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My M98 Custom

Tippmann M98 Custom (Black)
RT Kit
Toxic Performance- Double Trigger Kit (Silver)
Dead On- Rocket Cock
Dead On- RVA
Lapco- Direct Feed (Nickel Plated)
Lapco- Foregrip (Nickel Plated)
WGP- "Torpedo" Drop Forward (Nickel Plated)
Dye Stickie Grips (Clear)
Polished Internals
VL Revolution 12v w/XBoard (Black)
ACI Clear Elbow
JT Speed Collar w/Slam Pods
Smart Parts- 2002 All American 14" Barrel
Tippman Flatline Barrel (woods play)
ACI Remote Coil (woods play)
Crossfire 68ci/3000psi Nitro Preset(850psi output)
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