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mikek2111987 04-24-2002 12:37 PM

Mike's very simple trigger job with pictures
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Hi all. I thought since i have such a simple trigger job i would show it for all you who are like me that dont feel like drilling and tapping like Hsuve's (no offence Hsuve)

First: Take the trigger frame off. Then, if you are looking from the back, pop your pins out from the RIGHT. (my side has a bunch of words on it) You HAVE to punch the groves out FIRST or else the frame will be ruined. I used this really old shapred screw driver that was so striped my dad just made it sharp:confused:. But you can just use a flattened nail.

Sorry about the bad pics. I am just trying to give you an idea nad my camera only works well outside.

EDIT: I have a new camera so if you want better pics or better directions let me know

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 12:39 PM

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Next: Find some sort of bolt or screw you dont need. I cut my down to 8mm, but its bassicly just trial and error. Once you have done this, it will go inside the spring that the trigger rests on. (the one by the saftey) And in the above pic you might be able to see that the spring is cut. I forgot why, but i cut a coil off of it.

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 12:44 PM

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Then i put the paper on the pin that the sear rests on (like Hsuve does in his "Trigger job with pic" thread.) The peice of paper i used was just a 8 1/2 inch notepad paper. I just cut a slit about 1cm off the edge of the paper. (So it was 8 1/2 inch's long and 1cm wide) Then i just rapped it tight and put a small peice of tape around it. (look at Hsuves pics for this step, his are better)
i dont think you really need a visual aid, but here is a crappy one anyways

The red arrow is the paper on the pin the sear rests on and the blue one is pointing to the sear

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 12:49 PM

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Now you have a backstop, and now that it takes less force and time for the sear to let the stirker go (in other words, to shoot) Now you are going to need a frontstop to get rid of that useless slack. I just cocked mine back, pulled the trigger to where i wanted it to be, found something like paper or plastic, and stuck it where the arrow is pointing in the pic. Then i shot, re-cocked, and if the sear grabbed the striker (so you can shoot again) then it was good for me. This is what i used, a old beat up Fender pick i found on the ground.

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 12:53 PM

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This is where the thing you find will go. You will see it if you look at yours.

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 12:56 PM

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This is how i tried things out to see if they fitted. But your trigger frame will have to be attached to the rest of you marker to see if it will shoot.

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 01:01 PM

Now that you have found something that will still allow your marker to fire, but is a nice front stop, you must cut/ make it so it will fit on that little spot on top of the trigger i showed you before. I just simply superglued it to where it needed to go.
Make sure when you put the pins back in to put them in grove side last. So take the non groved side of the pins, and put them in through the groved side of the trigger frame, so that the groves go in last.

If you have any questions,comments, or need more pics, tell/ask me

coffeeboy29 04-24-2002 01:08 PM

instead of drilling a whole in the frame for a front stop... couldnt you just drill and tap a little hole on the top of the trigger where the body and trigger meet? ...i think thatd be easier, or im just weird.

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 01:14 PM

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Here is a little better look at the spot where you will be putting a peice of something for a front stop.
The reason i use a pick is because i thought that plastic and metal with some epoxy in between would bond better.

mikek2111987 04-24-2002 01:53 PM

I just put it all back together with the frontstop, and it is very much so better. If you are lazy, or dont feel like drilling holes, do this. Works like a charm;)

mikek2111987 04-26-2002 03:07 PM

i just shot it today with my Aradus, and since i was walking thru my house, i wanted the saftey on. But i couldnt get it on, so if you do this, just puch the trigger forward as hard as you can an push the saftey in (thats what i did)

plainball 04-27-2002 01:33 PM

No offense but those pictures half to be the hardest things to see .

mikek2111987 04-27-2002 01:38 PM

I beleive that is what happens when you spend only $50 on a camera. Sorry:(

ShutterBoI 04-27-2002 08:02 PM

shutterboi's kool trigger job
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here is how lil i got mine i need to modify the sear a little to get it to work whihc i'll do soon right now the trgger duzn't reset but its still kool nevertheless.

ShutterBoI 04-27-2002 08:03 PM

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mikek2111987 04-28-2002 06:06 PM

Thats a nice one. But see my theory on adjusable stops is Why would you need to adjust a front/bakc stop once you find the place you want it at?

Woozer 04-30-2002 04:16 PM

yo shutterbol, how'd you get it so short?! I want my Piranha Pro Ts to have a wicked pull like that!

ShutterBoI 05-01-2002 03:46 PM

actually i'm still troubleshootin it out once i perfect i'll get back to u but basically u use the SMALL washers in the spare parts kit use 3 of them as a sear rest i think i have to sand down my sear a lil but we'll see.

tonyr 05-24-2002 02:36 PM

This trigger job sounds alot better than the others I'm gonna try it tonite.

mikek2111987 05-24-2002 02:44 PM

Cool. If you need help, just instant message me on AIM or email me or somethin:)

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