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Killer Kat 04-12-2002 04:52 PM

32 Degree Understanding!
I hate to have to do this, However some people around here will push the envelope and bend the rules any and every time they can. So let us "all" have this understanding! You wanna hang around in the 32 Degree (Means Cool Not Fool) Forum you better start acting cool!

1) Read and understand the Forum Rules at the top of the page. I didn't write them, However I will execute them to the letter.

2) Be nice, and help others, This is my extended family you hurt anyone here in any way well let's just say it's not the cool thing for you to do. Flaming will get me hot under the collar!

3) Got a 32 Degree related question? Check the Faqs thread and or do a search first, chances are it's in there. If not post with as much information as you've got.

4) Topics need to be 32 Degree related! Wanna talk about anything else, Go to General Paintball or Off Topic Forums etc, etc...that's what they are there for.

5) Stick to the topic! Answers should follow the topic of the thread. Wanna talk about anything else start a different thread.

UTLadiesMan 12-16-2002 02:13 AM

I'm a little tired of the recent flux of 32* bashing posts. I don't mind opinions at all, but if all you have to say is "rebels suck" or something, just don't bother to post. This forum is for discussions, meaning back everything up with a real point. We have enough flames in here to start a BBQ... anyway... for now on, whenever someone insults ANY company in here without proper backing....

I'll... well... change your post to a clever song from a commercial... yeah... that should show you. :pissed:

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