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I found while researching the Spyder Compact 2000 on I used to play paintball in the early days in the late 1980s. Now at 35 I want to get back into it for the high fun factor and the exercise. I am severly out of shape. So trying to keep up with those younger players will definitely be a challenge.

When I asked the younger players at the field (I took my son to play paintball) which gun would be a good one to start with for myself (playing paintball after all these years, fired me up for it again). They told me the Spyder Compact 2000. was very very helpful in my research of the gun. Not only did I find there were several other very capable, upgradable, and cost effective guns out there, I found that I really liked the Spyder and also hooked me up with where I bought my entire setup.

I purchased the Kingman Spyder Compact 2000 Deluxe Java Edition, VL 200rnd Hopper, 16 CO2 tank, and a JT Flex 7 Thermal lens protective mask. was excellent to deal with and was prompt in shipping. I have received my gear now and have shot about 200 rnds and I am very impressed with the quality and accuracy of my Spyder.

Well done on this website, it sure helped me and I have referred to it often for all my choices of paintball gear and hopefully, I will be able to provide some insightful reviews as I get back into the sport, this time with my own gear.

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