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Silent Knight 06-10-2002 04:46 PM

My matrix
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it's finally done. The anno work has finished and my pride and joy has returned to me! after a few weeks of waiting, here it is....

(dont mind my nasty pics this digital camera really sucks hard core. it looks a hella lot better in person)

metallic blue

Silent Knight 06-10-2002 04:51 PM

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Silent Knight 06-10-2002 05:18 PM

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Silent Knight 06-10-2002 05:36 PM

and here is one more pic metallic blue matrix

Paint Bulley 06-10-2002 05:52 PM

dude that look sweet, (i would of gone cobalt blue, but nice:) )

where you get it done?

does it look brighter in person?

Silent Knight 06-10-2002 06:08 PM

this pic is the closest to the actual thing. my camera sucks, it does me no justice at all!!!

it's brighter in person. it's kind of close to the same color as the cobalt spyder xtra's more on the blue side though

SaiNt 06-10-2002 06:11 PM

is that a titanium boomy on your matrix?

Silent Knight 06-10-2002 06:21 PM

no titanium, it's an ironman boomy (the new design)

Kreno 06-10-2002 11:14 PM


Originally posted by Silent Knight
and here is one more pic metallic blue matrix
I hope nobody thought you were trying to snipe from them from a higher angle lol :P

Very nice dude

Silent Knight 06-11-2002 09:49 AM

lol, i was thinking the same thing as i was taking that pic.

Silent Knight 06-11-2002 11:48 AM

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amz370 06-11-2002 01:02 PM

well....i need some kleenex
lol if i perform certan "favors" for u..can i have it

or ill black male u..ill hsow every one u and ur freeky white fro

chandlern1 06-11-2002 11:45 PM

How did you know about nolan? LOL

Paint Bulley 06-13-2002 01:08 PM

SK, is this a picture of yours? where did you send yours?


chandlern1 06-13-2002 03:57 PM

My matrix was annoed the same color and i am pissed fear factory did a pritty crapy job ill be puting up pictures soon.

ME262 06-14-2002 01:59 AM

if it was that bad how come you didnt send me an e-mail about it. if you remember i had told you how i could tell one was alot older gun by the marks all over the body, the quality of aluminum used (not so good alloy, wasnt exactly 6061, had zinc content) and the fact it looked like it had been tried to have the old ano sanded off. mostly the reason the newer one has a nicer finish. its body was perfect except the dinks in it where it had been hit by the other body, sitting against it with nothing to protect between them in shipping. i tried to polish it up, which i had told you this and explained it all in messaging before. and showed you the pic and i thought all was understood. i had told you that the older body woulndt be as glossy unless i spent ALOT of time resmoothing and polishing of the body.

it helps to know from the people what is wrong so it can be fixed, instead of hearing about it somewhere else, if your not happy TELL ME, dont just post where i rarely look.

and they are the ones in the pic paint bull attached.
his is the bottom one, as was showed him before i sent them back.

chandlern1 06-14-2002 04:45 AM

Why are their black spots on my body then?. Ill post pictures of what it looks like today or tommorow.
PS ill call you tommorow

ME262 06-14-2002 12:05 PM

if you look very close those are tiny pits in the aluminum, trapped pockets of air when the body was extruded. they are actually in another matrix i have here that is very old. its still has factory ano. only reason you didnt notice them before was it was black. find someone with another early one and look at the body closely, it will have the same small pits. only way to get rid of them is to sand the area down smooth, which would take alot of time, and take off quite a bit of material to smooth. there more noticable with the grayish color because more dye was trapped in those pits.

i also figured out why they ended up a blueish color :O, one of the guys helping me out was mixing a custom color for me, and ended up pouring a cup of blue into my gray dye, then he didnt tell me because he didnt think it would matter. needless to say no one else gets near the dye anymore.

Paint Bulley 06-14-2002 02:46 PM

i think they look sweet, I like the bottom one just as much if not more.... but i geuss i dont have a close up

Hey was one of those Silent Knights?

chandlern1 06-14-2002 04:09 PM

My body was the new one. Their is also spots were the ano is not as thick and you can see it ill post pictures soon.

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