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1. Have patience (sp?). Nothing is worse than having a perfect place to hide and wait for the opp, then losing patience and rushing forward, then getting shot. Wait for them to come for you. They always will.

2. Know the terrain better than they do. If there is a ditch that no one knows about except you, you can us ethat to great advantage.

3. Weear the right kind of cammo. If you're playing in the fall in a place with a lot of oak type trees, don't wear jungle camo. If you're playing in an evergreen forest, don't wear desert camo. If you're playing in the snow, don't wear anything but snow camo/white. Black almost never occurs in nature. Don't wear black unless you're playing at night.

4. Keep in pairs. The efficiance of someone is more than doubled if they have one other person with them.
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"Those who would sacrifice essential liberty to obtain a little temporary saftey deserve neither liberty nor safty." -Ben Franklin on the USA Patriot Act
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