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Neways, here's what I do (bare w/ me, I still need to practice this A LOT !!) :
1. Make sure u tuck in tight, kneeling down on both knee is a good idea. If u wanna do it on one knee and w/ one feet, be careful not to expose ur toe, I've shot a couple of people this way.
2. Be aware of ur surounding, thou this (snap shooting) might be applying to one on one situation, u don't want some other guy at the other team waiting for u to pop out, while ur concentrating to take s/one else.
3. Do it fast ! 2 or 3 shots max
4. Know where ur target is and be ready to aim before u even coming out of ur bunker.
5. Don't come out at the same spot. Try standing and kneeling or come out of the other side of the bunker if u know u're safe.
6. Most people like to post ( i know i do) at the same spot, learn their habit and spring out at the least expected moment.

Well all those stuff might not be in order, and I sure didn't do all of them when I'm playing. And like I said, I'm no way an expert in this. Thx for all the web resources out there, oh pls correct me if i'm wrong. thx !
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to bad theres not an idiot check button

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