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SmittyTheMaster 08-07-2002 05:36 PM

Hammer FAQ
changed the tittle to hammer FAQ

HammerBoy 08-07-2002 06:29 PM

DUDE youre gettin a Hammer!
Do you...
A) Wanna make it stock class?
B) Keep it regular?

Well my boy...I'm just gonna do the regular way...most likely if Silencer.1 responds to this he'll tell the stock class mods

Barrel: The stock barrel is pretty nice on the's brass lined and shoots accurately with good paint (I.e..PMI Premium...a lot of Marbs break in my stock barrel tho) if you wanna keep it then thats cool...if you dont...pretty much get any spyder barrel...any spyder barrel would be'd reccomend either a...

A) SP Barrel (Mainly All-American, Teardrop, or Progressive)
B) CP One piece
C) J&J Ceramic
D) Armson Stealth or Pro-Series

Ok, I put these barrels in the way I think they work best with the gun...if you want accuracy and quietness...then shell out $60+ for the All-American...thats the way to go for you snipers out there...CP One piece is just as accurate but not as quiet...J&J has good accuracy and ok for loudness...The Armson Stealth is really accurate with the right type of paint and sorta quiet...same accuracy with the Pro Series except that it's just as loud as the stock barrel! As with any barrel and need good paint to barrel match to get maximum performance...

Hint: Get any barrel thats looks awesome with the gun...and try not to go higher than 14" on the length...if you do the gun is pretty long and you wont be able to tuck behind the bunkers as well as you could with a smaller barrel

Now you have your main upgrade...a good barrel...

Polishing: The internals are also made of brass...if you got your Hammer second hand then definetly take a look at your insides and polish the striker, power tube, and bolt using different types of sandpaper and mothers mag polish...and if possible and if you want to...Drill the V/A, and the power tube to 3/16" of an'll get a higher air flow this way...

Drilled Striker: This upgrade (Thanks to Silencer.1) is prolly one of the better upgrades you can do (other than the barrel). First take the striker...and simply take the 1/4" drill bit and put it all the way though the side of the striker (theres a picture in the link i give at the bottom of the page) This reduces the wieght of the striker by at least 10g and reduces the bounce back and lets less unusable (not high enough pressure) Co2 to leak though...therefore getting you more shots off of your tank...and if you use 12 grams...youll get about 12-15 more shots per cartridge.

Hint: After you polish the internals and drill the striker...definetly check your'll bounce around after these mods...

Gas Systems: Ok...this one has a lot of different could run a tank off of the back of the gun...the highest size tank I'd go when you're running it direct is a 9oz...any higher and it's really awkward and clumsy running a huge tank Co2 off of a remote...some people may not like that because of the remote line getting tangled...or (see a pattern here?) an M16 bottomline kit at and run the Hammer on a bottomline...that'd prolly be the easiest way if you want the tank pretty much on the gun but giving you a lot more maneueverability...or...this is the way I have my Hammer...Vertical Air (or VSC)...simply buy a foot of macro or microline(if youre gonna use 12 grams only then use micro) a V/A plug with NPT threadings, two macro or microline connector elbows, and an automag V/A adapter (Or any bottomline adapter with two holes) at (Under gun parts > automags)...put the V/A plug in the back, connect the line elbow...put line in...other elbow...connect to V/A...and then somehow put the V/A on the trigger frame...(ask me later)...also...if you run the Hammer by Vertical Air...then I'd use either 12 grams or a 4oz. tank at Whew! Told ya that'd be long...

Grip Frames: A grip frame is also a good mod for the Hammer and a lot more comfortable than the M16 can easily put a bottomline kit on your gun now and put some STICKIES!!!! YAY!!! can buy the .45 frame plus stickies at for a cheap price and you could also buy a nice .45 frame (minus the stickies:() from ICD at

Sight: Don't go overboard on a dont really need them unless you wanna be a sniper person...I have the Daisy E-dot sight...I like it...but I'd definetly reccomend a Brass Eagle Fiber Optic can get them at Wally World (Wal-Mart...dunno which one you use) or at for $8.99...they are really easy to use and the way...the sight rail on the Hammer is a 3/8" dovetail...

Spring Kits: Getting a spring kit also wouldnt be a bad idea...that way if you run your gun off 12 grams you can change the valve spring to a lighter one and the same with the main spring...or vice versa when you're running a tank direct, VSC, remotely, can get a Nelson based Spring Kit for $12.99 at (Look in Gun Parts > Autocockers > Spring Kits)

Hopper: Now its pretty hard to botch a piece of plastic...dont go out and buy a 12v revy w/ ARENT gonna shoot that fast...believe me on this are NOT gonna shoot 12 bps unless you have a pneumatic arm (I was quoted saying this once)...either use the 60 rnd hopper that comes with the Hammer, 10 round tubes, Virus 100 round hopper or any small can use the VL200...its just kinda big and puts your target profile up there...and for elbows any 7/8" elbow can be used...I reccomend the 32 degrees adjustable elbow...and for the Hopper...just use the one that comes with the provides plenty of paint for the game (and its small enough)...just bring along a couple of tubes on the field with you and you'll be ok...

Websites: Now you ask...Where can I get all of these goodies?!?! Well...Really probably the best websites out there for getting Hammers and getting parts are probably the following... - Great for the Barrels and Parts. Has a HUGE Selection! (Barrels, Spring Kits, Tanks, Remotes...) - Has a big selection on Spyder barrels and good prices...Free shipping too! - Has a lot of grips and parts for the Hammer...ok selection on Barrels... - The only site out there that I have seen that has the Hammer...not sure about this though...some people say that they have gotten Mavericks instead of the Hammer...this site also has an ok barrel selection... - Has the motherload of parts for the Hammer...including the elusive metal trigger frame...too bad that they're all out of stock :( I'd give them a call to see what they have for parts... - Buy the .45 frame plus stickies here...really cheap...and APP is really good with their customer services...they also have some cool looking barrels (Widowmaker I & II) - Of course...good ol' eBay...thats where I see a lot of Hammers up for auction...good place to pick up a cheap Hammer (Get a barrel here too!;)) - Has parts kits and some stock barrels up for grabs...definetly give Kingman a call if something breaks (If something ever breaks) on your gun...they'll defenitley have SOME extra Hammer parts lying in a warehouse somewhere...and maybe even have some Hammers for sale too!:D work here is applause :D...if this could get this stickyed it would be a big help so we could direct all of the future Hammer owners to here for their informational needs...Thanks!!!

The pic of the drilled striker and other upgrades are right here...Other Hammer upgrades (Includes STRIKER PIC!!!)

DeFauLt 08-07-2002 07:06 PM

very helpful hammerboy, im getting a hammer too :D

DeFauLt 08-07-2002 07:37 PM

oh ya, with the drilled striker, in that pic, does the hole go all the way through or is the hole on only 1 side?

Silencer.1 08-08-2002 04:44 AM

The hole goes completely through, DeFault. That way the striker is still balanced and you lose some extra weight.


Nice post! I think you've pretty much covered everything.:D The only thing I'd like to say is that the elbow on my hammer is a 1" to 1". Maybe some of the others are different. I know it went through a slew of incarnations.

And continueing the Hammer Mods........

Grip Frames: Depending on the age of the hammer you're getting it could have one of two kinds of grips. The original 2 runs (the direct feed and one of the powerfeeds) had m-16 style grip frame while the new hammer has a cheapo plastic one. The m-16 style are nice because you can get a .45 style grip for them from This lets you put dye stickies on, which are sooooooo much more comfy than a m-16 grip. If you got the new hammer, don't fear there is something you can do about it. The grip frames for the traccer/maverick have the same hole pattern as the hammer. They are actually better than the original too because the trigger pull is shorter and lighter. You'll need a couple of washers though because the screws for the hammer are about 1/8" too long. I just used a hex nut that slipped over each screw and it works really well. You can also get bottomlines for this easier because of the inline hole pattern.

Stock Class: Stock class isn't much different than pump except that you are limited to a horizontal feed and 12g cartridges only. Stock class is nice for a couple of reasons.

1. Almost zero gun profile: I've yet to be hit in the gun while playing stock class. There isn't a huge hopper or tank sticking out waiting to be shot. Think just how many have been shot in the hopper. Watch a tourney and you'll see about half the eliminations are from being shot in the hopper.

2. It makes the gun lighter: Look at everyone on the field when you go to play with a stock gun. They're carrying around a 5-6 lbs gun and about 3-4 lbs of paint on their back. Sure that's alot of firepower, but they aren't going to be moving too fast with it all either. Now look at the guy with the stock gun. A 2-3lbs gun and less than 1 lb of paint. Who do you think can move faster?

3. It's different: This is the main reason I started doing stock class. How many people actually do it? Not many, but it's a nice change of pace from hauling 10 lbs of stuff around and laying down $.25/sec in paint (10bps).

4. How to actually do stock class effectively with a hammer Well, this requires time and patience and it's described in the link in HammerBoy's post. :wink2:

Internals: It's a nelson based pump gun. That is to say everything is inline.The velocity is adjustable via the venturi bolt by a flathead screwdriver. It also accepts nelson spring kits.

HammerBoy 08-08-2002 05:36 AM

Well...that pretty much describes everything you could possibly do to a Hammer...unless you want a anno job...which i wouldnt reccomend...just personal preference...enjoy your Hammer!!!;)

AuctionJunkie! Ill give you my left leg if you sticky this!!!!:crazy:

And if you dont wanna do most of these mods yourself...then you might be able to send it in to Palmer's...not sure about this though...

SmittyTheMaster 08-08-2002 09:14 AM

its a hammer plus, what kind of feed and grips are on that

and does anyone have a diagram of if with all the parts it would be greatly apreciated

cant wait for this thing to get here, i already own my friends in the woods and with this and my all american its gonna be awsome

DeFauLt 08-08-2002 10:41 AM

where can i get one of those trracer/maverick grip frames?

SmittyTheMaster 08-08-2002 10:57 AM

has parts, i didnt fell like sifting through the long list so you can take a look

Spyderman7196 08-08-2002 11:04 AM

Smitty, where did you order your hammer from??? or did you get it used? I've been looking into buying one for awhile now but I thought kingman stopped making them.

SmittyTheMaster 08-08-2002 11:07 AM

yea kingman did stop making it, i'm getting it used, theres 2 on ebay right now just search kingman hammer, but they are powdercoated orange and pug fugly

as a tip, dont order one from i hear they are replacing them with mavericks

Hubiki 08-08-2002 11:22 AM

Do Hammers take Spyder parts like barrels? It seems like they would since they're made by Kingman but you never know. If they do then I'm definately in the market for one.

SmittyTheMaster 08-08-2002 01:15 PM

yep they take spyder threads

Doomsday 08-09-2002 09:52 PM

you can buy brand new i say agian NEW( warning: may be dusty :laugh: )from im thinking of gettin one , but can you use 12grams on it immediatly or so you have to do an upgrade?(this will be my second gun...prolly take both to games so i can play with both LOL

Silencer.1 08-10-2002 05:37 AM

Well, you can use 12g's with it right off the bat but you aren't going to get too many shots. You'd also need to get a 12g quick changer. They cost about $14-$15 at most paintball shops.

I you really want to start using 12g's, you should do the mod to the striker to reduce the weight ( the 7th post). That way you'll get about 35-40 shots off a 12g instead of 20-25.

SmittyTheMaster 08-10-2002 06:46 AM


Originally posted by Doomsday
you can buy brand new i say agian NEW( warning: may be dusty :laugh: )from im thinking of gettin one , but can you use 12grams on it immediatly or so you have to do an upgrade?(this will be my second gun...prolly take both to games so i can play with both LOL

well if you want a maverick go for it because paintballlover has no hammers

HammerBoy 08-10-2002 08:24 AM


Well, you can use 12g's with it right off the bat but you aren't going to get too many shots. You'd also need to get a 12g quick changer. They cost about $14-$15 at most paintball shops.
Actually...sometimes the Hammer (mine did) comes with a really nice 12g adapter...

Lethal_Chicken 08-10-2002 08:32 AM

hey this is dooms day on my friends account, but i saw hammers on their site? are they out of sotck or sumthin?

HammerBoy 08-10-2002 09:09 AM

dooms day!
Give them a call...they might have some lying around somewhere....

And for everybody else!...I updated the Hammer Mods. at the top of the page...I added in Spring kits, Websites, and Grip Frames...give it a look...

jpball103 08-10-2002 01:06 PM they stopped making hammers? i'm confused lol:confused: :crazy:

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