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Killer Kat 10-25-2002 03:22 AM

M3 / Pi Faq Sheet
This is your thread to help fellow M3 / Pi users.

Feel free to contribute!

Dixi Normous 10-25-2002 08:47 PM

Q: Does the Paintball Inc. E-2 have a regulator?
A: No. Most of the M3 Black Draguns have regulators (excluding the compact, high compact, and bottomline), but for whatever reason PI has decided not to include regulators on their markers.

TorchedLH 10-25-2002 09:50 PM

Q: Is the PI-E2 trigger frame aluminum or plastic?
A: aluminum, trigger is plastic

info provided by enormous wang :D

Dixi Normous 10-25-2002 11:02 PM

Q: Can Black Draguns Take All Spyder Parts?
A: Most. They take most parts designed for spyder compacts, such as VAs. They will take any spyder bolt that has a 10-32 thread tapping in the back. Usually the set screw for the bolt is in the back on spyder bolts, so the cocking rod will replace the set screw. You can also use a rear cocking bolt, but you will then need to take off your flush cocking rod. You also can't use spyder ball detents, grips, sight rails, or triggers. But you can use pretty much everything else.

Gastric 11-11-2002 03:33 PM

How the M3 works

Also how most blowbacks work.

Here's what should happen when you pull the trigger:

* Pull trigger
* Solenoid pushes the sear
* Sear releases the hammer
* Hammer travels forward from the spring pressure
* Bolt is linked to the hammer so it also travels forward to load a ball into the barrel
* Hammer hits the valve
* Valve opens firing the paintball and also blowing the hammer back (blowback)
* Bolt is linked to the hammer so it also travels backwards
* Spring pushes the hammer forward BUT
* The sear catchs the hammer to keep it from firing again

This general understanding should help you troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Gastric 11-11-2002 05:52 PM

Troubleshooting tips

Here are some general troublehsooting tips. Check these first if you're having a problem.

Bolt is cocked but will not fire when the trigger is pulled
* Check that the marker is on. If not turn it on.
* Check that when you pull the trigger the solenoid actuates. This can be heard or can be seen if you remove the left grip cheeck. If the solenoid doesn't actuate replace the battery. If this doesn't fix it call M3 tech support.
* The solenoid actuates but the sear doesn't release the hammer. Replace the battery. If that doesn't fix it you need to adjust your sear by screwing the sear screw INTO the grip more. See the excellent video on for directions.

Will post more sometime soon. Gotta run.

dmt4595 11-19-2002 10:25 AM

whats the difference between the basic and the led?

TorchedLH 11-19-2002 05:22 PM

different drop forward
sight rail on LED
pressure gauge on LED
(sometimes) 2 piece barrel and metal trigger on LED, (if it doesnt' come with one, just call m3 and tell them that you thought it came with them and they'll give them to you)
vertical reg on LED
bottom line reg on Basic
some milling done to LED
that's about it. (i think)

Intelliphreak 11-19-2002 06:31 PM

How I install a new bolt to the M3 Sniper? or the hell you take off the stock bolt! :mad: plz?

TorchedLH 11-19-2002 06:37 PM

watch the dissasembly and assembly video here:

dragun_master 11-23-2002 09:44 PM


Originally posted by Intelliphreak
How I install a new bolt to the M3 Sniper? or the hell you take off the stock bolt! :mad: plz?
Go to
and then click the WORKSHOP link on the left side and there are directions and pictures showing how to do the installation.

co2_frost 11-26-2002 07:27 PM

What type of barrel threads?
what type of barrel threads for the M3 Sniper/ Dragun?

2-Cool-4-Life 11-26-2002 07:29 PM

all draguns have spyder barrel threads

kaibutsu 11-26-2002 07:33 PM

M3 markers use Spyder barrels.

The Snapback retaining screw for the stock and Checkit Delrin bolt is a 4mm x 40mm x .7pitch item.

SkunkTeeth 11-29-2002 01:51 PM

Does the M3 Sniper remember your ROF settings?
How well do they work on co2?

CaustikSpecies 11-29-2002 02:40 PM


Originally posted by SkunkTeeth
Does the M3 Sniper remember your ROF settings?
How well do they work on co2?

Yes I suppose you could say the sniper remembers your settings, as long as you dont turn it off during/after a game or something you can switch your lcd to the different modes with your settings very easily.
They were fine on co2, i reccomend getti hpa/n2 it is very more consistent and better for your gun, if you wanna use co2 get it anti-siphoned so it doesnt kill your internals and dont play in the winter


SkunkTeeth 11-29-2002 03:29 PM

If I get a new bolt will I still have flush cocking?
If not which aftermarket bolts support flush cocking?

kaibutsu 12-01-2002 02:49 AM

CIP Full Force bolt uses the OEM snapback and retaining screw. The retaing screw has a really soft head that easily strips out. After the retaining screw was removed I replaced it with a 4mm x 40mm x .7pitch screw from a hardware store. Do NOT snap the retaining screw because you will not be able to remove the bolt pin. Here are the instructions for installing a new bolt.

SkunkTeeth 12-02-2002 04:49 PM

Where can I get a tourney lock/semi auto only board for my Black Dragun?

dragun_master 12-07-2002 05:36 PM

Directly from m3, calling them is your best bet.

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