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Paint Bulley 06-09-2002 02:26 PM

Pbreview Faq - Tribals.....
Ok, i wrote this thing up so here goes. If anything is wrong, please tell me...

Ok I keep getting lots of questions on AIM, and we get lots of questions here, so I will start a faq. and anyone
who wants to continue can do so...

Q. Is toxic Toys still Around?

A. No, but , and are and they can do anythign and everything.

Q. Will there ever be another Tribal?

A. Talk to me262 about that, depends on if he can ever get his car to work good for a few months it looks like :)

Q. Big Question, how much do they cost?

A. depends on how good of a smooth talker you are, generally $200 - $450 , could go as low as $100 or as high as $500

Q. Where can I buy a tribal

A. you can get a hold of Have Blue at , he has them for sale, just because there not up he still MIGHT
have one or 2, email him to find out
Or get a hold of Me262 at , he's having car problems and is prolly looking to sell one or two
Or check on our lovely forums here.
Or go over to Pbnation and check, in the tribal forum there

Q. I want a LPR, where do I get one

A. Me262 will prolly be your only bet, HB is not taking orders as of the moment to work on things, you could buy the LPR from HB and
put it on yourself, but i wouldnt recomend that.

Q. how much will a LPR cost me from Me262.

A. I believe it will cost you $35 and the cost of a reg. so you can send him a LPR or he might get one and charge
you for it.

Q. What is a good LPR.

A. A good LPR is a Palmer Rock, or Palmer MIcrorock, also The jackhammer is good

check this out -

Q. how many shots will I get off a tank

A. I dont know, I'll get back to you on estimates

Q. Can I use Co2 on my tribal

A. Yes you can, HB uses it and so do other tribal owners, supposedly a 20 oz. will get you 2000 shots.
But YOU HAVE TO , YOU MUST ANTI-SYPHON it.... or Remote,

Q. I have a 2x trigger I want a 1x trigger... what do i do (or vice-versa)

A. OK check the forums again, or get a hold of HB, see if he has one laying around, or worst comes to worse I think
Me262 will make you a new one for $30... so no need to worry.

Q. I want a new bolt!

A. So get one! I think Me262 said hed make one for $25

Paint Bulley 06-09-2002 02:38 PM

Q. Do i use oil, grease, what?

A. Dow 33 is supposed to be good, there has some talk of dow 55 over at pbn, but cant comment on that.

Q. How fast Can it shoot

A. Stock 13 BPS, with Fury Chip 20 BPS, with whole WARLORD upgrade 24 BPS!!!

Q. I want a gun with ACE, but the Tribal doesnt have one

A. But you can get one, once HB starts up work again. It will cost you $140 minimum, and you'll get 20 BPS and a ACE, or $270 and that includes all the warlord.

Q. What are you talking about - WARLORD -

A. Here ya go -

Q. I want a low rise

A. he has them

Q. I want a high rise

A. he has them

(Nautica King)
Q. why would I want a high rise?

A. it will allow you to stack up more balls and then allow you to put out more paint before you either shoot or dry fire

Q. why wouldnt I want a high rise?

A. without a high rise, you have a smaller profiel, not as tall, and more compact, also if peeking up over the top of a snake, they will see less of you before you can see them...

Paint Bulley 06-09-2002 02:45 PM

Q. What is the worst thign about a Tribal?


Q. Give me 4 reasons a tribal is better than an angel

A. (Kevin O'Dell) 4 things for me.

1. Price (self explanetory)

2. Size - Tribals are less bulky than Angels, unless you go with one of the custom featherweights, but then you get into price even more.

3. Weight - Tribals weigh a lot less than Angels, especially the Twisters.

4. Performance - Even out of the box, a Tribal is more accurate than an Angel. This has been confirmed by a few Angel owners who shot my Twister (got to stop doing that, it's a real hassle getting my gun back ) With a good trigger job, rof is equal to an Angel.

Paint Bulley 06-09-2002 03:08 PM

Q. What barrel threads?

A. Cocker

Q. I want a new chip.

A. The Bushy - Fury Chip, or a Warlord Upgrade. or a stock Tribal chip if your chip breaks

Q. why would i buy a tribal, if my solenoid gets screwed up, i wont be able to play.

A. Dont worry that's what Bushy Solenoids are for.

Q. Can i put Dye Stickies on?

A. Yes

Paint Bulley 06-10-2002 05:26 PM

Need Dip Switches Settings? Or a Manuel.

look here thanks to Have Blue at

direct link -

Paint Bulley 06-10-2002 05:44 PM

so i want to make the trigger pull shorter/ longer after the click...

for 2.2 models...

Look at the trigger frame. inside the gaurd at the very top of the fram, there is a little hole, inside is a screw that will lengthen the post click...

How do i legthen the pre click? / shorten

look right at the trigger, right before it goes into the gun... there should be a small hole. that will change the pre click

Paint Bulley 08-09-2002 08:43 PM

Q. When I take off the AOC cap, how do i take out the first thing?

A. take a 10-32 screw, screw it into the thing. and pull it out

Q. how do I get my AOC body out?

A. stick something in the hole at an angle and pull

Q. I cant get my valve out

A. There is a pin that holds it in

I'll get better instructions later.... you can also check the link above over at PBnation...

but these questions werent very clearly anwsered (at least to me) over there

Cwilks2k06 09-23-2003 01:47 PM

Only thing you didnt mention is andy(warpedmephisto) if your having problems with your tribal chances are he can fix it cheap :D this link might work

WHITEchicken 09-23-2003 11:11 PM

can you only change the pre click and post click on 2.2 about 2.0 models

p8intballa26 11-04-2003 03:00 PM

to use co2 make shure u have co2 safe orings u can find them at

edwin247 05-23-2004 11:23 AM

Q: Is there anyone else that sells aftermarket Tribal products?
A: Hmmmm, let me see.... ....Oh I do!!!
:D Shameless Plug :D

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