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It's a touching story really......I was a lost and distraught youth....I was always having run ins with the police.....dirve bys...dealing crack, shooting with anonymous partners....I think most were women.....I lived a wild lifestyle and one day I came back from my tour in 'Nam and decided I wanted to DO something with my of my freinds told me about this church he worshipped at and asked me to come....I knelt before the big glowing screen for hours, tears running down my face, and I finally entrusted my soul to pbreview.....and they even sent me free stickers!! Since then I've been a proud member of the clergy and don't have sex with near as many anonymous partners, my drug addiction is now back down to the safe, recreational level, and my homicidal tendancies have been replaced by warm, pink fuzzy bunnys. Like the ones in the Tainted Love video.

No, seriously, I found it on a search engine when I went shopping for a new gun. Specifically excite.
Then one day I mistyped pbreview and got an entirely DIFFERENT site and joined that one as well...I'm still male libido enhancement ads in my e-mail from that.....
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