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The Sniper is a subset of the Black Dragun, part of the Patriot series without the Graffitti barrel. It is based off of the LCD, has its own custom milling, only came in black (I heard they were discontinuing them hence past tense), had the bottom line regulator, and had M3's two piece barrel and aluminum trigger.

Although some of the Snipers appearently did not ship with either the al. trigger or the two piece. I guess this was to lower the price a little more. However, if yours did not come with one, just tell M3 and they'll ship out the other pieces.

As far as the specific internals, I'm not sure, but I'm sure other people have experience with them. I can say it is a Spyder "clone" and should take them, but I think people may have had problems with that one... anyone else care to comment?
Black Dragun Sniper
AA, freak front (sliver)
few other tweaks completed &
in process
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