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I have a Vforce Shield as well - glasses work better inside that mask overall, but still doesn't fix the issue of glasses fogging, getting sweat on them, etc

Suxma - how much do those sports gogs cost? I figure for the price you pay for those, contacts would possibly be cheaper and you get more benefit out of it. If you have astigmatism (like me) they're about $80.00 for a pair, but if you don't, you can get them for like $50.00 a pair. So, for that price, it's just worth it to me to stay with contacts.

Magical - that sucks that in this day and age, with all the information out there, that your dad thinks that contacts can damage eyes. Without being too disobedient to him, any way you can ask him where he gets his information from?

The only information relating to contacts damaging eyes would be (as quoted from this source )

"Most contacts should not be worn while you are sleeping. Sleeping with your lenses in your eyes may damage your eyes by keeping the cornea from getting enough oxygen. Also, it may put you at risk for infection. For extended-wear lenses, follow your eye doctor's recommendations for the length of time you can safely leave the lenses in your eyes. "

So, maybe that will help you in getting contacts. Again, it's just so worth it - makes a ton of difference. It's something worth saving for.


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