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I disagree with TeamEpidemic23. I think that you should dump an entire hopper off the break. As long you have at least 1 guy who doesn't you will be fine. i do agree with him when it comes to sweetspotting. proper sweetspotting (stringing) off the break can win you a game in seconds. if you figure out the correct spot that will cut off a major running lane you are bound to get one guy on the break. in my mind you should have as many stringers off the break as possible, but not so many as will hinder your agressive offence later in the game. in a ten man game my team usually has roughly 5 guys stringing depending on who we are against. in a 5 man game we have 3 stringers. remember just because they string on the break doesn't restrict them to playing in the back. if done properly they will be able to move up quite quickly on the stunned opponent. also if possible shadow a bunker while stringing. if there is a large back center bunker use it to your advantage. as long as you stay inline with it they are very unlikely to hit you off the break. than you can take as much time as you need getting there. and please for all you new to tourny ball don't shoot while running it looks good but as a ref myself i can tell you it really doesn't work but tends to be quite painful for us.
that's my two cents.
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