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Toklas 01-29-2013 08:00 AM

ICD FS8 and SP Epiphany Tactical
I have a couple guns for sale.. both of them have been taken care of and cleaned after every day of use.


Indian Creek FS8 Custom ANNO

here is what she has
Nox - reloaded code
Std lpr
Black fs7 eye covers
Cp trigger
Ccm feedneck
Hybrid grips
Mega rebuild Kit (10 rebuilds)
spare parts
New Mini rail
New On/Off
original annod LPR

asking for $275 shipped conus

Smart Parts Epiphany (tactical)

not much left of the original epiphany almost everything has been upgraded.
Deadlywind DT13 tactical BOB body
clamping feedneck
NDZ scorpion frame with reversible angled asa
NDZ on/off
Critical mini rail
freak barrel (NO INSERTS)
extra one piece barrel
3 Vendetta rebuild kits
3 firing can inserts - 2 shown 3rd installed - Adjustable volume fire chamber for velocity stability at high rates of fire
beoranged unicorn nano bolt
beoranged unicorn nano bolt upgrade kit
beoranged detents
extra ndz blade trigger
extra stock ion bolt
extra SP firebolt

asking $285 shipped conus

PM me!

Toklas 02-04-2013 11:14 AM

both still up for sale. i need to move these prices reduced!!

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