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Q: What's the difference between all the types of E-mags? Stock E-mag, Micro E-mag, SFL E-mag, X-mag etc...

A:They're all the same performance wise. The differences are mostly cosmetic, but there are a few parts that differ between the guns.

E-mag - Stainless Steel body
Micro, SFL, X-mag - Aluminum body(body and body rail all one piece)

Barrel threads:
E-mag - Mag barrels
Micro, SFL, X-mag - Cocker barrels.

E-mag, Micro E-mag - No ACE
SFL, X-mag - Come with ACE

Feed style:
E-mag - Powerfeed, warp feed(cut down powerfeed), vert feed
Micro - Vert only
SFL, X-mag - Interchangle breeches. Vert feed, warp feed(horizontal side feed).

E-mag - available almost everywhere
Micro - fairly common. Not too hard to find online.
SFL - No longer made(only 49 ever made)
X-mag - Not yet in full production. the waiting list for one is very very long.

Stock barrel:
E-mag - Same as RT/RT pro. modified crown point barrel
Micro - Armson barrel
X-mag - half way decent AGD made barrel
SFL - DYE Boomstick
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