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big Ca$h money series @ aces high paintball

Aces high paintball is hosting a CA$H Money series starting
in May, 1 tourny a month, 5 tournys. prizes are as follows

1st place gets $600
2nd gets $200
3rd gets $100

series winners get $1500

there is a 3 man rookie/beginner division and nov division

dates will be posted on there website

Tournys will be held on 2 Sup air Fields, and if necessary a woodsy field
Originally posted by MikeyD
Just for the record, I CAN afford nitro, quite easily actually, I just feel that Co2 works great with the gun, and I can better spend my money on things like taffy and porno.....mmmmmm taffy and porno.....
Blue 2k2 autococker
WGP super short 3-way
chrome Dye Swing trigger frame
Stainless Steel j and j barrel

Red LCD Matrix
Silver Dragon stickers on the sides
Very Very Very PERDY

"Practice makes perfect, but nobodys perfect so why practice."

"I intend to live forever, so far so good."

Team Apocalypse (NWTS)
id like to thank our sponsors:

Aces High Paintball for the lowest prices around


Dangerzone Paintball


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