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Heavy Hitter
i own an excal!!!!
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Location: charlotte NC
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my excal

dont mean to brag but i still like my excal the most after seeing everyones

check it out

whoooo teeeaaa whooooo
Brian King
Team: Heavy Hitters
3 man team in NC
My marker
AKALMP Excalibur
CP chrome lightning drop
4500 68 max flo
halo b
Freak Barrel set/ dye boomstick/2 lapco barrels and a few more barrels
........... my tricked out autococker with too much stuff to list so if your really curiouse ill list it all for you
i JUST GOT A NEW EXCAL!! its and egde excal with a red acid wash and its awsome!and a kapp flame cocker yeehawwwww
if you live in Virginia PM me PLEASE or if you own an excal PM ME! thanks

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