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Several opinions to voice here so bear with me...

#1 - camo- I have found that where I play(swampy woods),
that olive drab works well as well as tiger stipe, diff. hunting camo's, and sometimes even just black if you know how to move.

#2 - tactics- try what me and my friends do -- You have 2 players, you and your buddy, you are in the woods with several big trees (maybe 2-3 feet in diameter), your friend stays put at the first tree and covers you while you go to the next tree then vise-versa. You can also do this on either side of a shooting lane, stay on opposite edges while you move to the next cover, then cover your buddy while he moves to his next cover. We call it leapfrogging. (these are special forces tactics that really work)
And ALWAYS Watch Your Back!!!!!!and watch for ANY kind of movement, I've nearly shot at leaves that I didn't notice before 'cause they were "new" movement.

Me and a couple of my buddies are special forces, vietnam, and WWII buffs so thats where our tactics come from, want more? start reading

Don't mind me, I'm just crazy

Tippmann 98c
rear vel. adj.
12v revvy
20 + 24 oz tank w/ on/offs
flex 7 thermal gogs
32*degrees 14" Whisper
32* " Remote
4+1 harness with basic 100 rd. tubes

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