be posted soon about camping and pre-registration so check back often!


TSSOC.Professor 02-13-2013 01:40 AM

Felixx Weaver (aka Chris "Yourmomsbox" D'Addario of Team Hellkatz), owner of Kingman's Barbeque in the world of Fallout : New Vegas will be sponsoring a Rib Cookoff on Saturday, June 15.

Currently, Chris "Yourmomsbox" D'Addario, Eric Gieswein of the Disposable Heroes and Alex "Mephysteaux" Reiff of Team Hellkatz will be submitting entries. For anyone else interested, please post up and also contact Yourmomsbox at the Google + event link or teamhellkatz (at) [gmail] {dot} /com/

Members from TSSOC and OXCC staff will be the judges.

Here are the rules:

Each chef shall submit 6 ribs in a blind judging box. The name of the chef will be written on the bottom of the box.

Please see "Felixx Weaver" aka Yourmomsbox for a box.

Ribs must be factory sealed upon arrival. All preparations must be done on site. Sauce on the side is not permitted, any sauce must be on the ribs. Garnish is not permitted. Submissions are due at 8:30pm. Late entries are not permitted.

Rib Judging Criteria - each weighted equally
Appearance & Overall Impression

Rib Judging Guidelines for each category:
9 - The best ribs you have ever eaten; meat is moist, great texture, meat pulls off the bone easily and cleanly, but does not fall off the bone. Six ribs easily identifiable.
8 - Excellent ribs you would happily pay money for in a restaurant
7 - Ribs worthy of being on a restaurant menu
6 - Really good ribs; you want to try more
5 - Average ribs; sauce and tenderness are appealing
4 - Average ribs an average BBQ'er might prepare
3 - Below average ribs; too tough or too tender; poor sauce
2 - Low rate ribs, if you got them at a restaurant, you would never return
1 - Poor quality food - you would send back to the kitchen
0 - Horrible, unacceptable food, essentially inedible.

TSSOC.Professor 02-27-2013 01:18 PM

Pre-registration is open!
Online Pre-Registration pricing (through midnight 6/12/13):
$45 entry (Includes CO2/HPA air fill)
$55 per case during online registration for Valken Redemption (field event paint only).

General Registration pricing (after midnight 6/12/13), “Day of Event Pricing”:
$50 entry (Includes CO2/HPA air fill)
$65 per case for Valken Redemption (field event paint only).

New California Republic, Pete “Cookie Monster” Murphy – Exiled Souls
Caesar’s Legion, Fred "Big Bo" Young - Sons of Vengeance

As one of your selection options, you can pre-register for the OXCC Customer Appreciation Player's Party ($15) -- HUGE Food and Drink Selection provided by Chesapeake Inn -- FULL menu will be posted shortly. Don't Miss Out!

Any registration, pricing or additional questions please contact OXCC at (410) 885-5555 or email

TSSOC.Professor 03-20-2013 01:15 AM

[strike]War[/strike] Life. [strike]War never[/strike] Life always changes. Due to a personal matter, Dave "Goose" Stanley will need to step down from commanding Caesar's Legion. He has named his replacement as, Fred "Big Bo" Young of Sons of Vengeance Paintball. Bo will be facing the New California Republic's commander, Pete "Cookie Monster" Murphy of the Exiled Souls. No stranger to our games, both Cookie Monster and Big Bo are previous commanders of the TSSOC Presents games and will be worthy adversaries.

TSSOC.Professor 04-27-2013 03:35 PM

Updated second post with teams attending. If there is a mistake or your team is not listed, please let us know.

Play the game we all love with or against your friends or sometimes enemies. Both sides are still working on finding their tanks, which will play important roles, as this is the first time that a TSSOC Presents game incorporates mechanized tanks. Also, new for this production is a dedicated Third Entity - The Raiders. For those who have played our games in the past, there will be many similar elements you have enjoyed in the past - game currency, missions, role-playing, perks, and much more, as well as new twists and turns.

haniousman12 04-29-2013 10:47 AM

This looks excellent. How many players are you guys expecting?

TSSOC.Professor 04-29-2013 03:58 PM


Originally Posted by haniousman12 (Post 4294889)
This looks excellent. How many players are you guys expecting?

Thank you. Based on our previous productions at different locations and the size of the field at OXCC, we're anticipating 300+.

TSSOC.Professor 05-09-2013 01:37 AM

Pete "Cookie Monster" Murphy has brought on board KR "Trapper" Davis of Assault & Battery to XO for the New California Republic.

TSSOC.Professor 05-15-2013 04:14 PM

We have lined up great prizes from the above sponsors for the players coming to TSSOC Presents: Fallout : New Vegas. There is a little less than a month before pre-reg closes on June 12, so get those pre-regs in sooner rather than later to give us extra motivation to make the game even greater than it already is!

TSSOC.Professor 05-16-2013 04:19 PM

Rules for TSSOC Presents: Fallout : New Vegas

Map for TSSOC Presents: Fallout : New Vegas

TSSOC.Professor 05-22-2013 04:07 PM

On a hot day like this, you need a fresh delight! Enjoy Sunset Sarsaparilla at TSSOC Presents: Fallout : New Vegas.

TSSOC.Professor 05-30-2013 03:46 PM

Per OXCC, this hotel gives the best deals to the players.
Howard Johnson Inn & Suites and Conference Center
1119 S. College Ave
Newark, DE 19713

There will be free camping available at OXCC. Reserve camping with your pre-registration or contact OXCC Paintball at (410) 885-5555. Pre-registration pricing until 6/12/13 midnight, which is 13 days away.

Please review OXCC Camping Rules.

TSSOC.Professor 05-31-2013 04:03 PM

Crimson Caravan Company - Roles

The Following player roles are available to all players in Fallout: New Vegas:
Trade Emissary

Meticulously trained on the few remaining ancient flight simulators of the long-defunct U.S. Air Force, the pilots of the New California Republic and Caesar’s Legion are the best of the best. Fearless, cunning and wholly devoted to their respective factions, these men and women are entrusted with command of their army's ancient and irreplaceable Vertibirds. Using wit, guile and a bit of dumb luck, these soldiers are sworn to accomplish their mission and bring back their priceless aircraft in one piece, or they shouldn't bother coming back at all.

Abilities: Fly Vertibirds

Recruited from the finest schools throughout their nations, Engineers are the brains of any successful operation. Using their advanced knowledge of arcane technologies as a weapon, Engineers put themselves at risk to eliminate explosives threats to their fellow soldiers, repair their army’s increasingly rare armored vehicles, hack computers, or perform any of the myriad of other jobs that only an erudite hand can execute. In fact, so dangerous are their jobs that it is rumored that no Engineer has paid for a drink in an NCO club in the Mojave Wasteland in over 200 years.

Abilities: Remove Explosives, Repair Tanks

Generally missing fingers along with their minds, Demolition soldiers have an otherworldly love of all things that go “Boom.” Conscripted from the many insane asylums and prisons that still function within their nations, Demolition soldiers generally have very little use for “Command Structures” and “Rules,” seeing these things only as a means to facilitate their explosive ends. If it weren’t for their penchant for wreaking havoc on the enemy’s personnel and equipment, these borderline psychopathic individuals would likely see only the inside of a cell for the rest of their days. Demolition soldiers short life expectancy is rivaled only by their short-fuses and need for action, often willing to put their own lives at risk along with the enemy just to watch something explode.

Abilities: Place or Remove Explosives

Where there is armed combat, there will be wounded combatants. It is this truth that makes a trained corps of fearless medics the foundation of any effective fighting force. Often recruited from the children of Wasteland doctors and nurses, medics are the most and highly-trained and battle-hardened infantrymen their army has to offer. In fact, it is only after having survived multiple battles that potential medics are invited to join the Medical Corps, giving medics the skill necessary to fight their way to the front, treat an injured comrade, and move onto another casualty without becoming a casualty themselves. It is this experience in the fight that causes medics to be somewhat aloof and distant from their fellow soldiers, and are slow to make friends with the men and women they may have to treat for grievous wounds in the field. Despite their reticence, combat medics are universally respected by all they serve with, often looked to for their extreme courage and unique perspective on combat.

Abilities: Heal Friendly Players of all paintball hits except headshots. May not heal any special, rocket hit, grenade hit or barrel tag.

One part metallurgist, one part physicist, and one part structural engineer, the talents of the rocketeer are an essential part of any modern fighting force. Most often recruited from the more stable elements of the Demolitions school, Rocketeers sacrifice their close-up demolitions knowledge for the ability to destroy things at a distance. Capable of vaporizing enemy armor, enemy aircraft and hardened structures with equal capacity, the destructive capabilities of the Rocketeer are without equal. Though their ammunition capacity is limited, their skill with their launchers more than makes up for this limitation, delivering their ordnance on-target with amazing accuracy. Despite their indispensable role in any army, the fellow soldiers of rocketeers are often apprehensive about these specialized troops, due to the disproportionate amount of automatic weapons fire they tend to take by having them in their squad.

Abilities: Use Rocket Launchers.

Trade Emissary
Drawn from some of the finest families in their respective nations, the Trade Emissary is a status respected by all - friend, as well as foe. Having often completed the most advanced training in diplomacy their faction has to offer, trade emissaries are hand-chosen by their Generals for their courage, influence, charisma and skill in bartering. In the Mojave Wasteland, access to caravan supplies can mean the difference between life and death, the trade emissary's ability to access supplies behind enemy lines makes the trade emissary the most valuable member of any army. Using charm, wit and misdirection, Trade Emissaries glide unmolested through enemy lines, gathering essential supplies for their army and trying to remain alive long enough to return them to their General.

Abilities: Open, free access to the Crimson Caravan.

Contact your command staff to get more involved with the game.

TSSOC.Professor 06-20-2013 11:00 AM

Looks like everyone had a great time at the game last weekend. Check out the pictures and video on our Facebook to see players in action, signage over the field, award winners, and so on.

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